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  1. Yes! Jagcorner! Odd how I couldn’t find this channel by searching,Thanks😊
  2. I seem to remember a youtube channel that specialized in the atari jaguar that had made some homebrew games and had a series called Jag virgins (or something like that) where they forced their friends to play jaguar games who never had before. Anyway I can't find this channel anymore, does it still exist? does anyone else even know who I'm talking about?
  3. I just beat the level one missions in hover strike, and I know that you can save your game, but I didn't get a "do you want to save your game" thing, and I don't have the manuel. I don't know if it auto saves or anything like that either. I'm really having fun with it so I don't just want to start over on the first missions.
  4. Thanks guys I eventually got a 3do and love it and may get a jag one day thanks again.
  5. I tried everything I have heard of to try and fix the sound on my jag but it just doesn't work. Is anyone looking for a Jaguar with no sound that they may be able to fix or do something with?
  6. Thanks man I'll be sure to try all that out.
  7. Here's what happened it didn't work. Here's what happened next I gave up.
  8. What combo of buttons would that probably be?
  9. I got my Jaguar with a regular Jaguar rf cord and it may not be working properly even though the video works fine. It's being run on a Jaguar rf cord but I have tried it on another nes rf cord and it has the same problem.
  10. It appears that the 10th is not damaged and the wire seems fine so I think the controller may just be busted but mabey not beyond repair
  11. I have just got my Atari Jaguar and some games. The controller appears to be fine on the outside but the buttons will not work on any game I try. The d-pad works fine and on hover strike the pause button works for pausing text but the red buttons don't work.
  12. When I save on nes games it saves with a battery but I have been wondering if jaguar games save with batteries or not if not then how?
  13. It was revolutionary and looks good for the time. Was it a good pack in game or a good game at all?
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