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  1. The colevision might have been slightly less powerful and it might have been less successful then the nes,BUT it did had some of the greatest nintendo games on it among others,in fact nintendo could,ve decided to take over the colecovision instead since it was Z80 based just like their arcade machines, rather then going for a famicom wich was in average 6502 based,why? Becausevthey could,ve just almost straightly port more of their arcade games to it such as donkeykong 3,sky skipper,radar scope,sheriff,monkey magic,space launcher etc,, but sadly they didn’t and so to port donkeykong 3 to the nes they probably had to recompile Z80 code into 6502 code trough a compilor,then manually debug it,adjust it and call it the day,thing is i bet that even if nintendo took over the colecovision and put all of their franchises on it like metroid,supermariobros,ice climber,kid icarius etc,it still would,ve been a success,also imagine if nintendo used the expansion module for extra ram along with enhancement chips in their games,they still could,ve get around those limitations from the colecovision,the adam expansion addon proved to be very valueble in terms of graphical enhancements,if only coleco futher tested their adam against it’s flaws ,but either way those nintendo games turned those competitor systems into pure gold😁
  2. Oh yeah i forget to mention that for those people who are convinced that the PS2 became a huge success because of it’s builtin DVD playback feature,that fact that people didn’t bought a dreamcast because of lacking dvd playback support,despite sega delivered enough dreamcast systems while sony just couldn’t keep up with the demand for their PS2,but people just waited untill they could get their hands on their ps2, BUT then 1 year later panasonic did came with their nintendo licensed panasonic q (a hybrid gamecube dvd player in 1 system) it costed $375 so it was only $76? More expensive then the ps2 wich costed $299,BUT despite that people just considered the panasonic q just too expensive,and while the gamecube only costed $200 thus being $99 cheaper then the ps2,BUT not many people bought the gamecube either all because of lacking DVD playback,so or a console was just slightly too expensive or it was cheap but lacked an essential feature for gamers,it just wouldn’t sold well,so it proves that even if sega would,ve come up with a revision of a dreamcast with builtin dvd playback feature ,it probably would have made the dreamcast just too expensive,thus nintendo just had the bad luck,also both the gamecube and panasonic q did came 1 year too late on the market,had both systems been released in 2000 albeit with lack of many launch games ,they may could,ve had a better chance against sony’s ps2 system,but maybe gamers would,ve still complain about the higher price of the panasonic q or the lack of dvd playback on the cheaper gamecube,we will probably never know☹️
  3. I will consider the astrocade waaay more in line with the nes because, 1,it was also sold as an entertainment system, 2,it also resambled something else, in this case a frontloading cassette player, 3,it also contained a frontloading ZIF system, 4,it’s graphical and sound capabilities were advanced for it’s time.(in fact the nes should,ve be Z80 based since nintendo arcade systems were also Z80 based and also since nintendo’s intentions was also to port their arcade games to the nes,but the nes was ironically based on the 6502 chip while the astrocade was Z80 based wich i consider an average case) so was the nes an innovative design to speak??? NO it wasn’t because the astrocade beated the nes by a whopping 7 years ,and with that in mind i am totally amezed that the redesigned famicom the us nes did sold because of A,being called and sold as an entertainment system,B,being a frontloading design to resamble a vcr deck along with it’s ZIF system,yes there were other factors such as the different time frame and including a robot and/or zapper,nintendo’s exclusive ip’s and it’s UNFAIR intimidating contracts with game developers and retailers in wich nintendo played a falsch monopoly against it’s competitors, and if i had to choose between the atari jaguar and the astrocade, i would go for the astrocade because it has support for the lightpen thus turning any good old crt tv into a touch screen, also it does awesome,space invaders,centipede and pac man clones on it as well😁
  4. That’s cool to hear that i vaguebly remember that we did had an atari 2600 jr in wich only my causins played on it,but then we got our nintendo nes in 1991, but then in later 1992 i saw and wanted a snes but i had to do it all for years with my nes and try to make the best out of it and so i played snes by my friends houses during their burstday,but finally in 2001 i discovered game shop a dutch store wich did sell second hand stuff,so i immediately bought the snes with a hand full of games for it and sins then i am collecting more awesome retro stuff(i don’t care about ps3,ps4,ps5,xbox,xbox 360,xbox one,xbox s etc,,, they are barelly the same systems) and now i am the proud owner of the atari 7800 and the colecovision with nintendo games on it,it costed me an approximate $1000 bucks including shipping costs wich is a big pain in the butt,but it’s well worth it😁
  5. Yes sega did lost alooot of trust from the consumer,same thing with atari 15 years earlier at that time with their 52000 models and poor 2600 games later on ,and so i bet that if atari accepted the deal with nintendo for a hybrid famicom to be distributed in 1984/early 1985, that atari would,ve succeeded mainly because of the consumer losted there interests and trusts in atari,also atari would,ve make much profit if they had distributed the hybrid famicom system,so am glad atari did recontinued their 7800 system and whether it flopped reasonly or not, i consider the atari 7800 as the rolls royce of all atari system and i do consider both the dreamcast and sega megadrive as the rolls royce of all sega systems😁
  6. But even worse sega eventually surrended and made games for the ps2,ngc and xbox including ports from their dreamcast and bundled genesis classic on 1 disc, since then i realized that things were change for good to be never the same again,especially in the mi-2000’s☹️
  7. 11,also i forget to mention that the nes was not the first console with a non-toploading mechanism,for instance the intelevision loaded games from it’s side loading system and the channel f also had just like the nes a frontloading system and the channel f looked more like a toploading cassette tape recorder rather then being a game console, so that nes resambled more like to be a vcr design along with it’s frontloading design is not something unique,except that it uses a ZIF system,but that zif loading system caused lot’s of problems later on,but despite these long term problems i didn’t stop the nes to be sold like hot cakes thanks nintendo’s ip’s such as metroid,zelda,kirby,icarius,ice climbers as well as strong thirt party games such as castlevania,mega men,duck tales,tmt turtles etc,,, so it’s sadly no wonder that all it’s competitors faded into obscurity, nobody from my family whether they lived in sweden,germany,hallond or switserland owned an atari or coleco system,nope they all owned a nes,BUT i did atleast knew someone who owned a master system but that’s it,and even back then i didn’t like the master system that much it felt like just being an unfriendly system with games such as alex kidd with jump & kick buttons being swapped and ,or road fighter,fantasy zone mj moonwalker and choplifter being sooo hard as shit,i also hated that the pause was on the console itself rather then on the controller,alltrough i found those tunes from those mentioned master system games so funny that i was even huming those tunes on school or when i was under the shower,lol😁
  8. The adam sounded very good on paper but i guess it backfired on coleco due all it’s problems it faced with, it’s like the 32X wich confused people too and worked against sega also because of it’s complicated things it dealt with including rumers that the 32X could even damage your genesis games etc,,, but coloco was not the only company to convince the consumer to turn there game console into a hybrid computer,mattel tryed it with it’s keyboard alltrough being cut down after a court was made against them, nintendo come with a famicom disk system,keyboard and cassette drive along with famicom basic(still hardly becoming a computer) BUT they could,ve come with an ‘famicom operating system” on disk to support both the famicom keyboard,cassette drive and famicom disk system,but sadly they never did(let homebrewers come up with a famicom operation system program for the fds systo support cassette drive/sata recorder and keyboard to make it happen and what could be better then developing such program then doing it on famicom basic😁) and lastly atari had ideas to make a keyboard and floppy drive for their atari 7800 by using the expansion port,but it never ever materialized, i tout they mentioned it somewhere on the box or in the manual to convince retailers and consumers that their atari 7800 could be expanded into a computer because back in 1984 when the 7800 was supposed to get launched,no retailer or consumer wanted a game console anymore,they only wanted a computer for wich you could,ve play both games and do your taxes on it,all these pseudo promises about computer expansions for game consoles was a ultimate smart clever way from companies to still get ridd off and sell their game consoles back in 1984,all to convince retailers and consumers to buy their systems😁😁
  9. Screw that ex bitch from your friend who had trashed his atari 7800 pro system,GGGGRRRR.
  10. WoooW now that’s pretty interesting if atari got the rights after the fall of coleco in 1985 on donkeykong ,then it is no wonder they could publish it on their 7800 system,but then why did coleco did put donkeykong on the atari 2600 and also not on the 5200?? Well to use the infirioriry of atari’s 2600 system against them because coleco did probably realize that if they would,ve ported donkeykong and donkeykong jr to the more advanced atari 5200 with it’s better graphics & sounds, it probably would,ve turned against coleco itself as they did know that their colecovision was that all more advanced then the 5200,so it was a wise decision from coleco to not try to grab cash to benefit from atari’s advanced hardware but instead taking advantage of atari’s infirior 2600 hardware against atari ,because if coleco did had ported both donkeykong games to the atari 5200,not only would the colecovision only sold half the amount of units but the atari 5200 would,ve atleast twice the numbers then it normally sold, BUT at the other hand coleco did made the intelevision versions of their donkeykong games look & sound infirior on purpose to make everyone believe that their own hardware was al the way better then that from mattel, now what if coleco also did made a bad port of noth donkeykong games for the atari 5200 in the hopes to trick everyone to believe that the 5200 became a infirior hardware,well maybe then the atari 5200 would,ve only solf half the amount of units,o,o,o I cannot think of a more potential trolling strategy joke from a company against another one just to make their system stand out from the rest,ouch just imagine if sega and nintendo did this against each other in the 16bit wars,whoooaaah ooo🤣🤣🤣
  11. Why were Donkeykong and donkeykong jr NEVER released on the atari 5200?? i ask this because donkeykong donkeykong jr were releasen on both the atari 2600 and atari 7800 among other systems, sure the atari 5200 wasn’t a success but so was the atati 7800 either, BTW while mariobros and popeye were released on the atari 5200 BUT popeye was not released on the atari 7800,wich again is just pretty weird, yes i know about homebrew ported versions of donkeykong and donkeykong jr on the 5200 but off course these are unofficial and that’s it, so am really curious about the real reasons about this.
  12. You know what i found so interesting? Consomers no longer did care about video game console, they only wanted a system in wich you could do both your taxes and play games on it,thus in this case they only wanted a 0x/computer,so no retailers ever wanted to get game consoles anymore,BUT here comes the funny part, atari did stated in his atari 7800 manual that it’s expansion port could be used for a “computer module in the near futur”, AHAHAHAHA, now that’s a smart way as a last ditch desperate attempt to get rid off your unsold game consoles by trying to convince the consumer that their game console could be futurewise expanded into a computer system,damn i wish that every companie (including nintendo attempted such (falsch lying) strategy to fool both the consummer and game retailers that those unwanted game consoles could be expandible into a full computer,we have seen this with mattel who never did come up with their promised keyboard,alltrough this leaded eventually to a court against who forced them to just come up with it’s keyboard but they come up with a cut down version of it in limited quantities, HOWEVER atari was never sewed to never come out with a computer module for their atari 7800,probably because the 7800 wasn’t a big success,well i bet that if the 7800 did sold 30 million units from consumers who also wanted to use them as a computer,they probably would have sewed and forced atari come with a 7800 computer module anyway or atari would,ve lost tons of money against the court,hahaaa🤣🤣
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