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  1. Hi, Here are some pictures of the items for sale. The only thing missing right now is the FLASHROM99 (sold) and the Extended Basic version 2.7 Suite Cartridge (It was sent to the maker to verify proper operation, and it passed and is on its way to me) Everything works well and conditions vary from very good to like new. Note: all the cartridges are used and loose (no boxes or manuals). Everett
  2. What item do you want to see pictures of? The FlashROM99 is already sold. Everett
  3. Hi, Time for me to clean house on some of my systems so I have the following for sale: 1) White TI/99/4A with joysticks, power supply and composite video/audio cable, cassette cable. it good condition and works well. Have original box and some literature that came with it and keyboard strips......make an offer. 2) NanoPCB with 3D printed case, 256GB CF card and power supply. Works great, only a few months old. $70 3) FlashROM99 with 3D printed case and label and 4GB SD Card with games $65 4) Extended Basic Ver. 2.7 Suite Cartridge, Has Utilities and games. $45 5) Speech Synthesizer. $10. 6) The following cartridges: TI Extended Basic, Parsec, The Attack, Video Chess, Car Wars, Tunnel of Doom, BlackJack and Poker. Make an Offer. The above prices do not include shipping. If interested in items please PM me with your zip code so I can let you know how much shipping will be. Sorry no overseas shipping, US only. I am also glad to answer any questions on any item. Everett
  4. I have not had any luck repairing my Channel F (not 2). It has the motherboard with 5 large 40 Pin chips and I need the one marked FCM 9102 (it gets blazing hot to touch) Does anyone here have this chip? I cannot locate one through the internet. If I cannot find one, I have a unit for spare parts, power supply, two wired controllers, the rest of the chips including 4 video ram chips. iI also have two game cartridges #1 in an unopened shrink-wrapped box and cart #12 (loose). If anyone needs anything please PM. I guess I'll be doing a MESS emulator....
  5. If you are taking the controllers apart you might as well do it right and replace the flex circuit and all the rubber buttons with gold ones. For $25 worth of parts you'll have a good long lasting controller. I have two Best rebuilt controllers and one that i did myself, they all work great. He will also give you credit for your old controllers when purchasing his rebuilt's but the cost of shipping them to him outweighted the cost of returning them, hence That is why I bought the parts to rebuild my own. I would do it again as it wasn't hard at all. As for the video mod. I have the LHE board installed by Joe at electronicsemimentalies.com. you send him the Circuit board only (to save cost) and the little plastic panel on back where he mounts all the jacks. He installs composite and s-video. My video has never been better and i highly recommend the mod!. I liked it so much that I ordered the circuit board (he sell it too) and installed it on my 7800.If your electronically savvy you can DIY and save, if not Joe does a great job. Also from time to time he has completely modified units for sale...contact him if you want one of those.
  6. Thanks, don't have a manual or the unit either, making SD card for out of state friend. I had last years Atari flashback portable and it was the same except the file names had to start with a capital letter, not the same for Sega?
  7. Hi, I am making an SD card for a friend that just purchased the 2017 Sega Genesis Ultimate portable and I need to know: The file suffix (.BIN, .SMD) of the type of game it will read. Does the first character of the game title have to start with a capital letter? Do they need to be in a folder called GAME? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the update. Doesn't sound like things have gotten better in the 7800 world. It sounds like Fred just abandoned the Concerto. Maybe a working flashcart will eventually come about from someone else. Swami, sounds like you really made the 7800 look and run nice. It was my second 7800 I owned and kept it because it did work with the concerto, somewhat, like you said and I experienced the Pokey never did. I had even offered to send it to Fred so he could try and fix the Concerto but he never responded. I know you had problems working on your Sony TV, did you figure out the problem? ...you can always go emulator, like I did!
  9. Its been a long time since I been back to this thread, having sold both my Concerto and 7800 to Swami, who I believe is still enjoying them. I still enjoy all the 7800 games but now i play them on my Raspberry Pi. Wonder if there was ever any word from Fred or if any of the concerto problems were ever resolved with new firmware? Before i left the scene, he had some personal problems to attend to, but promised to get back to the Concerto. Did he? There were also words of other 7800 flash-carts in the works...anything ever become of those?
  10. Looks Great and excellent workmanship! Now i need to get off my A** and do a nice controller mod like yours. I use the passive video mod for composite and the video looks great on my Plasma so will stick with that. I did the same on a friends 02 and it did not work well for him. I actually like the 02 controller much better than the atari joysticks but finding them is neither cheap or easy. Did you just just a dremal tool for the DB-9 opening or a a DB-9 punch? they are very clean and where did you get the covers?
  11. Bill, is the Atari 8 HD Activision version available for pre-order anywhere? I checked the above outlets and I don't see that version.
  12. Here is the power supply I use. Proper voltage and current rating, correct polarity plug. You can't beat the price 2/$10.99 and free shipping if your an Amazon Prime member. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M261XMQ/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 BTW my NanoPEB arrived with a broken ON/OFF switch but was promptly replaced. It also came wrapped in bubble wrap in a padded envelope. He sent the 2rd in a box. Now all is good! Do we know what the specs are for the TI internal power supply are? Enough current to supply both the speech synthesizer and NanoPEB? I would love to drop the added wall-wart but not if it means over-currenting the internal power supply.
  13. Sorry, had a brain fart, paid $130 for mine but was well worth it. I have flash cartridges for all of my systems and this one is the most compatible. Yes, I did wait awhile , because of the price before purchasing mine.
  14. Not sure what your real concern is here. I have an Atarimax and there is plenty of support for it. It is as simple as downloading the rom files (most can be found right here on AA and copying them onto a SD card. You can put the in folders to help organize them if you'd like. Don't overthink a $60 cartridge, works well and is simple to use.
  15. Thanks Lee, but some are have the name of PC99 but they cannot be converted with TIdir. The menu is greyed out. I just renamed the extension and will try.
  16. Ok, I ran across some files that end in .TIDSK instead of .DSK. Can these be run on NanoPEB?
  17. Hi, So I understand that there are different Disk formats Like PC99 (made for emulator) and v9T9. Are there more? Will these all work with the NanoPEB without any kind of conversion? If I need to convert, which program can I use? Are there any other restrictions on a .DSK file before copy it to a NanoPEB volume? Thanks,
  18. Ok, there is a brief mention in nano manual of a Basic program called Catalog. Where can I find it and how is it used?
  19. 1) So it appears the Flashrom 99 does not support any file management (like folders) as I have tried to organize my .bin files but they are not recognized in folders during boot. Is this correct? My understanding is FinalGROM does support folders, is that correct? 2) What exactly does the reset button on the Flashrom99 do? My LED flashes but doesn't appear to do anything else. When do I need to use it. 3) There are .BIN files like Alpiner that were TI GROMS. Are they EA5 conversions and do I need a EA cartridge to play them? They give me a blank or colored screen on my Flashrom99. 4) Now regarding the NanoPEB: What is the easiest way to make sure the additional 32k is working (or seen) by system. I have an extended basic cartridge. 5) Thanks to Ti9962a program I am able to use my Windows 7 laptop and format volumes and add .DSK files to them. However, once the NanoPEB with CF card is back on the TI, is there anyway to see the volume names on the CF? It is easy to forget what Disk is in which volume. 6) Of the disk files I have downloaded, is there anyway to tell if they require Basic or ASM cart or load on there own? Or just trial and error? Thanks to all those that have helped me so far!
  20. Thanks that was what I had seen, looks like it is for 32K sidecar
  21. Somewhere in my browsing I came upon a jumper modification for the speech synthesizer. I do not remember where I found it but it was a wire that jumped across the ground or 5 volt to be used for what ever gets plugged into the other side of it (NanoPEB or 32K sidecar?) Does anyone remember what this is for and where to find it again? Thanks
  22. Yep, tried it on a Sony CRT and a Westinghouse LCD flat screen, only differences is on the the flat screen it does not roll. Still torn and distorted.
  23. So, I have a Sears Video arcade II that originally had no video and audio. I replaced both the TIA and RIOT and got sound and video back. However, the video is out of sync and rolling. The +5VDC is 4.97VDC and there are no shorts or opens on the circuit board. I have tried a dozen known working cartridges and they all do the same thing. Wiggling the cart does nothing. Yes I have cleaned the cartridge slot with contact cleaner. Any ideas? bad cap somewhere or??
  24. Boy, after reading the official documentation and the answers above, I am completely confused on how to run disk images. This is because I am not a PC user and new to TI99/4a 1) What do I need to get the .dsk images onto the NanoPEB CF card? A PC with a CF card reader and the DSK2CF.exe? Please give me an example of what to do. How do i add this DSK file to one of the volumes or DSK1? 2) Once that is done do I need to CALL FORMAT ( from Basic) and format the volume on the TI? Then CALL MOUNT to mount the .DSK image? Then what to run image? Also non-related but does the NanoPEB need the external power supply to use the 32K memory expansion?
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