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  1. No I dont, sorry. I went back and looked at my order confirmation email and there wasnt a version number listed. If I get a chance Ill pop it open and see if the board has a version on it.
  2. I cant speak to what may be different in version 2.1, but I have had the Otaku board (and the USB drive optical drive replacement) installed in my FZ-10 since 2013. It definitely produces a cleaner picture than the stock composite video, however the board version I have produced a much darker picture than normal. Its really my only complaint about it. If the brightness issue is solved in Otakus new board, then it might not be a bad solution.
  3. I have a graduate degree in finance and even I don't want to play Wall Street Fortune Hunt. Great vid BoatofCar, Quest is definitely a cool concept.
  4. I received my O2 protectors the other night and you can absolutely add me to the list of those thrilled with these Odyssey2 protectors! My console protector should be waiting for me today when I get home. Thanks a ton for making these! I don't want to derail this thread with non-Odyssey stuff but I wasn't sure where else to mention this (as I didn't see a thread in the Jag subforum) - I also ordered a set of Jaguar CD protectors. I'm sure you're probably aware of it, but they don't fit the boxes for the three ReadySoft games (BrainDead 13, Dragon's Lair, and Space Ace). Those are just slightly larger (in terms of both width and depth) than the rest of the library. Might be worth a note on the item page.
  5. SainT's is a cart that will accept an SD card that is filled with multiple ROM images. The one you are looking at on eBay (I assume you're looking at the one from Germany) is a cart that holds a single game ROM and then has to be re-flashed by connecting it to a PC in order to load a new game on to it.
  6. Yeah that was a sniping war between two guys who both sniped with a "screw you I'm buying this" bid. The guy who ended up with it is one of the co-hosts of the Collector's Quest podcast (Tyler). He talked about it on their last episode. He was expecting to pay much less and just put in the ~$500 price so that he didn't lose out by a few bucks because it was the last one he needed for his set and had been stuck on that spot for months. Hilariously, he ended up scoring a second one a few days later for around $55.
  7. Thank you so much Mortoff! Placing an order right now for a console box and a 50-lot of the O² game protectors... also picking up some of your Jag CD box protectors to cover my set there. I'll definitely be checking back on your site to see if/when any more oddball/niche protector sizes become available. Count me as also being on the Master Strategy Series wishlist (and a protector for The Voice unit would be nice too... but I'm sure that's probably pie in the sky).
  8. LOVE the progress you guys have made here! Well done! I'm beyond stoked to see this inch closer and closer to becoming a reality. I'd love to replace my Otaku board with a better solution and will definitely be in for one of these once you guys are finished up.
  9. Yeah they are videos. I have Vol 1 and Vol 3 and have been hunting for Vol. 2 for years. That and Dino Park Tycoon are the two items keeping me from completing a US 3DO set. If anyone has either that they are looking to part with, feel free to shoot me a PM
  10. I have one of the old Otaku mods in my FZ-10 (along with Mnemo's USB optical drive replacement). I would suggest waiting until a better solution is found versus trying to track down one of the Otaku boards. The Otaku RGB mod tends to output either washed out or dark video. Sadly, it's just not a great solution.
  11. I'll definitely be following your progress on this! Please keep us updated. My FZ-10 has the existing RGB mod in it (the one that OtakuStore used to sell) and I'd love to replace it with a better option. The old one is a relatively poor solution with a lot of video issues. Some people have washed out video and some have dark video (mine is very dark).
  12. Does anyone know if the Intellivision RGB kits are available for purchase anywhere? I tried IMing Juice2839 to inquire about them, but apparently his account was banned.
  13. I really dig the way your display turned out. Thanks for following up with the pictures and info. I just ordered the Gibson stands and will probably be ordering some of those custom stands as well. Good stuff. Nice HH collection, btw!
  14. Please add me to the list - 1 for me please.
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