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  1. Hi i got the gray version of the punisher for the genesis, oddly enough when i plug it in on player 2 controller, i just don’t get it to work on lethal weapons, except for the trigger, BUT if i connect the punisher lightgun to a game axe color in controller port 2, it just works fine,even if you use a 7 to 9 pin plug,trough the nes zapper still does not work on the game axe color. eventrough i wonder if the sega mancer does work on the sega nomad.mmm
  2. This device is absolutely incredible ,it’s a must have, it’s better then the first one since it now also will fit in the lynx 1 ,it supports save files(no need to mod games for it wich was required with the 1st version of it),, the most amezing feature of this device is being able to cheat in supported games ,by switching on or off cheats such as infinitive lives,infinitive health or a 1 hit boss defeat etc,,, these cheats and the amount of supported games will hopefully growing ,but existing games needs to be moddified to benefit from it ,,but hey i was thinking, that maybe we could also create a cheating cartride with patches for existing games sothat we also can cheat in those fysical copies of existing games as well, an update feature should allow us to add support for future patched homebrew games to cheat in it,, so saint with this in mind theres lots of potential in what can be done in the near future😊🙏👍
  3. For what i do know is , the atari 7800 did had top games such as donkeykong 1,donkeykong jr, mario bros and mr pacman, trough it did not had popeye or pac man, but still, those nintendo ip's should,ve been the killer app for that console, also since the atari 5200 didn't had a donkeykong port except for popeye and mario bros, so that's really weird,and while the atari 2600 did had a port of the donkeykong games, mario bros and popeye, by that time the 2600 became already outdated,so the 7800 should,ve be the ultimate system, also since many issues from the 5200 were fixed.
  4. I wonder if donkeykong was also released for the atari 2800, if not,why not ,did nintendo had forbidden atari to release donkeykong in japan in order to prevent negative sales of the famicom????? also ,despites the aging hardware in 1983, i think that even if atari released their atari 5200 in japan, it wouldn't have sold any better because of that fragle controller.
  5. I wonder what would,ve happen if the colecovision was also released in japan, would it had influenced the sales of the famicom??? Remember when nintendo had to come with a call back order to fix certain bugs in the famicom , could coleco could,ve took advantage of this by selling more colecovision systems? Remember donkeykong did help selling the colecovision, Am curious if the story would,ve been different now ,,or just not
  6. But how can a sms lightgun work on a vectrex?? Because a master system works with raster graphics while a vectror graphics , and so a sms needs a raster graphics display while the vectrex has its own vector display, so i wonder how that works, unless the vectrex crt screen works the same way as a raster display. THX
  7. So composite out mod on the vectrex is possible but for what i,ve readed is that not only the vectrex generates vector graphics, but that also the builtin screen is vector based,(duh) but i wonder from wich point it starts to draw graphics on screen, a normal crt screen generates an images from top to bothum from left to richt,so there must be a clever way to convert vector signals into raster signals before it can be send to a raster display,,mmm,, Also in case of the light pen, i readed that the screen spins the coil from bothum to top instead and it may also goes from right to left, so it may works in reverse as opposed to an normal crt screen or it may only starts from bothum to top but does go from left to right,so am really curious to know how the light pen interacts with the screen, is it indeed different or does it work the same way as the C64??? Lastly there also is a lcd replacement mod if the builtin screen is dead,but that will render light pen support to be useless.
  8. LGR will may do a review of the atari ST lightpen but am not sure,but if he will,i will and cant wait for it to see it in action. Lightpens are fashinating me since 1 year and day,you can simulate a touchscreen experience with it by digging out your good old crt tv/screen, eventrough the atari st lightpen while track down the position of the crt lightbeam ,but the zx spectrum lightpen uses flashes of light to track down the position of it but its somewhat limited. So you were better off with an atari ST lightpen.
  9. This version of tetris is just fashinating me to end, thevs and co-up mode with a friend is cool but doing co-up or vs the cpu is even more amezing as the AI could make realtime decisions or predecisions in were to put those blocks(depending on where you did put your blocks in co-up), i like the russish music of it aswell, the nintendo version may look and sound more presentible but it shamfully lacks 2 player mode,let alone vs or co-up mode ,it was just a lazy port, heck even the gameboy version did have 2 player support. Eventrough nintendo was working on a 2 player mode for their nes version of tetris but scrapped it due time constrainments,but the 2 player mode can beaccesed via the gamegenie , But still,the tengen version was the most advanced version,nothing can top this.
  10. It may sounds crazy to imagine yoshi safari on nes since the nes lacks mode 7 and uses light detection on a frame bases rather then lines based as on snes. But i was thinking we can use line scrolling to resemble mode 7 and use multiple sprites to fake sprite scaling. The lightgun zapper should detect targets on a frame bases trough white squares rather then on a line bases to save proccesing power and to get around these limitations. And if we could convert those snes samples into 1bit dpcm samples to run on the nes, we can preserve and make it as close as possible to the snes. Now if memory space becomes an issues well theres the mmc5 chip to allow 1MB of data unlike the mmc3 chip wich has a memory restriction of 512KB. Also since the mmc5 chip is an powerful proccesor,it can help the serve nes to deal with bigger and more sprites onscreen or use tile updates with collision detection to resemble sprites. And it would be cool to have a 2 player option as well to let player 1 use the controller to steer yoshi while player 2 shoots on sprites with th zapper. And if we could recolor the stage select screen to fit withing the nes colorpallet while still be able to use the lightgun to select a stage rather then using a controller, that would be great. And it would be cool to have a battery save feature or password system sothat you can rederm your game were you were left off. Its a shame that even the snes version of yoshi safari lacks a save feature since a save feature was pretty common in the snes days.
  11. I own this rom too and its absolutely incredible to see a fully 3D game textured game at 1fps on a lynx,and you got those animated objects such as jail bars wich opens & close along with a 2 player mode!!?? This is fenominal. Yep the lynx is with its powerful duelcore 16bit and 8bit cpu along with the capability to run both chips in paralell together to do even more stuff is just absolutely incredible. The lynx cannot be underestimated.
  12. No, sadly there are no homebrew games for the powerglove but it would be interesting. It would be also interesting if those cancled powerglove games gets dumped so we can play those games too such is tech town,glove pilot and manipulator glove adventure. Its too sad ,too bad those 3 games were never released ,o,o,o,o because theres so much potential in the powerglove.
  13. Quadromania is a must have for lynx fans because it takes advantage of the fact that the lcd screen is color it just takes benefit of it,so why it was never released is beyond me, o o,o,o atari you missed the big boat, you should,ve just drop the jaguar and keep focussing on the lynx till 2000 because it was more popular. The thing is, dr mario for nintendos gameboy should not had to be released and does not belong on gameboy because 1 its not in color and 1 shade of grey between the matching.medicine and virus is wrong and 2 since the screen was monochrone ,it was nearly impossible to tell to wich virus each medicine belonges to. They never come with a color version of that game for gameboycolor either,no ,wich is a shame. But quadromania for the atari lynx is a ideal game for the lynx
  14. It would be very interesting to see homebrew game for ROB. To interact with. But i was also thinking, howabout a new revision of ROB wich uses a microphone instead ,wich recognizes those words from the game stack up and execute those commands once it knows what to do like going up,down left or richt etc,,, And howabout hacking the existing ROB to tab power from the nes rather then using battery's. I hope hyperkin will come with 2 revisions of ROB ,1 wich still uses light sensors while the other will use microphones instead but were both just tab power from the nes instead.
  15. Yeah i am curiouse too if the everdrive will work on a some clone systems because i am going about to recieve the game axe color portible nes,and eventrough i heard that it will work with castlevania 3 but NOT with the powerpak,so i hope that the everdrive will work on it ,because that will appreciate me, or what if retrozone could come with a patch update to allow users to switch the powerpak in famiclone mode to make it work with many(more) famiclones including the retron 5,that would be awesome.
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