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  1. Hello, I have played my Atari Jaguar for a long time now, yet never bothered to fix the sound (which has been broken since I bought it) since almost none of the games I had had music anyways it never really bothered me as I'd just put on some headphones and jam out while playing jaguar. But now I just really want it fixed. I've opened it up before and soldered a new resistor, or current regulator of some kind (forgive me it was so many years ago) yet the problem persisted. However before I open it up to recheck everything I want to ask about the power supply. My power brick is an official Jaguar brick, but gets hot after it's been plugged in too long so I've always left it unplugged unless I'm playing. Is this common? And could it be why the sound shorted out in the first place? Any information would be much appreciated.
  2. sorry got all caught up in it and never said thanks for the help, appreciate it
  3. Finally decided to try and learn the CLUT, but when I declare the address it reads it as not being declared in this scope. I tried categorizing it as a Dimension, but just brought up more problems. alucard (2).zip
  4. I typed no_CLUT instead, but still getting that corruption does it need to specify what bit? in addition?
  5. Yea, tried changing the value to 32 instead, but all it did was make it shorter. Why is that?
  6. gotcha, came back to it and right away realized I had forgotten to save my image as a .bmp file : P although it runs now, my image is now corrupted. I've been messing around with the values but to no avail.
  7. I fixed the first issue and am still working on making sure my image is 16 bit, also what do you mean by asset string? also I forgot to mention that the error contains "(basic.o)" I also couldn't find anything on this.
  8. Hi there, I'm pretty new to programming (considering where JagStudio is at) and I've run out of troubleshoot ideas for this error, and reading up on the manual didn't solve it for me. Basically I'm trying to have a go at displaying my own sprite instead of the quickstart one, the only difference being the size of the sprite being 25 by 48 pixels. I've followed the code exactly as before, swapping out the names and pixel values for the code defining the sprite size. however I get an error message when attempting to run it that reads UNSOLVED SYMBOLS SPRITE_ALU. Here is my code. It's probably a really easy fix, but I'm still learning how to code in the first place. assets.txt rapinit.s
  9. did a reverse image search and couldn't find anything about this. It looks very nice, did you make it?
  10. I'm not sure why everyone wants to see advanced 3d games on the Jag, when it's EXTREMELY difficult to program 3d games for the system. I think it would be cooler to see a highly detailed 2d game like SOTN or something. Also it's a huge undertaking to make a big game on the Jaguar, and there's not much money in it. You pretty much gotta be in it for the love of the game or learning experience. And if you are to make a game, you probably wouldn't want to see all that hard work go down the drain because you're using a licensed brand.
  11. Wow I've been reading about how all these things work together, it's very fascinating. Learning to code is only the surface of how computers work so I appreciate you giving me these basic things to go down this rabbit hole of knowledge.
  12. I'm very new to the inner workings of old hardware, but I at least understand that the 16-bit era used sound channels. The SNES had 8 sampling sound channels for example. Of course nowadays we think of sound much differently in hardware but where is the Jaguar on this? I don't think it uses sound channels but I'm not sure. And if not how DOES it work?
  13. Yes! Jagcorner! Odd how I couldn’t find this channel by searching,Thanks😊
  14. I seem to remember a youtube channel that specialized in the atari jaguar that had made some homebrew games and had a series called Jag virgins (or something like that) where they forced their friends to play jaguar games who never had before. Anyway I can't find this channel anymore, does it still exist? does anyone else even know who I'm talking about?
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