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  1. Please ask them to make more of this great stuff...
  2. List of TI99 stuff for sale updated again following a bunch of sales. Thanks to those folks buying from here, glad to see the items going to good homes!
  3. Howdy, - just updated my 'for sale' webpage as a number of tapes sold over the weekend. Send me an email or PM me if you want extra photos of stuff or to make offers etc. Hit REFRESH in your browser if you have visited before to update the page. http://ti99.atspace.co.uk/ Ta!
  4. Webpage is working again now (finally) - if you've visited before, you'll need to hit REFRESH in your browser to update the list as a number of tapes sold recently - http://ti99.atspace.co.uk/ Also have a few items on eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/katapult99/m.html I can send more photos of stuff if you're interested in anything - just ask. Ta.
  5. The new webpage is proving problematic for some reason, so reinstated the original and reverting to eBay for the time being... http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/katapult99/m.html Ta.
  6. Sales on-hold at the moment, will update shortly...
  7. ​I've setup a webpage to list all my TI99 cassettes, command modules, books and magazines I have for sale. I'm pushed for space and time to keep the collection these days so letting it all go to good homes! If you are interested in buying anything or to receive additional photos, please contact me with details of what you are interested in. I'm in UK so please note that shipping to places outside of UK can get expensive! Webpage with everything listed is here: http://ti99.atspace.co.uk/ I've got a few more items to add including a load of TI99 hardware - I'll get those listed when they come out of storage. Thanks!
  8. Howdy, - just tried to download Classic99 but the website says - Forbidden You don't have permission to access /software/Classic99 on this server. It that a problem my side or yours? Ta!
  9. Howdy! You have fine taste in early 80's computers...
  10. Good stuff! Will get the above sites added. Any more folks?
  11. Very nice - I'll get these added. Any more folks? There must be more good stuff out there...
  12. I'm building a directory of good (by which I mean are likely to be around for more that 5 minutes) TI99-related websites. Started it here a while ago - http://ti99.atspace.co.uk - click on "General TI99 Resources". Please feel free to suggest worthwhile sites to add i.e. personal TI99 pages, resource sites for hardware/software, TI99 info/specification pages etc. The sites I already have listed are what I would consider to be 'worthwhile' - but it's all subjective!
  13. ROMOX ECPC Reusable Cartridge on eBay (UK) - not quite sure if this is the TI version. Never had one back in the day personally - seems cheap enough... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ROMOX-ECPC-Reusable-Cartridge/282551157655
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