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  1. I guess the fact that I could take down Tyson easily? Most of the NES time for me was spent on quest/RPG games, and I think I finished most of them I rented.
  2. I know several founders who have canceled, not sure if they opened up more woodgrains available when they did but I rather doubt it since they haven't been produced.
  3. Not at all. I was a huge supporter in the beginning, but so much has changed since then and for the worse. I have zero confidence in their team and vision now, and the credibility of the entire project is in question now in my opinion. I feel like Tommy has mishandled almost every hurdle he's been given, and the console they got me excited about isn't even on the radar anymore. One of the biggest disappointments in modern gaming for me, because I was singing its praise and doing everything I could to spread the word. I feel like an idiot.
  4. That tracking shows no info for me, still no parcel.
  5. Glad to be on the list just tell me when and where I need to pay!
  6. Also, if you guys haven't seen Joe G's "Joe Returns a Video" you are really missing out.
  7. What a great time! Great to see everyone again. Great presentation as always, Darrel and thanks for the rca/coax converter! Thanks FujiSkunk for coming through with the DS lite adapter. We had another record breaking convention thanks to a great event and great customers!
  8. I'll buy it from you, I have a loose DS that needs one in our booth You're always welcome to find something you like to trade as well.
  9. Any of you guys coming have some extra Nintendo DS Lite chargers?
  10. Also, here's a sneak peek at our door prize for the show. Maybe you'll get lucky!
  11. See you guys there! Stop by and say hello to the Game Czar!
  12. https://www.facebook.com/events/378926549602049/ If any AA members are close by, this should be a fun event. I'll have lots of goodies at my Game Czar booth, and Brett Weiss will be there singing books. Stop by the booth and say hello if you come!
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