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  1. I paid $200 with a credit card. It has been so long. I don't have the order number. Is there any way I can look it up
  2. The one where I was a supporter I purchase the one with the ones controller.I paid via credit card.
  3. Still waiting for the one with the super nes controller. I paid for that one.
  4. A Sega Genesis controller that can play on Intellivision 2 system
  5. Any news on the SGM being available for purchase?
  6. Is there going to be one made for the intellivision 2?
  7. I tried to purchase one around 9:02 via the credit card method I got message saying error. My credit card is valid. I decided to try purchasing with my PayPal account same error message. If I can contact the company or if someone from the company can asisst me with going through the purchase greatly appreciated
  8. When are the super modules extras are going up for sale on the Atari age Store? Thank you in advance.
  9. I look in the store but it appears to be sold out. Will there be another chance to purchase this item. I couldn't purchase the tiem when it was offered due to medical reasons. Thank you in advance.
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