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  1. Money??? Start dealing with current software companies. I AM the only one trying to get real Lic and glass mastered CD's made for Jag of major ports. Later Guys, and Let it be known that I didn't try to screw over anyone.
  2. I tried to send Money to you CJ, NOT myself. And Asked you, person to person, if I could have my people pay YOU and me re-pop those. BTW, I don't need you to to do the ST ports. No one was out to screw you and I was trying to let other people in this community have a nice dvd style case with labels like I do. I thank you for the work and I am sorry we had a miss-understanding.
  3. WELL Thanks. I hope it helps us all and NO new solder is needed AT ALL. DO NOT ADD SOLDER TO THE PADS!!! Also, sorry for any misunderstandings. Later guys.
  4. And i'LL be here when all else fails. Just PM me. Later and hope that helps.
  5. DO NOT HOLD THE HOT AIR TIP DIRECTLY TO THE CONTACTS. USE A "SHIT PCB " TO LEARN YOUR "HAND HOLD" DISTANCE BEFORE TRYING!!! If NOT, You WILL Burn, Overheat and otherwise fuck-up shit, practice first..... Here, i'll even give you this. use the hot air side with the smallest tip at max temp.(MAX TEMP IS 450-480 C, NOT F, OVER 1,000 DEGREES, BE CAREFULL) 75% airflow controll. Have a small pry tool or knife edge under the chip, leaning towards one side, heat that side first, it only take 10seconds or less of moving over one side OF THE SOLDER CONTACTS. With pressure under the chip, that one side should lift right off the board. A quick pass on the other side should lift the other smt points ( the other side of the chip'S SOLDER JOINTS TO THE BOARD). Use a mag lens to line up the new chip on the solder pads of the pcb, use a long tool of choice to hold chip in place once it is in place on the solder pads. Heat one side, no more than 10 sec, then the other side. Done. gO PUT AN oeM ATARI jAG POWER psu ON YOU BOARD, IF WITH A GAME INSTALLED, THE L.E.D COME ON OR YOU HAVE A DISPLAY ON TV, THEN CONGRATS, you did it>
  6. There you go folks. If you still need me, Repair service WILL remain in effect BUT, As I have Said, Expect Delays. If you need your repair rather quickly, then tell me prior to shipping. Thanks and enjoy, nick. ALSO, If you "F-up" your system, I will still look at it, after we speak and figure out if it has any hope. Always hope it does.
  7. Total transparency: Above the part is listed, here is the tool needed to actually use/replace it at WAY less than it cost me years ago. Clone Unit Works great: http://www.ebay.com/itm/898D-2in1-SMD-Rework-Soldering-Station-Hot-Air-Gun-Iron-Welder-LCD-11-Tips-/252083728044?hash=item3ab15c6eac And the link to the u38 above is active but here it is again: http://console5.com/store/catalogsearch/result/?q=atari+u38 Also, here is the jaguar base cap kit as well: http://console5.com/store/kits/console-cap-kits/atari/atari-jaguar-cap-kit.html
  8. Again, I do these repairs for us. Please feel free to try it yourself. And If you (don't quite make it work) Then I will STILL be willing to accept your unit for repair, at the same price listed above. NOW THAT IS FAIR FOLKS.
  9. For Caps: http://console5.com/store/kits/console-cap-kits.html?console_type_revision=23
  10. Total Transparency For Jag Cd. If you would like repair without me then try this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281299992962?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. For Atari Jaguar Cd Games: http://www.yaronet.com/board/topic/146080
  12. For Atari Jaguar Cd Games: http://www.yaronet.com/board/topic/146080
  13. Not really the best place for it, I agree. However, It will eventually show up on a google search. And It's not about the cash man, it's just for us.
  14. Repair for the US and JAP Turbografx 16 CD Rom (and CD-rom 2). Gear replacement, Cap replace, laser replace. Service range price from $25 to $75. Plus actual return shipping cost. PM me on here if needed.
  15. A simple battery replacement service for the Sega Dreamcast. Removes the need to enter the time/date ever time you power up the system. $15 plus actual return shipping fee. PM me here if needed.
  16. Also, I make very little (if any money at all) from these. I do This FOR US. Support will continue, expect delays. Nick.
  17. Don't "cherry pic" repairs.. B-rad, why don't you send me an Alpine II with dev console and cd unit. Send A falcon 030 with that, I can use it, you are not so why not? only one real "prob" system on hand and I will replace the damned thing with a working unit if I have to. Besides, I want the "Back to The Future" trilogy on cinepak for Jag from the Guy anyway.
  18. Repair sevice for all Atari Jaguar equipment WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT!!! Expect some repairs will be up 2+ week before return shipment. BUT, I do still accept it for repair even if you have "played around" with it....
  19. Final doom is the 3rd doom. If I said otherwise it was a typo. The project is for Doom 3, completely different from final doom.
  20. All Atari Jaguar repairs will remain available BUT expect delays over the next few months.
  21. There will be no kickstarter for the demo of D3 on Jag. FREE.
  22. Here is the ebay Link @ $20 more: http://www.ebay.com/itm/131560687222?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  23. Turned out to be a cool guy. All well with his Jag.
  24. Repair sevice for all Atari Jaguar equipment WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT!!! Expect some repairs will be up 2+ week before return shipment. BUT, I do still accept it for repair even if you have "played around" with it....
  25. I hate to do this so close but its not gonna be ready. I have to go back out on the road driving almost completely steady over the next month or more. D3 Beta demo release is being postponed. For now...
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