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  1. Well almost all the games I purchased were from a friend and the games were sitting in a hot humid attic for nearly 11 years. And when I look at the games it does look like there oxidation on the some of the carts. I use to just use a nail filer on my carts to scrape the small layer of oxidation of the games but I stopped doing this cause I didn't know if it would do more harm than good in the long run. But you could be right I could try different methods to see if its just oxidation before I spring to other methods.
  2. I've cleaned them to the point where there is absolutely no dirt or grime on the q tips with rubbing alcohol on them.
  3. I think I will just buy an original 72 pin of ebay rebend them and polish them and see what happens but since im a kid and have no money I might have to wait a week or two till I can buy the pin .
  4. I was just saying it could be a option if I can't get this sorted out but I guess I could try to remove the lockout like everyone here recommends but im afraid of destroying my nes.
  5. top loader nes systems are only around the $100 dollar range and the kits like $25-30 and I already got all the tools and skill to install it so if I had the $130 is it worth it?
  6. Would a top loading nes with a av mod be a good second option?
  7. This thread needs a bump the original focus of this thread is kind of dead.
  8. I've purchased 3 systems from them before no problem but from now on I would rather just stick with ebay at this point especially considering how much they charge for an Atari 2600 ($150 refurbished).
  9. Ya I was thinking of buying a old original pin connector of ebay and either cleaning it or rebending it is that a good idea?
  10. Sorry but that doesn't usually fix the problem from most of what I have heard.
  11. It just gives the greyish black screen that flickers on and off from the power flashing.
  12. The pin connector is from mcm electronics and I left it on for like 5 minutes straight and it kept blinking and I tested 12 games and I cleaned them all ive had this nes for a year I might take it all apart and clean it and put the pin back in and see if that works but at this point I honestly don't know.
  13. Sorry I am new here and didn't know where to put this but I purchased a refurbished nes from dkoldies. And it said that it came with a new pin connector but it keeps blinking even if I cleaned the games for a LONG TIME so I thought maybe they put a bad pin connector in the system. So I purchased ANOTHER pin connector and it worked for a month or so now its having the same blinky power button and black screen and my warranty is up on the system so im out of ideas any help would be much appreciated.
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