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  1. Hi, Just got a great 7800 but now looking at have the AV mod done. Only need the composite video and analog audio out (Do not need S-Video) There are different mods available. Best Electronics Mod-consists of removing RF modulator adding components and cable. The LongHorn Engineer board- a small board that gets tied into TIA, I believe this is what ElectronicSentimentalities use and well as others. Please chime in with your AV mod experience, did you do it yourself if not who, which mod kit did you use, are you happy with it. Can someone please explain the TIA switch that can be installed in some kits....Is it useful or needed? What about the POKEY chip mod that is added to main board..is that useful or needed? Thanks!
  2. Disregard, Just found a great one locally!
  3. Some more questions, Can i use the 2600 paddle controllers on the 7800 for those 2600 games that use it? Do any 7800 games use paddles? Regarding AV MOD....can the 7800 be modded to output stereo sound for those 2600 games that have it? Thanks!
  4. Forgot to ask, Is everyone with a CX-55 using the RF output?
  5. Hi, I have one also, but it does not work with my 2-port 5200 that has the AV mod from Electronic Sentimentalizes. Looking at the 5200 service manual and the CX-55 service manual, the composite video from the CX-55 come out on Pin 24 of the cart connector and audio on pin 31 (or 30 don't remember) so i can try running those along with a ground to separate jacks or install a DPDT switch and using the exiting jacks for when the CX-55 is installed or using regular 5200 carts. I have not tried it yet so i am hoping the video and audio levels are correct to feed right out to my TV composite input and analog audio input. Both channels of the audio are tied together in the CX-55 so to get stereo out you have to open up CX-55 and cut trace or pull pins and run the 2rd channel to used (?) pins on the CX-55 edge connector. Has anyone tried this before? I found an Ebay listing from AtariGuy1021 that modified the CX-55 as a standalone with its own output jack but said also works in a 5200. Waiting to hear back. Ill post my results once i get to doing the mod.
  6. I am looking for a nice 7800/ with power supply and a controller or two and any extras you might have. If it has the AV mod that would be great. I am more of a player that collector so if it has some scuffs that is OK. Must be in working condition. Let me know what you have and the price your asking. Thanks!
  7. Wow, What a great bunch of responses!! Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer the questions. And so quickly too. All the answers were what I hoped for so its going to be a 7800 for me!! Now to find a nice one at a reasonable price. It will be a nice addition to my 5200.
  8. Hi, 1) Are there any 2600 games that the 7800 will not play? Especially any home brew titles? 2) Does the 7800 work with the 2600 Harmony encore cartridge? 3) Does the 7800 work with Atarivox+ for 2600 carts? 4) Does a flash cart exist for 7800 titles? 5) I understand that most games on 7800 can use 2600 and sega controllers. Also that some 7800 games some use both buttons. Is there a a two button substitute controller that works or a link to modding a controller? The answers will help me make a decision if i want to spring for a 7800 vs. 2600. Thanks in advance!
  9. I' m also looking for a joystick cover. Most of the Ebay stuff is missing them.
  10. Hi, I have AtariXLBox (V3) installed on my on my modded original xbox. It plays 5200 games just great. How do I also play 800/800xl games? I need to know what goes in what directories if that is all that is required. Do I need the OS rom images and the basic images? What file format can the 800/XL game roms be in ? .zip, atr , xex ?? all the 5200 roms are in zip. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks!
  11. Wow, that was and unbelievable short time!!! Thanks for making one of my favorite games available on the 5200.
  12. Hi, Looking for a clean, working Atari Trak Ball at a non eBay price. I'm a player not a collector so doesn't have to be pristine or have box or manual. Let me know price. Attach photo if possible. Regards, Everett
  13. Wrathchild, Would love to see Rainbow Walker on the 5200. Care to take on that conversion?
  14. Everett1954

    5200 in FPGA?

    Very interesting project...I"m all in for a new 5200 or 800 with cartridge and controller support . Please keep us posted on your development.
  15. Hi, How do you set up AtariXLBox for both 5200 and 800 roms? I have the 5200 extra and 800 extra folders that contains the roms etc. Thanks
  16. I just purchased the 5200 and Vectex cover and they are great!!!! Excellent fit and well made! The logos are a real nice touch. Highly recommended purchase.
  17. Hi, Also have a set that I purchased from Best and they are worth it. I also ordered the flex, both keyboards (aux and numeric) and new fire buttons all with gold contact) (except for flex went standard Rev 9). The parts were inexpensive (Buy from Best others selling on internet buy from Best and just resell at a higher cost.) The controllers are easy to rebuild and best has a great How-To instruction on his website for free. If you are in a hurry and have no mechanical skills buy the whole controllers. If you like to open and repair things, just get the parts...much cheaper. Also they offer $7.00 per old controller trade in. To send in my two controllers it would have cost $15.00 so i decided to keep them and rebuild them. If you live in California or a zone close by it may be worth it but it wasn't for me.
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