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  1. Agreed, unbelievable fast......I still have two 16K ram modules if anyone is interested. Everett
  2. Hi, I am an Atari Age member and also have an Etsy Store. I have a nice working Timex Sinclair 1000 that looks like it was never used. I also have some 16K ram modules also. You do not have to have an Etsy account to purchase anything, you can do it as a guest. Here is the listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/819850788/working-timex-sinclair-computer-in?ref=shop_home_active_1 Everett
  3. If you missed getting on on KickStarter, here is your chance. I am a long standing member of AtariAge but you can find it on my Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/779791875/nib-zx-spectrum-next-fpga-computer?ref=shop_home_active_1 Thanks for looking. Everett
  4. Hi, the MIST is far from dead, even in 2019 cores are still being developed and updated by developers. I have had two, I sold my first one and missed it so much after a few months that i bought another. I am lucky enough to have a flat panel TV with VGA and analog audio input but you can easily pick up a used computer VGA monitor and powered speakers. Adding a new system is easy: put core file and roms on SD card and boot.
  5. Hi, I like to play backups on my Wii U but my current flash drive is out of memory. Can I format and use a second flash drive? Will it work with WUP installer GX2 ? My only other recourse is to install one larger drive and re-transfer all the backups... Anyone using two USB flash drives for backups? How did you do it?
  6. I've got to agree, I just got one a month ago and it is Fantastic!!!! I love playing Bayonetta 2 on it, all the games look great in HD. Splatoon is fun also...still lots of activity online. I also home brewed it and play a lot of backup games..it is very easy to do. Someday I may get a switch but for now I am lovin' the Wii U
  7. I got two cartridges and it appears to work..what is the McWill update and where can i get more info about it? Everett
  8. Thanks for the quick reply Jeremy! Ill pick up a game.
  9. Hi, I just picked up a Game Gear without any cartridges. Should I see anything on power up? Splash screen? With Fresh batteries, the power light come on along with backlight for a couple seconds then goes out. I turned up the contrast but nothing. Does it need a cartridge plugged in to display anything? Thanks
  10. yep would love to know if that fixes the problem.
  11. I also have a Vectrex that did not work with the VecMulti, we tried a couple cartridges and when they were sent back to Richard, they worked fine on his Vectrex. He ended up replacing it with a VecFlash that works great with my Vectrex. He would need to have hands on with a "non-compatible" unit...for me, that would be shipping it across the pond....expensive and getting it back working is a gamble. I am just posting this as a heads up that there is a possibility the VecMulti may not work with your Vectrex.
  12. Everett1954


    So, if someone doesn't mind, please catch me up on this topic.....what became of the VecFever cartridge? Did the developer decide not to make sell them? it appears a few were made?
  13. Hi, I am a long standing member of AtariAge. This item is on my Etsy Store, you DO NOT have to sign up or register to purchase, you can purchase as guest. https://www.etsy.com/listing/692039427/nintendo-gamecube-video-game-console?ref=shop_home_active_1 Thanks, Everett
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