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  1. I sell my entire collection of game Atari Jaguar Games. Prices are in Euros, I prefer shipping to Europe but if someone outside Europe is interested contact me.

    All stuff are complete in excellent condition.


    Console Boxed, with insert, poster and Cybermorph 250


    1) Alien vs Predator - 90

    2) Atari Kart - 150

    3) Rayman - 150

    4) Power Drive Rally - 100

    5) Super Bournout - 75

    6) Doom - 75

    7) Flashback - 75

    8) Ultra Vortek - 70

    9) Kasumi Ninja - 70

    10)Tempest 2000 - 50



    For pictures please contact me

  2. I don't think I received any notification after payment. From what I recall, I got on the waiting list, then got an email saying I was number XYZ, they requested payment, I sent it, a week or so later the game showed up.

    So they have not sent the tracking number?

  3. I want to tell the bad experience I had with a German site, videogamer.org

    I state that I am looking for International Sensible Soccer for Atari Jaguar. I sent an email to ask if the game was available, even if I had already seen that it was on sale at 39.99. They said that the game was available and that I could to purchase from the site.

    Unfortunately, when I go to buy the game I realized that they had immediately increased the price of 15. I ask for explanations via email but have not received any response.

    Honestly is the first time that happens something like that to me, so I recommend you to staying away from this website because they are not correct


    Sorry my bad English

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