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  1. Could someone add cheats for junkyard dog and robosquash?
  2. I live in the Netherlands and they really love to tax things over here. Anything valued above €20 automatically gets 21% VAT and depending on the item, anything with a value of €150 or more additionally gets taxed between 4.7% and 17%. I believe they even count/include the postage fees towards all of this. SainT, it sounds like you are getting taken advantage of by all those laws meant for large corporations. I certainly would only abide to the ones I can't get away with, if I were you 😅. Sometimes skirting the rules is worth the penalty. Let's hope that customs is busier with more important things, such as halting the import of weapons.
  3. These are the rates it shows me for Australia. You need to make sure you have both shipping and billing information entered to calculate the postage.
  4. Interesting you say that because every order I have received from bennvenn has had the total value devalued to $10 on the shipping label, meaning I never had to pay import duties even when my order was over $100. I considered bennvenns option for a while, but SainT's flash card is superior in quality of both software and hardware. Bennvenn is selling his elcheapo lynx carts now, but they don't fit the lynx one yet, and he has to sand down each pcb because he found out it is bending the pins in the cartridge slot.
  5. I purchased my copy through atariage. Price wise it doesn't seem to matter all that much in comparison with dragonbox even when you include possible import tax... Is there a reason for this? I would have expected it to be €95 or £85 for europe
  6. That is the old version, the updated cart is going to be out soon, and is superior in many ways
  7. SainT, how will the lynx GD compare to Bennvenn's cart?
  8. This question has already been answered, it's up to them to decide if they want to stock the lynx GD
  9. I like to buy boxed copies of games free or paid from special platforms like the lynx, and I think many people would agree with that. Even though it cannot be compared to your example. If you look at what limited run games is doing. Their entire business model is centered around the re-release of physical versions.
  10. Alexs

    PAG-200 v 201

    All lynx 1 models are painted, but the PAG-200 use grey injection moulded plastic opposed to white on the PAG-201 variants. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. I have been following your progress over the past seven months. I'm glad to hear that you are now nearing the final fase of production. Keep up the good work, you are providing a valuable product to the market 👍
  12. I ordered my kit on the 21st of July, and it was shipped out to me on 20th of August
  13. I definitely prefer the softer image of the bennvenn lcd, the vertical scanlines are a must. I just wish my settings (scanlines/brightness level) were saved after I power the lynx down.
  14. Thanks Igor. Install was super easy with your bracket. After reading your guide, I went back and loosened the screws a little just to make sure I wouldn't have any issues in the future.
  15. I recieved the bracket and lcd today 😀 Despite the extremely hot weather, mine does not look bent
  16. Perhaps the suzy CMOS chip is dying. Do you have a logic probe?
  17. Haha yes, I had read that people had such experiences with bradley, although to me he had always responded extremely fast to all my enquiries, very patient and polite too. But I don't want to trigger any resentment. Regarding the dead pixel policies, those are still very much in effect today yeah. Although with all the high dpi screens, a couple of them is much less noticeable. And like you said, brad told me as well that he does burn in tests before sending them out, and that he stopped selling the later revisions lynx-i's that were not manufactured in Japan because all of them turned out to have display glitches So he does seem to have some kind of QA in place. I think that they were probably not there, or he didn't see the stuck pixels before sending it out. Luckily I did manage to remove the glue-like residue from the back of the lynx with some rubbing alchohol, so I can live with the stuck pixels, I just hope I won't get any more.
  18. Yes, I ordered a bennvenn LCD with your bracket for my lynx-II, still waiting on that to arrive
  19. I also read before purchasing that all units are tested (burn in) by brad before they are shipped out, so I'm not sure if he knew about the stuck pixels or not. I regularly purchase from brad, so I don't want to anger him by complaining unnecessarily, thats why I'd thought of asking about others experiences here on the forum beforehand My other lynx (II) has a pristine display (second hand unit). But for that one I'm installing the bennvenn lcd upgrade soon, as it's not destructive, whereas it would be on the lynx 1 because it's display is not zif socketed. So I was really hoping to het a pristine unit
  20. Two days ago I received my new boxed lynx I from bestelectronics, it was shrinkwrapped but when I opened up the package there was a diagnostics cart in the game cart slot. Upon powering the system on, there are two stuck pixels on the display. Is this normal? Or does bradley usually make sure the displays are fine before shipping? The back of the console also has a weird glue like residue on it which wont wipe away with a damp cloth, so I'm not sure if my expectations are just too high, or I was sent the wrong console by mistake? Has anybody here purchased a brand new lynx from Brad as well? If so what are your experiences
  21. I ended up purchasing a Japanese model 1, brad from bestelelectronics said that the remaining stock of Taiwanese model 1's had all failed I'm happy that I was able to get a NOS lynx 1 at the end of the day, even if it was $100 more. Apparently the japanese ones do have better quality parts in them. I'm waiting for my bennvenn lcd upgrade for my lynx II, so I think I'll leave the lynx I stock
  22. I believe the bottom picture is the 8 way dpad. It registers diagonal movements where as the one without the black ring can't. Is there any difference in screen quality between the two models, brightness, battery life?
  23. I'm going to be buying a new lynx 1 next week, and while browsing I noticed that there are several variations of the 1st model lynx. Namely that the japanese made model is higher priced, has an 8 way directional d-pad and is painted in grey instead of being moulded in grey plastic. I couldn't however find information about which is better and/or more desirable. Are there any more differences between the taiwanese and Japanese made lynxes? Is the paint chipping an issue that will happen regardless of how well you take care of it? Any information is welcome
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