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  1. I want to be on the list TO BUY an SGM2 please I think i responded to an email sign up but cant remember [email protected] Cheers Kev
  2. I have a use for one of these y adapters. Do you still have some? Cheers Kev
  3. Really nice work here. Thanks for showing it to us. Love the disk drive case style very much.
  4. Correction. I was confused at what you were referencing. The errors do exist, There just doesnt seem to be any other work around. If i get an error i just copy the program to disk and run it. However, Reading disks from the VDD when copying gives a whole slew of errors requiring sometimes several retries to get to the end. I just figured it is what it is.
  5. In all fairness to the VDD, For me simply waiting for the light to turn off, Then resetting solves this problem, For me anyway. I really only use it for running and copying and just general, Tinkering. I don't get into programming much at all. Lastly, The new VDD preserves every ADAM software programs for years to come for all to enjoy. K.Laskowski
  6. I have found an ADAM's Desktop Cartridge.
  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I actually like the strange sounds. Its a great touch. 80's video game classic ending death tune. Thanks for your continued support. Kevin
  8. Got mine yesterday. It is addicting. And once you figure out the moves, It gets fast paced.
  9. Why me. Everyone else's works, I've tried 2 colecovisions, two power supplys, And an ADAM computer. i get................... VID_20170909_210450.mp4
  10. I think you may have forgot to send a new one by accident. The packaging was exactly the way i sent it.
  12. I've been having nothing but problems with my VDD. I copied my entire collection to it and at least half don't load from the VDD. I get missing file errors, freeze ups, IO errors, some need several resets to load, And some don't load at all. Ive tried 3 consoles 2 printers 2 Rey power supply's 2 64k expanders you name it, Still having nothing but problems. I can however copy any.DSK image to a real disk, and they work flawlessly. I bought 2 VDD's and both have the same unfortunate problems. Could it be my sd card reader? Ive triend everything else. any thoughts? Kev
  13. Loving my VDD. Im finding that some .DSK programs don't work from the VDD. And some take a few resets to boot. But, if you copy them to a real disk, The ones that don't work, or need a few resets on the VDD, work perfect from a real disk. Joe Blenkle and i theorized thst the VDD may be so fast, that ADAM cant keep up. Any other thoughts?
  14. Got mine today. Ordered Wednesday, got Friday. Now that's super service! What a nice small device. Works easier than toasting bread. Thanks.
  15. Oh ok, Not having a SGM, I didn't know what to expect
  16. However, some SGM games that work on Adam are much slower without the SGM on Adam. Example: Night Lore.
  17. Ok. I get it. So, copy and paste a blank Vdisk to the SD card, name it, and copy whatever I want to it from my real disk drive or tape drive. Easy enough. Thanks. I'm sure ill have more stupid questions once I get min
  18. QUESTION, Why do the blank media DSK files have such different compressed sizes? they are all the same right? Forgive my ignorance.
  19. No. You have to side dial in using the Keep-1-503-646-2407. Set up a free account, type GO/DIALUP at any prompt.
  20. I log on to heatwave with my TRS80 model 100 from time to time to play golf. Very cool.
  21. Very cool to find a boxed one. I ordered one from Coleco back in 1984, and got one wrapped in bubble wrap, no box.
  22. I'm sorry. This project was cancelled due to extreme lack of interest.
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