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  1. Ill let you know if I strike out, but your help was all I really wanted! This site is awesome, thanks for helping to keep the old machines going!
  2. What about controllers? I can get a much higher score in many 2600 games with my competition pro over a cx40. I feel genesis pads are almost cheating. Ever watch a speedrun video of someone playing say dragster with a genesis pad where they arent even holding the controller? Not a gripe just curious.
  3. Confirmed the warmup theory. Twice today I leery it sit powered on and corrupted and about 8 minutes later it stabilized. Benn playing an hour, switching games and using the 2600 module, no issues.
  4. It's the brown fella right in the middle on the right side of the board.
  5. Also, yes I checked and touched up the solder. Either the part is janky or its something else. Once it works, jiggling it does nothing to corrupt it.
  6. Hi all! I am fixing a colecovision with a corrupted display issue. It will work great forever, until I power it off for a few minutes. On start, it will boot to a corrupted screen and degrade to unstable noise. The power supply i fine, I get good supply at the switch rails so it's not that. Here's the rub. If I push down on L-14 in this state, it will correct. Once it "stabilizes", it will continue to work indefinitely, as long as I dont take any breaks. I played 2600 on the module 1 for 3 hours last night. Any ideas, and also if it is l14 (believe it's a 2.7uh inductor in the video circuit), where can I find one? google only shows me completely different form factors. T.I.A.! Yjzep
  7. Yes I believe so. I have a U.S. release XEGS with the mod so I hope!
  8. http://mixinc.net/atari/books/Super_Video_S_video_for_the_XEGM.pdf This is Mark's take on the mod for the xls with an s-video mod as well. The mod improves both the s-video and composite video. You retain both, and I use both due to the games that use artifacting, which come out monochrome thru the s-video. Also, mark, or Puppetmark on here, is a super nice guy that is more than willing to help and answer any questions you may have. I had a problem, and he not only helped, but mailed me a resistor i was lacking out of kindness. Hope this helps, Jeff
  9. My Favorite games that don't make many lists... Embargo..part defender, part frogger..nice colors. Addicting. Dark Chambers...Dandy (gauntlet) clone Buck Rogers....Vertical shooter with "gates" like in skiing. Eastern Front...I am a wargamer so maybe this is just one I like... Anteater...harder to find romox title. I like it. kinda like a cat and mouse chase mixed with dig dug. I have 130+ carts and dozens of disks, not to mention sio2pc and all the .atr files si I am sure there are more I am forgetting. Jeff
  10. LOL. I own a pest control company. My cherokee typically smells like dead mice and pesticide mixed with BO and coffee. GREAT theft deterrent!..Not to mention the huge logos and phone number kinda squash the incognito getaway..
  11. It's funny, I am not worried about robbery/home invasion too much. I live in a semi-wealthy town, in a neighborhood dominated by two of the wealthiest families. They have their mini-mansions, and own at least 5 or 6 other homes each occupied by family members. Not that my home is trash, but it is the smallest on the street. I let my lawn go due to being busy and it looks so bad because the same landscapers whose only contract is this neighborhood do every other lawn weekly like clockwork. The only other home on my end of the street that is separately owned is owned by a late 20s couple with toys, toys, and more toys. Harley, quad, nice honda generator just sitting there, and a garage full of tools and toys that he leaves wide open constantly. It's almost like camoflauge. My couple thousand worth of Atari stuff in my basement isn't even worth half of that unsecured generator lol. Plus my street is sorta busy and my house is very close to the road..Too close. I think it's only 15 to 20 feet to the curb from the front door.
  12. Fair enough. I also get a warm fuzzy feeling when I close the door on the 810 and flip the switch. I don't go anywhere, my basement is my sanctuary where my kids don't go and mess with my stuff. I have had working disks develop boot errors suddenly and don't want to risk it. Also haven't bought any blank floppies in quantity yet. Is there a good source? (I think best has them not sure) I have always been "retro" I like to drive older cars, prefer older games, listen to vinyl etc.. So I guess I see the "taint" that modern silicon could bring to the experience.
  13. Hello, I use an SIO2USB with my laptop and APE. Mostly for OG hardware preservation. While I do use my drives sparingly to keep them running, I don't want to wear them out. Also don't want to put some of the harder to find disk games in jeopardy. My game collection is up there, so many times I am playing .atr files of games I own. (except that excellent Dr Mario port..I play that a lot.) Also nice to make "save disks" on my pc instead of having to continually find obsolete media. As far as "portability", huh? The laptop is the most portable part of my atari setups. I have an xegs with a keyboard extender hooked to a 27inch trinitron for couch gaming (except eastern front...damn start button on the console) The 800 is hooked to a commodore 1702 on my desk next to my desktop PC. I use that for basic tinkering and plan to write a book on it. Just seems more "atmospheric". I started outlining, and there is a definite appeal to typing on that keyboard than the steelseries. What portability do you need?
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