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  1. Well, the fact you don't have to burn/install/test is key You can load OS/Carts/etc now on the fly. However, with the advent of emulators, Ultimate Carts, etc, I would see limited appeal unless you'er still developing/burning EPROMs for the boards (ultimately, you will still need to put the code somewhere permanent)
  2. Not spooky castle, but Robin Hood had a castle in game.... this is a stretch: I see "Spellbound" Magic Knight was listed above also, but I know the game as Spellbound.
  3. Yes, of course. I suppose if I really stretch it… it there’s a few castles near it
  4. Hm... I think Quasimodo lives in the basement of the castle... one of my favourites. Great music and humour.
  5. I remember using MAC/65 to cross-compile for a 6802 processor, and it stumped me why there was 3-bytes (injected) into the OBJ code. In the end, I just hacked a basic program to read and remove these bytes. For my own information, why is this needed with OBJ files? Thanks.
  6. Yeah - I bought my 1st one as I always thought it was cool as a PBI device. Then I bought a 600XL and it came with one. I still love the notion of it
  7. My first real job -- I learned so much that day
  8. Not an Atari story, but in a former role (20+ years) ago, I received a brand new (expensive) Dec Alpha server for my company and it needed to be commissioned. As typical back then, it came in pieces and it has to be assembled (CPUs, disk controllers, etc, etc) all into the chassis. I had completed assembly and powered on the box. As it started through it's bootstrap, it detected no disks. Hmm.. so I looked into the chassis and saw that the SCSI cable wasn't pushed home fully. Stupid moment commenced: I reached in, and pushed the cable home, meanwhile my "metal" watch touched something, and an small bang with a smell of burning followed. Uh-oh... panic... on/off, check cables, etc. Burning smell continued... turned-off and think. Call to support, reported as DOA and an engineer was dispatched. He arrived took one look at the server and then at me... said... "DOA? Yeah right." New PSUs were installed and an invoice followed for a 2 x PSUs and Support Engineer... I had to explain. I haven't worn a watch since.
  9. Oh Kik Start. My first ever Ragequit game. If you timed it all right the bike would fly... if you missed 1 jump you crawled forever. Was worse in 2 player mode as you’d never catch them if you made 1 mistake ...
  10. I didn't know him personally either, but I learned so much from his work on the history and was continually fascinated with his unfolding discoveries of Atari's history. RIP Curt.
  11. I can add some info here... I've marked the transformer on the schematics. However, further looking at these, the 1029 needs two outputs to DC one at 5V DC and another at 20V DC. I'm not seeing the output from the transformer but for the 5V I see a 7805 to regulate, so I suspect probably 9-12V AC on this rail... and probably on the other one ~22/24AC... so you'll need a transformer for this. Of course, you need the size, etc. I suspect getting a step-up transformer may actually be cheaper/easier.
  12. Thanks but when I click I only get all pictures... I can enlarge but it's all photos enlarged. Where are these individually?
  13. Where do I get the A3 of some of these? Some look very good.
  14. Whoa - Brilliant ideas and help folks! Some good material there - I'll take some of these and create an output. Of course, once done, I'll share. Thanks!!
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