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  1. Very nice! I especially like your cable management, very clean.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking to replace my XEGS, which had been ravaged by leaky caps and is now dead. I only need the console unit itself (fully functional of course), as I have a working keyboard, power supply, cables, etc. I'm in Japan so shipping will be crazy expensive, but I'm fine with that!
  3. @Mclaneinc Actually, my consoles are in my living room I keep my beloved computers with me in my office, where I am most of the week!
  4. Short answer: HELL YEAH Long answer: I got hit hard by the Atari bug a while back, and I think a big part of it was lurking here at AtariAge. Reading all the great topics here brought me back to when I was a kid, playing Spy Hunter and figuring out how to load my Temple of Apshai cassette on the 600 (maybe 800) XL I inherited from my older brother. It's funny because I really had zero interest whatsoever in the Atari 8-bit computer line from then until just a while back, as my main computer growing up was a C64 and I (very foolishly) assumed the Atari 8-bit line had nothing to offer that I couldn't find on my C64. Well, one day I was on Ebay looking for Atari 7800 games, and I found a reseller selling "old new stock" XEGS systems... I knew that it was a consolized 8-bit, so I decided to add it to my collection. A few weeks later, it was here and I was having a blast with it! I couldn't believe what I had missed. After that I managed to get a nice deal on a beautiful 800XL here on AtariAge, and now I've got it hooked up in a place of honor right next to my treasured C64, ready to play at any time. I was just playing Spy Hunter on it, actually!
  5. I just wanted to necro this thread as I finally finished Wizardry 5! I've taken the same party through Wiz 1-3 and 5 (DOS version). My favorites were 1 & 5 tied for first place. 2 was dull but short, and way too easy. 3 was a slog and poorly balanced. One thing I didn't realize until the very end about Wiz 5 is that you can "quick save" in the dungeon. Because the game doesn't doesn't auto save every step like in Wiz 1-3, you can save in the dungeon and, if something horrible happens, can shut the game down and reload your save. You do have to be somewhat quick about it, as the game does save if you get a total party kill. And you'll need to do this, because the last couple of floors of the game are BRUTAL. I regretted having a Samurai in my party until the very last battle in Wiz 5 lol. My Samurai being able to cast another magic shield during the final battle was REALLY helpful.
  6. Hello everyone, I've got a UNO Cart for my 800XL and it works great. Next, I'd like to get a multicart for my XEGS in the living room, so here's my question: Is there any multicart that lets you select and run a game from the menu using the joystick? I do have the XEGS keyboard, but I'd prefer to use it just as a game console (i.e. no keyboard attached) if possible. Any options out there?
  7. Thank you! I've only used the backlit GBC for a few hours as my primary system is a backlit biverted OG DMG-01, but it seems pretty steady. Handheld Legend ran some tests comparing current draw among the major backlight options: https://handheldlegend.com/blogs/news/game-boy-color-backlit-lcds-voltage-and-current Here's another test comparing some of the options (same site but tested by a different person): https://handheldlegend.com/blogs/news/freckleshack-vs-mcwill-by-jellybelly-customs - He claims here that the BennVenn screen gives around 12 hours of battery life (compared with estimated 20 hours of stock GBC), and according to the first link above, the HHL backlight is slightly more efficient than the BennVenn, so maybe a bit longer battery life.
  8. I love the AVS but that prototype design looks awesome. My biggest issue with the AVS is that you can't close the lid when using Famicom carts—in fact, I ended up getting a second (NES style) Everdrive just so I could keep the AVS closed haha. Incidentally, my first attempt at solving this issue was to get a honeybee converter so I could just plug the Famicom Everdrive into the NES slot, but it caused a ton of problems with certain games. I dunno if the honeybee converter was bad or what, but it made a good number of games unplayable.
  9. Didn't BUY today, but installed, etc. today: Backlit GBC screen (Handheld Legends) This thing is amazing! Looks wonderful, easy drop-in install with no soldering or case mod required. I got a like-new quality red GBC on Yahoo Auctions just for this purpose, as it's my fav GBC color. The first screen HHL sent got cracked somewhere along the way, but they sent me a replacement free of charge, though I insisted on paying the shipping. My preferred way to play GB games is still a backlit/biverted original model Game Boy, but this is probably a close second. Definitely nicer than my frontlit GBC (which is fine, but a little hard of the eyes). SIO2SD (Lotharek) I was tempted to get the cased version, but I just wanted the cheapest way possible to get disk images running on my 800XL. Works great, though scrolling through files on that LCD is a bit of a pain. I'm going to look into setting up Configurator. I enjoyed loading up the disk for Temple of Apshai Trilogy, which was the first game I ever played on a computer (on my brother's 800XL). [Edit] Got Configurator installed and working, thanks so much @Philsan!(
  10. For anyone who has played this, how playable is it on standard controllers? I don't think I'll ever be able to find a nice working pair of paddles here in Japan I could more easily track down a Sega Sports Pad (trackball), but I assume paddles and trackballs are completely different so it wouldn't work, right?
  11. This look amazing! Besides the resolution it blows the Famicom version out of the water So colorful!
  12. Quality upscalers are a wonderful thing indeed! I was a sworn CRT guy for the longest time, but ended up getting a Framemeister expecting to be disappointed (especially at that price); on the contrary, it exceeded every expectation I had, and now I definitely prefer playing 16-bit and later consoles on my flatscreen in the living room. Framemeister, OSSC, RetroTink, it's all good I still have a small CRT in my office for my 8-bit computers, MIST FPGA (mostly for Amiga and Atari ST), and NES.
  13. Finally got around to opening my WICO Command Control joystick up and solving the issue it was having moving to the left (required more throw compared with the right direction). Just a simple matter of bending the corresponding leaf switch a bit inward, and now it works like a charm. Not really repairs but... - Went in and updated the FW for my MIST FPGA, installed some of the newer cores that have come out since I bought the thing (specifically, some amazing Megadrive, SMS, and PC Engine cores, as well as a new Atari ST core that's cycle accurate). I also finally got around to setting up my USB gamepad just right for each core. - Redid my PSP GO PSX game profile on my Framemeister. The Firebrand X profile is fine, but he only offers a 1080p profile which means the scanlines look slightly off and the game window has larger borders on all sides. I set up a new 720p profile so it would fill up more of the screen, optimized the picture for my TV, and got the scanlines looking just right. As a side note, the PSP GO was ridiculed back in the day, but now it's awesome. It can be synced with a PS3 controller for PSX-accurate controls (all four shoulder buttons), supports component video out to a TV, and with how easy custom firmware is to install on it, it's now basically the ultimate mini PSX system—at this point far more compatible than the PSIO, for instance.
  14. (Can't edit) I think what you are trying to say here is (1) You want minimal lag ("ping" to use your term) (2) You want the best picture possible This is road many classic console fans have been down for many years. The answer is to use a high quality CRT TV with consoles modified for S-video or Component/RGB video. This will provide "no" input lag and the best/most accurate color representation possible. A CRT monitor is only complicating things and offers zero benefits over a CRT TV of comparable quality. You would have to have custom cables made or find some kind of converter box, and few if any CRT monitors will support the native resolution/frequency put out by any consoles prior to the Dreamcast. Even if you managed to find just the right CRT monitor and figured out how to connect everything, you would be no better off than if you just found a nice quality standard definition CRT TV with component (or even S-video) inputs.
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