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  1. I've made a clean dump from a Dark Chambers PAL version and this solved the problem, seems the ROM files of the PAL version on the internet are bad.
  2. I did a bit more testing with the newer 78CTRL38.exe, it seems the bankswitching is now set as default, so I just need the -c1 switch for linear 48k ram carts. I've got the 144k (78S9) binaries to work, most of the 128k (78SG types) also work now. But Dark Chambers, which is listed as 78SG cart, does not work at all, the upload goes through but if I start the game, I just get static or a black screen. I didn't find any information on Dark Chambers using something other than Ataris standard bank switch and the binary file does work using the emulator. Is there any explanation for this behavior?
  3. Great, thanks! I've tried the newer 78CTRL38.exe and to my surprise. it works! This was driving my mad, I've checked and re-checked all connections to the point where I was suspecting a faulty SRAM. One thing however, I've tested it with 128k and 144k binaries, Alien Brigade (144k) worked, Ace of Aces (128k) started but crashed in the first mission, Dark Chambers (128k) only came up with a black screen. A 48k version of Galaga worked also. Do I have to set some extra switches during upload?
  4. It doesn't have a version number, but in the upper right corner it says July 2000. I believe there's a newer version from 2002, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  5. Good question, it's the one that came with DevOS 0.2, the file is from 2001 an the front end I've found is "Run7800.exe".
  6. After successfully getting the A7800 DevOS 0.2 to run with my 48k Dev Cart, I've built the 144k Bankswitching Dev Cart (128k+32k SRAM), following the instructions provided by the included PDF (by Graham.J.Percy). There's, however, a problem. It only partly works as expected ... If I transfer a 16k binary file to the Dev Cart, i.e. Centipede, it works for a while and crashes after about 5 minutes. If I try to upload a larger binary, anything above 16k, I only get a black screen. I've double checked all steps, again and again, and I can't find the fault, no solder bridges either, all continuity test check out. The instructions are mostly clear to me, with minor exceptions. In step #20 for example, it says "Jumper U1 pin 31(A14) to U1 hole 27(A14-BS).". The pinout for 128kx8 SRAMs says that pin 31 is actually A15, not A14. May that be the cause that it's not working? It would help if someone could post some higher resolution pictures of such a card, maybe I've misunderstood one of the connections.
  7. Success! Thanks to your nifty diagram and the LS02 (sourced from an old arcade board), it's working. First I've tried to write leave the 16k blank, but that didn't work, so I've put some 16k junk data in and that worked out nicely. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out, much appreciated.
  8. Alex, thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for ... I need to hunt down a 7402, is it important if it's a LS type or does it have to be HC/HCT? Do you know why all the PAL versions of the 32k games are 48k?
  9. Well, I've converted the cart pcb to accept 27c256 32k Eproms, inverted the OE line with the 74LS04. I've burned Galaga onto the Eprom and it play's fine. But, how did Atari split the 48k files? I've tried splitting the 48k into 32k+16k, didn't work, tried 16k+32k didn't work either ... did I miss something?
  10. Why? Is there more involved as cutting a few traces and to wire up the inverters? I would love me some shiny new boards, but haven't found any store here in Europe selling them, only multi-game flashcarts for the 7800.
  11. I've got a few 7800 NTSC games which won't play nice with my PAL 7800, so I've decided to change the NTSC-roms to PAL-versions of the same game. I've found the guide for the 32k ones and those worked fine, but now I've got a 48k pcb (One on One) where there are 2 mask roms on the PCB, a 32k and a 16k mask rom. How can I convert the pcb for either one 64k 27c512 eprom or two eproms (32k 27c256 + 16k 27c128)? This is the board in question C026445.
  12. Hey ho, could you post the first four letters/numbers of your serial number on the back?
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