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  1. I didn't know him personally either, but I learned so much from his work on the history and was continually fascinated with his unfolding discoveries of Atari's history. RIP Curt.
  2. I can add some info here... I've marked the transformer on the schematics. However, further looking at these, the 1029 needs two outputs to DC one at 5V DC and another at 20V DC. I'm not seeing the output from the transformer but for the 5V I see a 7805 to regulate, so I suspect probably 9-12V AC on this rail... and probably on the other one ~22/24AC... so you'll need a transformer for this. Of course, you need the size, etc. I suspect getting a step-up transformer may actually be cheaper/easier.
  3. Thanks but when I click I only get all pictures... I can enlarge but it's all photos enlarged. Where are these individually?
  4. Where do I get the A3 of some of these? Some look very good.
  5. Whoa - Brilliant ideas and help folks! Some good material there - I'll take some of these and create an output. Of course, once done, I'll share. Thanks!!
  6. Some help please... I've re-decorated my new work-from-home office as I'm probably going to continue like this for the foreseeable future, and I want to decorate the now bare walls. Of course, I'm going to make it personal for me and one of the large parts of my life has been the A8. So it makes sense to decorate some of the walls to that (others will be places I've visited, etc). Anyhow, I've been searching the ususal ebay, etsy, redbubble for wall art and while there's lots for the 2600, very little I could find relevant to the A8 (there's some). Anyway, I was wondering if people have a preferred source for this? Relevant to myself is the 800XL, Star Raiders (I love the artwork on this), BASIC, etc. As one thought I will take a piece of code I wrote back in the date, screenshot it (from Altirra) print as picture and frame it. For sizes, something like 30cm x 40cm (12in x 15.7in) type of sizes would be ideal? Thanks for the help!
  7. Not so much a setup - I envy you guys. But this was my recent unpacking when stuck at home in this pandemic lock down.
  8. Hi - I have Superman - The Game buried in my collection on cassette, it's on the site under a different distributor and the correct link the dump is marked as "missing". http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-superman-the-game_5191.html Do I attempt to "dump"? Or are we ok? (Not even sure if I have a cassette deck!)
  9. Oooh... let's speculate Dual-Bank? Doesn't Boot? Drop Ship
  10. Hmm.. I had the same thought too... For me (Ireland), the disc drives were never affordable. In fact, the drives where more expensive than the computer system themselves. As such it was all casette drives 1010, XC11, XC12 as the final. When it came that I could afford, I managed an XF551 in 1989, but even then it was circa £299 versus a 130XE with XC12 (bundle) that was £149! If Atari was this expensive all others were going to be worse... so no effective market.
  11. Jose, Sorry to hear if this - yes - we all have struggles and it's ok to ask for help! I'm a long time lurker here, and less active that I really wish I was, but I understand where you're coming from. I've sent something via your IBAN (as a SEPA), so should bypass the PayPal rules. It'll be processed by Monday and with you Tuesday. Take Care, Jason. <edit> Oh and for everyone on here, with all the challenges in the world, it keeps my faith in humanity when I see this rallying of support for someone - so thank you too </edit>
  12. JayoK


  13. Also backed! On this community years, but more of a reader than a participant, but this piqued my interest.... best of luck!
  14. As a prodigy fan... that's really well done! Voodoo people is an excellent interpretation...
  15. But doesn't the SCART support composite input? Is it not a case of Atari XL/XE to SCART on RGB/Audio? http://www.nightfallcrew.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2014/02/Philips8802-8833_Manual.pdf <edit> I think you're right, looking at the tech spec, it doesn't support composite input page 6.
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