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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/378926549602049/ If any AA members are close by, this should be a fun event. I'll have lots of goodies at my Game Czar booth, and Brett Weiss will be there singing books. Stop by the booth and say hello if you come!
  2. Just got my copy of Upmonsters. Very pleased with the transaction!
  3. Ordered mine a couple of weeks ago, any idea when that might be shipping? Thanks!
  4. Rowsdower70

    WTB: DOS games

    Hey Nick, I think I have quite a few that aren't boxed but are complete in baggies. Let me see if I can gather them and take some pics for you this weekend
  5. Thanks for the replys guys. Still no word from the US seller, so maybe he's out of stock as well.
  6. Yeah, the v3 seller gives me the "Not accepting payments" message. Maybe on vacation, so I left them a message. Thanks!
  7. The only seller accepting payments on eBay is from Turkey so it would cost near 50 bucks just for the kit. Anyone here have some kits for sale? Thanks!
  8. Looks to me like a co-ax cable splitter maybe? Not sure, I'll ask him when I can. Or point him here to answer when his internet returns.
  9. Posting for AgeofAtarius because his internet is down, a really nice starter lot for an Atari collector! http://www.ebay.com/itm/132817966530
  10. Here's the console/vendor room layout. Y'all can't help but see me!
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