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  1. If there is a heaven, it looks exactly like this space. Bravo. Bravo.
  2. Looking at the product link that was quoted by Cybercylon which was eBay Auction -- Item Number: 301658094149 , and then discussing it. I meant to do a multi quote. My mistake.
  3. this was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw it
  4. I actually figured out that my popeye is for colleco! >.< doh! Soon I'll have to update the collection because *drum roll* I finally got 5200 controllers!!! THAT WORK I did have to modify the slightly... and by modify, I mean put a piece of tape on the backs of the electronics strips under the start,pause,reset rubber that sticks out enough to lightly tug on when the strip slips ever so slightly enough to make the buttons not work >.< but since then it runs beautifully! Actually gasped at how beautiful that atari rainbow animation was when I first plugged it in...Also for any collectors out there, the guy at Bazaar Game Trading in Dracut worked with me for months to find a working rf switch box, and went all over to find these controllers for me AND even delivered them to my house all at no extra charge. I don't know if he takes online orders or not, but he's my go to guy for everything now.
  5. Thank you! Found London blitz at the same time, also for 2.50. The only game I've spent more the 5 bucks on was Return of the Jedi. (not counting the ones in box.)
  6. ..and I think I love you. Thanks! haha. it feels crazy trying to learn all of this from scratch and actually do it at the same time. It's going to feel SO awesome to play my own game in a 2600 console though. 1,000% worth it.
  7. taking this game making project on by myself is incredibly hard, But it will be SO worth it to see it run on a 2600!!

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ4-YuTeEzM&feature=youtu.be Hey there! I wanted to show off my collection, small as it may be. I am constant searching flew markets, goodwills..you name it on the chance that they might have anything to do with Atari. I yammer on for a bit, but I say each game title that I currently own, and show off a couple extras that I've got. No one around me seems to be as gung-ho about Atari or will play any of these with me, haha so that's why I wanted to share it with all of you who share the Atari love. let me know what you think! (I also realize that I said 7200, instead of 7800 >.< ) Thanks!
  9. Any help however, would be really awesome
  10. I have. The closest thing I've found is the Bresenham movement codes but that's still not what I'm going for. If I could find some way to do the opposite of that movement, where the target is moving away rather than coming closer that would be exactly what I need to continue. In the mean time I'm trying to poke at that code to see if I can reverse it somehow.
  11. Hey there, I'm curious. Is there a way to make the Bresenham movement only reversed? Instead of being chased by the dot, the dot trying to get away from you? If so, I could certainly use some help figuring out how to do that.
  12. Making my first atari game!

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    2. Spacey Invader

      Spacey Invader

      batari or ugly ol assembly?


    3. Missile-Commander


      batari. I wouldn't have a clue on assembly. Though I don't have much of one on batari either

    4. Spacey Invader

      Spacey Invader

      Keep us posted. I've been meaning to do a batari game and instead I just ... don't.

  13. So I'm tinkering with batari for the first time, and have gotten past the ENORMOUS headache of compiling issues to actually be able to make some neat little things. one of my sprites i.e. the player is even animated and looks awesome. I've got a second sprite however, that is making me go crazy. I am 100% new to coding in general, but this is something that I really want to successfully accomplish. Anyway.. the whole thing I want the main player to be able to do is chase mice and "munch" on them to earn as many points as possible before a timer runs out(I'll figure that out later) So far I've gotten my cat to be able to move everywhere flawlessly. the mouse just shows up right now and is chilling out. my question: How can I make it so that when the cat comes in contact with the mouse the player gets their points/ How can I get the mouse to "run away" from the cat and re-spawn when "eaten"? Forgive me for being a complete noob, but I'm at the point where I'm completely stuck, and google has run out of answers. The attached file is what I've come up with so far. Thanks!!!default.bas
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