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  1. Got my hands on a XEGS with keyboard last week and i just found out about this. Planning to get a Fujinet as soon as it comes back in stock.
  2. For now i only have Draconian and Mappy for the 2600, both excellent games. Planning to get Galagon or Wizard of Wor when they release in the store, along with a SaveKey. My Mappy arrived yesterday
  3. Hi, i bought Draconian in early january after finding a 4 switch woody near my home. The game arrived at the end of the month, and i was atonished at the quality of the whole package. I got sold on the game after seeing a video of it on Youtube and being very impressed at it, looking very close to Bosconian, one of my favorite arcade games. The graphics quality and the sound (especially the sound, the voice samples took me by surprise when i first saw the game) are amazing, the gameplay is top-notch and the inclusion of all the arcade levels plus exclusive new ones make Draconian vastly superior to the original arcade game. Also, i was stunned when i saw Nathan Strum's artwork on the box, i absolutely love it! Great job to everyone who worked on this game!
  4. I have bought a BurgerTime cartridge for the Atari 2600 the other day, and when i started playing it, some weird stuff started to happen in the game. Sometimes, the screen will jump, Mr. Hot Dog's sprite will become garbled, parts of the playfield would move vertically depending of where Peter Pepper is and the food will occasionnaly become invisible. Sometimes, when stepping on food, the game will crash. The cartridge is a white label INTV release and i tested it on my 4-switch woody and the 2600 Jr i found for a friend. The issue happened on both. Did you guys seen stuff like this happening in 2600 BurgerTime? What may be causing the problem?
  5. I lost my shit when i woke up this morning and saw this. I'm super hyped for Food Fight! It would be even more awesome if the Instant Replay feature was present like in the arcade and Atari 7800 releases!
  6. Thanks! Next one i'm planning to get is Mappy.
  7. Hi! Got my first homebrew last week. It's Draconian for the Atari 2600! It's already one of my favorites for the console.
  8. Hello! Ive finally found my old credentials (haven't when here for quite a while) and wanted to change my username to the one i use elsewhere, for example, Youtube, Discord and Highscore.com. I noticed that the display name option described in the help file was nowhere to be seen in my settings. Is there still a way to have it changed? As you might see in my profile (mostly in the custom status), i'm trying to get my name changed to Colonel Llama. Thank you for your help!
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