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  1. Wrathchild, Would you be able to take a stab at converting another of my favorite A8 games? Stealth I would spend hours trying to destroy that tower! Oh, Still can't leave a PM, mailbox full.
  2. As I don't own a NT Mini (yet) are the cores part of the firmware? I don't see any mention of this on the Analogue website. Is This something Kevtris is doing on his own? Do all these cores show up in a menu? Game roms loaded by SD card? How did he implement the colecovision keypad?
  3. Why are there two NTSC files in the zip/ (L.E.M 13..the latest?)
  4. So what core are currently available on the NT Mini?
  5. i thought Dkvcs worked on the AFP. I get a torn title screen and the game on 1/2 screen (upper). I grabbed it from this thread.
  6. Recalbox has O2 emulation and it works well. It is also much easier to config and set up. The downside, Recalbox does not have as many emulators (no colecovision, intellivision or 5200/800xl) and you can't just add them, you have to wait for next Recalbox build. Also when it comes to MAME (arcade) you can select which emulator core to play a particular rom. Example, Juno First (arcade) will not play on Recalbox but will on Retropie (when you select the right emulator core). Retropie also lets you select how you want your games to be displayed per emulator or rom (480, 720 1080 etc) I have tried lakka and haven't had any luck. could not get a working PI3 image. For an easy to setup system go with Recalbox. If you need all the systems and like to configure, go with Retropie. Try Lakka last..
  7. This latest version does not play nicely on the AFP. I get a colored screen only.
  8. Hi, As I have many emulation systems, I have gathered a ton of roms. There are many duplicates, hacks, misspellings, PAL etc.. All in different formats, ZIP, .bin etc. The only way I see of cleaning them up is manually. Does anyone have any better suggestions? Also, I know what (U) (E) and (J) stand for but what about roms with (a1) (B2) (!) mean? How did you clean up yours and what was the results.?
  9. Dropzone runs fine on Atarimax Ultimate SD cartridge.
  10. Is there a .bin available of this? even a demo or RC release?
  11. Another great conversion Wrathchild !!! Your conversions makes my 5200 my favorite system!
  12. Anyone heard from Batari? Would sure like to know if he is working on Concerto.
  13. Anyone have the ZX81 Basic manual in PDF form that they could attach? No luck finding a downloadable copy. Thanks
  14. Good work Flojomojo on getting Duke up and running! Duke, glad you are up and running and can enjoy your AFB as much as we all do. Crossbow, yep i got a 12 ft cable made for audio that was mentions somewhere in the Flashback threads here ($4.99 from amazon) and it works great, red is the Video and White is audio out. I can sit back on the couch and enjoy my AFB on my 60" LCD!
  15. dgregjones, Just take the Game folder with the .bin files and place only that folder on your formatted SD card. make sure you have no other folder on the SD card. i sent you a PM if you are still having trouble.
  16. Do you have a Games folder on the SD card? Do all the game files start with an UPPER CASE letter and the rest lowercase? Do they end in .bin? Maximum SD card size is 8 GB?
  17. I found a lot of the TS 1016 16KB memory modules on ebay for very good prices. I purchased two for $9.95 (both) so hopefully one will work. Once i have a working unit (keyboard replaced) I plan on doing the composite modification. I will try the tape to wave program with an MP3 player also. How can I verify that my TS1000 see's the TS1016 module? Can I see free ram available somehow? I would like to find PDF's of all the manuals. Any help? Thanks for all the great info everyone has provided!
  18. Sure if you could write up the SRAM mod it would be appreciated. I understand electronic schematics and have done alot of soldering and repairs. Are the 32KB ram chips still available?
  19. I have the new replacement keyboard coming from England. I would be interested in modding mine to 16KB...can someone point me to the mod? Also, how does everyone load games now? Cassette play, mp3 or carts on memory expansion slot?
  20. Contact Joe at http://electronicsentimentalities.com/index.html He sells modded units. Does great work.
  21. Thanks almightytood and markO for the emulator and sharing your help and photos of your collection. I am going to try and get one of those keyboards from "across the pond" and will let you know how that works. I have a long way to go to have any collection but once it is fixed would like memory pack and a Basic manual. MarkO do you still use a cassette recorder? Where is a good site for programs and games and general Timex Sinclair info?
  22. I enjoy space shooters, like Beam Rider, Juno 1, Vanguard including Demon Attack and Phoenix and Atlantis.
  23. Well , this is what i found: The TS1000 was not dead, it just did not display on my Sony CRT ( brightness set too low or ??) I tried it on my LCD and got a prompt! However only some of the keys worked. Seems the flex cable from the membrane keyboard has a couple broken traces, The breaks are too high to cut back the flex circuit so I will have to try some other repair. I have been reading about all the broken flex cable problems with the keyboard and the repairs that were done. Seems I will have to use some ribbon cable and make a jumper. Has anyone tried to solder or use some conductive glue to attach wires to keyboard flex? If so, let me know what you used and any tips. If I would find a replacement membrane keyboard that would be the best but did not find any searching. Anyone have one or complete top cover of case? If I end up fixing and keeping, ill search out a nice 12" Black and White TV.
  24. I tried Zombie Chase and it is OK. So is this Gramma's revenge game part of of Stella's Stocking? The odyssey 2 controller has 1 button and Death Race plays fine on it. How about it Debro or Thomas, care to finish up Death Derby? How complete is it now?
  25. One of my favorite games from the arcades and now on my Odyssey 2 and Vectrex is Exidy's Death Race. I wonder why there is no 2600 port? Is there a clone that I may not be aware of?
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