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  2. Also backed! On this community years, but more of a reader than a participant, but this piqued my interest.... best of luck!
  3. As a prodigy fan... that's really well done! Voodoo people is an excellent interpretation...
  4. But doesn't the SCART support composite input? Is it not a case of Atari XL/XE to SCART on RGB/Audio? http://www.nightfallcrew.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2014/02/Philips8802-8833_Manual.pdf <edit> I think you're right, looking at the tech spec, it doesn't support composite input page 6.
  5. For me it was Power Down... nothing graphically special, it has a definitive ending and then you're free to roam the map without dying. After working your way through the timing, cannons, etc, it was a nice way to end.
  6. Apart from it being 1st April - that's a good bit of work right there!
  7. Not sure if it fits here, but I used my Atari 800XL as a cross-development platform for a 6800 processor for a project. I couldn't afford the PC based stuff at the time, as I couldn't even afford a PC! Got a serial EPROM programmer, some battery backed SRAM and attached via a RS232 converter to the Atari. Taking MAC/65, I created macros for each 6800 mnemonic, as such the output code was for the 6800. Then wrote the result to the EPROM. Tada :-) Won a National competition with that platform.
  8. It's all about the balance in life - too much of anything isn't good, But a little time on video games isn't a bad thing.
  9. My son's local school runs an Autumn Fair fundraiser each year for extra income for the school. This year, I decided to dust off some of the collection and setup a room based on Retro gaming - i.e. proper games On one of the system, I setup an Atari 800XL (my original I might add) and used a Pac-Man cartridge. It was 50c / game with the overall high-score winning a small poster prize. In addition I also set-up Street Fighter 2 and Super Smash Bros for the N64. A hugely popular stand, but what was the most popular game for the 6-11 year old age group? Pac Man on the Atari by a long shot, you should have seen the excitement amongst the kids. Jumping out of their seats when nearly caught by the Ghosts. Brilliant. There's life in a 30+ year old system and game still. Sorry about the image quality.
  10. Woot! It's back - thanks for this Mr. Bacardi.
  11. It is for business sellers, not private ones.
  12. Thinking some more, this is probably 120V at 0.8A, which is approx 96W - really struggling with a 1025 drawing nearly a kW!!
  13. Ah, so 120V at 8A is 960W (W = V x A), wow nearly a kilowatt. I assume this is max. Anyway, at 125W continuous, you're only meeting about 12% of the power demands! Are you sure @ 8A 120V at 8A? That's a lot of juice!
  14. BTW http://www.atarimania.com/documents/atari_1025_printer_owners_guide.pdf
  15. Does the printer current PSU say how much it pulls (even if it is VA?). Normally it does? If we know the VA then we could calculate the load required? What's the step down rated for?
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