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  1. Hi, I will be receiving my NanoPEB very shortly and have some questions about it and disk images. 1) what is the proper extensions for TI99/4A disk images and where is a good place to find some? 2) I have a CF reader/writer for my Mac, can I remove the CF card from the NanoPEB and copy them directly to some directory on the card or do i have to set up for serial comms with the board and use a PC? 3) I understand the CF card is a special format. Is this correct? Can it be seen by a PC or Mac? If I ever want to upgrade the CF card, how do I go about formatting it? 4) I understand it supports 3 disk drives, how do i tell the file which drive to use and in multiple game disk/files do i have to do anything special in order for me to use them (Naming?)? Thanks!
  2. I have both the 233-1 multicart and Rene's C7051 recorder cartridge and I love them both. The multi cart you don't have to chase down the rom file and just flick some DIP switches to get to game. The disadvantage is you cannot add new game. Price is a lot less than recorder cart also. Switch is vey durable and should the odd chance that you break it it is common part and easy to replace. Recorder cart holds 31 binary files and must be hooked up to PC to load files and edit title name. It is menu driven and easy to go to other games. If this is your first cart, I would go with 233-1 multicart from Dave (PackRat)
  3. Are the INTV flashback controllers compatible with a intellivision console? Also, can you use original intellivision controllers on a intellivision flashback?
  4. Thank you for that great explanation.
  5. I just picked up a FlashRom99 and there is a mention of EA5 conversion. What does it mean and what is it?
  6. Ok, So what exactly is a GROM cartridge? Does it contain a special graphics chip or just more graphics memory? How many GROM cartridges are there? Is there a list of them? Also is there a list of programs and cartridges that require the the 32K memory? Will Atarisoft files run on the FlashRom99? Other homebrew? Is there a list of programs/cartridges that use the speech synthesizer? I only know of Parsec and Alpiner Thanks!
  7. Thanks, that helps quite a bit, i have a bunch of blank key strips but none like above.
  8. So i guess I lucked out and got a non-QI model, date at bottom of startup screen said 1981. Adamantyr sent me a nice get started package so i could at least try it out. Everything seems to work just fine, The TI joysticks are not bad but they do not like to stay plugged into the side DB-9. Side mount is not a great place for joystick port. Have others encountered joysticks coming out of connector? So now Im waiting for a FlashROM99/FinalGROM 99 and a nanoPEB. Ok, is there a way to restart a cartridge game without powering on/off system? I believe Parsec mentions REDO or back key. Which key is REDO and back arrow did not seem to work.
  9. As I am new to the TI-99/4a It was recommended by many to get a FlashROM 99 and I agree. However there is a new version FinalGROM 99. Should I get the FLashROM 99 or wait for the FinalGROM 99. When will the FinalGrom 99 be available and will it be price compatible? I still do not know what cartridges are considered GROM. Your opinion is appreciated.
  10. Sorry Greg......don't know why I called you Dave
  11. I am going to check my beige unit to see if it is QI also. My expansion port has copper finger so I am hoping it is not QI. Dave (arcadeshopper) Now that I know what I am looking at I found great items on your website. I should have inquired to you before assuming out-of-stock was permanent. I like the low profile atari adaptor and I now see the need for the NANOPEB instead of just the 32K memory board. Are there a lot of cassette and disk software available? what format are they in? All i see are .bin files.
  12. Wow, all I can say is what a bunch of friendly and helpful group this is!!!!! Another question: What is the difference between the silver/black and the white one? Mine is white. I am going to get the composite cable and Flashrom to start with. I see arcardeshopper is sold out of Flashrom and I could not find the eBay listing. Is there another source? Who actually makes the FlashROM99? Who makes the Atari to TI joystick adaptor? Not sure if I want the large Expansion box but the mini expansion may be good. Any info on the transfer cable to use PC as printer? I would need serial on pc and TI correct?
  13. Thank you both for answering my questions. It also brings up some more questions. 1) Is there audio (stereo?) available on the composite cable? Like other systems. 2) Do the Sidecar attachments daisy-chain?Can I have both speech synthesizer and 32K memory attached? 3) What is GROM cartridge and why is it special?Which carts are GROM? 4) There are two DB-9 connectors one on side and one on back. Both for joysticks? 5) While i realize most use the computer now for games, is there any modern printer solution for the TI-994/a? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I just picked up a great working TI-99/4a with the double joysticks, power supply and that huge RF modulator/Switchbox. There were no game cartridges so right now all I can do is select Basic. 1) Is there a composite cable available or any type of AV mod? 2) Is there a Flash cartridge or Multi-cartridge available? 3) What games/programs work with speech synthesizer? Does it have a built in speaker or does it work with modulator? They seem inexpensive, it is worth getting one? 4) What are the good games and what to avoid? 5) any must have accessories? New items? 6) Lastly, how is TI Homebrew scene, any stellar home-brews available? Thanks!
  15. Thanks everyone for inquiring, yes it went very quickly. It is sold and shipped.
  16. For sale a Harmony Encore cartridge with a 8GB microsd card loaded with Atari games and Homebrew. $70 plus $3 for shipping US buyer only-Paypal any questions please PM me
  17. Re-phased: I have decided to sell my concerto, It does not come in a plastic cartridge shell. If you want this you have to sacrifice a game cartridge and drill/dremel the slots.( See Cosmic Stardust earlier posting, he made his own shell) This is the PCB version. PM me or see my Marketplace ad here on AA. The concerto works fine and with the proper 7800 (see ad) plays 90% of all Atari and Homebrew files.
  18. Yes for the little bit I've played with it has been very enjoyable. I just don't have much time for thing now so I'd rather someone make good use of it. Mine is not the 1.3, I see that have made some minor changes. Mine does not have the MIDI Ports. I can post some pictures but is is a small metal box with a couple lights , buttons and a lot of ports! Someone has developed Russian Home Computer cores for it..I think that is cool. And more Arcade ports too.
  19. CPUWIZ, not sure what you are talking about, is it something with the physical layout of the circuit board? I just meant to say mine in not in a game cartridge case.
  20. Selling my Newly acquired MIST computer (this year) along with the needed accessories to get you up and running. Includes new mist computer VGA cable Audio cable USB Power supply and cable. SD cards with numerous systems and games. You need to supply USB Keyboard and Mouse, VGA Monitor or TV. (My LCD TV has VGA input and audio input) The MIST is cable of playing over 20 computers and consoles including Amiga, Atari ST,NES, Aquarius Sinclair etc. See this link to learn more: http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=201 $200 plus shipping cost (US Only). PM me with any questions
  21. I have a nice 7800 with the LongHorn Engineer S-Video and Composite Modification. Comes with original power supply, two genesis 3-button controllers and 2 genesis to 7800 controller adaptors. (Much better than the CX-7800 original controller). Also includes embroidered dust cover. power supply included but not shown all working great! Also includes the following cartridges: Karateka Ballblazer Pole Position II Choplifter Dig Dug Xevious Asteroids Joust $180 plus cost of shipping ( US Only). PM me with any questions.
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