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  1. I'm sorry to say that the Nov. 4 party is not going to work out, obligations have come up on my end. Sorry for the late notice, I was holding out for a better solution. I'll post the next opportunity. Thanks all.
  2. That would be amazing! I've never seen a working Jaguar.
  3. Super Bill. I also just realized that we met briefly at your stand at VCF East this year.
  4. UPDATE 8/6/17 An update and correction. I'm in Hudson County, not Bergen County. Union City, near Weehawken, north of Hoboken, in case you know the area. We have very convenient public transportation in case you're traveling lite, and we're right next to the Lincoln tunnel. Thanks to everyone interested in coming. Bill, I can't match your array of exotic hardware and arcade games, but I do have the following at hand: Atari 2600 with s-video mod and Harmony cart. Also a copy of Boulderdash for same if I can find it. Atari 800 with Incognito. Atari Lynx II with Will's screen replacement and flash cart. Pi 3 with all sorts of emulators. PC's and laptops. 2 computer monitors, 2 LCD TV's, and a 20" Sony Trinitron. Wifi and networked internet, LAN is of course available. Large dining room table + 2x 6' multi-purpose tables. Various ancient technology odds and ends. BBQ/smoked lunch/dinner will be provided. I have, but cannot guarantee working Flashback II, Commodore 64/128, Atari 5200, 7800, and Coleco. I'm thinking Saturday, November 4. It's a small apartment, so please let me know if you're coming, I have to limit attendance to what's practical. Requested: 8-bits, monitor, interesting new or old hard/software, BYOB, maybe a side dish or desert? If you don't want to schlep equipment, no worries, there should be plenty to do and talk about. Thanks again all, I'll post updates in this space, and details via PM.
  5. I'd like to invite everyone interested in an Atari 8 type day/evening in the Bergen County, NJ area to participate in a get together on Sept. 2 (sat.) It will be a small event hosted at my flat. You're welcome to bring stories, friends and family, any hardware or software. Please send a PM for info.
  6. This is one in a line of modern creations that just blows your mind. Imagine if this had been available back in the day. Rock star, for sure.
  7. Thanks for the enthusiasm guys. I'm in agreement with above post that an irregular meeting is probably more likely than a monthly style computer club. Bill, your event sounds awesome, and I will try to make it Regarding location, I have a small flat in Bergen County, and would be happy to host. It sounds like some of us are neighbors. Commodore wives are most welcome. I'll touch base with everyone in the next few days, and we can hammer out some specifics.
  8. I'm interested in starting an Atari 8-bit party in the NYC area. Reply here or send me an PM, thank you.
  9. WOPR would detect it at NORAD, and you'd set off a nuclear war.
  10. Where is Peoria? I'd be interested.
  11. Personally, whatever someone wants to pay. Not a problem. The constant "you paid x, and you're selling it for y" debate. complete nonsense. why does it bother you.
  12. If there are any Atari 8-bit BBS's out there that run some sort of link (along the lines of Fido or Board sharing), I'd be interested in setting up a node using real hardware.
  13. I'd be interested in this on the East coast, specifically, in the NY NY area. Anyone else?
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