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  1. This explains why it looked a bit similar! Can’t wait to try it! Also, i love Husk’s animation XD
  2. Wow, this is looking great! Did you use that same techniques as in the Boulder Dash port?
  3. I think mine just left Texas. Not expecting mine to arrive till next week since it can take some time to reach Canada
  4. Never seen or heard about something like this… Really interesting though.
  5. Man, you really need a vacation after all of this! 😆 Huge thanks for keeping us updated, can’t wait to finally give Zoo Keeper 2600 a go!
  6. These cartridges are looking really good! Thank you Albert for all those updates
  7. Tried to connect a few times but instantly got booted out... I just logged back in if someone wants to try once more
  8. I ended up being in the race shown on the video while trying out the new version after finding out about it. That was a really fun experience, very playable despite the lag.
  9. I didn’t think to try that! I’ll give it a try as soon as i can
  10. When booting the disk image from the virtual D1:, it first boots in Atari DOS or OS/A+. Then i load MAC65.COM from there. When it starts loading, the Atari crashes.
  11. Hi, i’m currently starting learning 6502 assembly and am trying to get MAC/65 to load on my FujiNet. When loading MAC/65, the Atari crashes and outputs a black screen filled with garbage characters. I’ve tried multiple different disk images as well as the cartridge version, none of them worked. What are the better alternative that can boot on a FujiNet? I am using an unmodified Atari XEGS.
  12. Congratulations to you and your team!! Can’t wait to play it in its final form!!
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