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  1. @T.A.P. Usually he would get back to me in a day or two. I know he has health issues due to recovering from an accident, so maybe give it a couple more days and see if a reply shows up.
  2. I managed to get in on the latest RetroTINK-5X batch today. I'm not expecting to replace my OSSC with it (I am VERY happy with the image quality and aspect ratio of the OSSC... and being able to set the OSSC to 224 vertical lines is a KILLER feature). My intent instead is to use the 5X as a neater way to handle the consoles that don't have native RGB output (i.e. FC, PCE, N64). I currently use a Frankenstein's monster of a solution consisting of a RetroTINK 2X Pro connected to an HDMI-component converter to hook those consoles up to my OSSC; it works pretty well, but it's an eyesore and I think it's introducing some noise into the signal. I'll also probably use the 5X for my PS2. I have a Framemeister and it handles that system particularly well (the deinterlacing on the FM is quite impressive), but I think the 5X will end up giving me less lag and a nearly as good image. It should be fun to compare the two. Anyway, it will be some time before I get my hands on it (possibly not until the end of next month), but when I do I'll put it through its paces and put some images up.
  3. I've ordered from them several times (e-mail), and have never had a problem. No rules or quirks, in my experience at least.
  4. If it's not Wild Arms (which fits the description perfectly), it could be Lunar 2.
  5. In execution, the GBA version sounds like someone tried to recreate the SFC music on a hacked up Speak & Spell. It sounds horrible.
  6. If the image is off-center through both the Akura and S-video over RetroTINK, it's probably safe to say that the issue is not with the Akura haha. The squashed aspect ratio is an issue with the DC itself and how it outputs VGA resolution, not the VGA box. The various upscalers can be set to correct this (OSSC has a video mode specifically meant to resolve this), but from what I understand DCDigital is the best option in that it is outputting the video prior to the DC squashing it.
  7. I had previously modded a GBC with a backlit screen, but was never 100% happy with it due to the small size of the screen (even smaller than the stock GBC screen!). As luck would have it, FunnyPlaying released a new Game Boy Color replacement screen with a bunch of neat features somewhat recently, so I decided to order it and upgrade my GBC. FunnyPlaying "Retro Pixel" IPS LCD 2.0 This offers a lot of neat features over the existing LCD mods out there: MASSIVE screen, much larger than the stock GBC screen (though this means you have to either mod the case or buy a custom case for the screen to fit). The LCD comes attached to the screen protector, so you are guaranteed to not get any dust in between the protector and LCD (this also guarantees the image on the LCD will be perfectly centered). Adjustable brightness and "retro pixel" filters (no filter, scanlines, GBC-like grid). The "Game Boy Color" logo below the screen lights up when the power is on, and can be customized. All settings are saved when you power the system off. Here is the finished product (with custom shell): This is at brightness 3/7 with the grid filter on. You can adjust brightness by tapping an included touch sensor you install toward the top, and can switch the filter on/off by tapping and holding the same sensor. The install is not difficult—assuming you purchase a customized shell; otherwise you would have to have some pretty advanced tools to carve the plastic just right. It is 99% a drop in replacement with the custom shell, requiring you only to solder one wire from a leg on the power switch to the LCD flex cable. Note that the leg on the power switch is REALLY SMALL and this can be quite a pain unless you've got a soldering iron with a thin tip (I do not). That's it if you just want to replace the screen and be done with it. Now you have two options. The first option is installing the touch switch. This requires soldering the touch switch to another point on the LCD flex cable. This is an easy soldering job, so I'd recommend installing it even if you won't use any of the filters; being able to adjust the brightness is nice. The second option is to install two wires from the LCD flex board to two tiny holes on the GBC board. This allows you to use the select and start buttons to adjust the screen position and how the "GAME BOY COLOR" logo under the screen is lit up. I skipped this, as the included screen protector and custom case basically guarantee you'll have a perfectly centered image, and I don't care about changing the color of the "GAME BOY COLOR" logo light. --- I still think I prefer my backlit IPS LCD DMG, simply because I find it more comfortable to hold and the sound is a bit fuller. Having said that, this is a great looking screen, and an easy install for anyone with very basic soldering skills. Highly recommended!
  8. @Bonkey Kong Good idea, but just be careful when watching Youtube reviews. There are a lot of shills out there with channels just so they can get free stuff from manufacturers, so a lot of the reviews on Youtube can't really be trusted.
  9. I wouldn't even consider anything from Hyperkin, LevelHike, or Pound, as they are pretty much all the same exact thing (garbage) in a different enclosure. They might be "okay" (i.e. they work) for Dreamcast games that run in VGA and I doubt they would add any lag since they are likely just functioning as simple analog-digital converters receiving VGA and sending 480p over HDMI, but they don't seem to work with 240p/480i games. I would be more concerned with their use of cheap components, which would likely degrade the image quality. The Beharbros products (Akuma/Gekko) are more expensive but use decent components and don't have problems with non-VGA games. The Gekko looks to be 65 USD now, which is quite a bit more expensive that the cheap garbage you can find on Amazon, but I think it would definitely be worth spending the extra $$$ on a quality product that works properly.
  10. @Toth It's definitely made me wary. I do have an OLED phone and haven't had any trouble with it, but I don't really use it for much other than listening to music and checking email. People claim that the latest models of OLED TVs don't have much of an issue, but who knows what will happen 2-3 years from now? Every review I read of my TV back in 2018 claimed you wouldn't have to worry about burn-in unless you left the TV on the same screen for days straight. The Amazon reviews were all 5 stars. Three years later, 30% of the reviews are 1 star with people complaining about burn-in and LG support asking for $2000 to fix a $2000 TV lol, or telling the customer they shouldn't have watched TV on it (lol). Better not watch TV on your TV! It will be interesting to see how the reviews change for the 2020 and 2021 models in a couple of years. OLED looks amazing, but I think unless you are able to control its use 100% (i.e. are single and only use it to play games and watch movies), it's simply not worth the risk imo.
  11. As a follow up to this, I still haven't had any issues caused by gaming... BUT just a month ago I began noticing some very bad image retention on the upper left corner of the screen caused by logo graphics on a news station. My wife watches the news in the morning while getting ready for work, so maybe an hour a day on weekdays. I also have the video calibrated for reduced brightness, etc., so this should not happen in only three years of use. I contacted support and they replied that the TV appears to be failing, and repairing it will cost "around 200,000 yen" (roughly $2,000)! They have got to be joking. I can get a 2021 model Sony OLED TV of the same size for 150,000 yen brand new, or a 2020 model LG OLED TV 10" larger for the same price. They also send their response from an "outgoing only" email address, so you cannot even reply to them. Absolutely horrible service. It's only noticeable on pure red screens, which hardly ever occur in movies or even games, so it's not completely ruined. I understand they did "something" to prevent this from happening in their newer models, but who knows what will happen to those 3 years from now... but I will definitely not be buying anything from LG in the future.
  12. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) I had completed this back when it was released in the US in 1992 and have replayed it several times since then. I've always had fond memories of it, so I decided it would be a fun game to revisit in between RPGs. This time around I played it with the msu-1 patch for CD quality audio and a charming FMV intro. It sort of gives it a quick and dirty SNES CD port feel. Although the music sounds impressive at first, I definitely prefer the original soundtrack, as Zelda makes excellent use of the SNES sound hardware. This time I decided to follow a walkthrough so that I made sure I got every heart piece and optional item. Anyway, what more can be said about this classic? It's aged extremely well and I had a blast playing it. It's got a massive world (or two) to explore, and it's full of interesting things to see and find. One thing I really appreciated about this, after playing OOT and Link's Awakening, is how easy it is to get around the world and how open the world is even after only a couple of hours in. In contrast, I find OOT a real pain to get anywhere since you move so slowly through the massive (but mostly empty) overworld, while Awakening suffers from way too many roadblocks that require items to pass. In terms of pure exploration, I'd rank ALttP and the original LoZ as the best in the series. The dungeons are also fantastic here, with plenty of puzzles to solve and sometimes even several paths to get through them. I also like that you have a bit of leeway in the order you tackle some of the dungeons, though there is clearly a certain order you are meant to follow. I love the sense of mystery and awe you get from this game. A lot of that is due to the fantastic soundtrack, but there are some really nice set pieces here. Rescuing and escaping with Princess Zelda. Getting the Master Sword. The first time you arrive at the Dark World. That dungeon where you think you are saving a girl but she turns out to be the boss monster. And it's all done without cinemas or dialog. It all ends with a great ending showing what has happened to all the people you've met on your quest, then a truly amazing song playing over the credits. I had forgotten how great the ending is, but now I recall as a kid starting my endgame save and beating Gannon many times, just so I rewatch it! I finished the game without dying, but that's not much of an accomplishment on this one since you can save and quit at any time. (Sorry about that awful photo, I was playing the game in the dark and my phone camera couldn't handle it well haha)
  13. I'll just say this and then ignore the topic. Leeroy, I dunno if this is an ESL thing on your part, and if so I apologize, but your writing is extremely difficult to parse. When it seems like every single person has trouble understanding what you are saying, you should step back and rethink how you are communicating. You posted a good argument in your opening post, but then have derailed your own topic by totally flipping out as people with experience (in either the hardware itself or in researching Atari history) have come to disagree with you. What are you trying to accomplish? I suppose one way to win this argument is to just get really aggressive and insulting until everyone else gives up and ignores the topic or you. I understand it can be frustrating getting dogpiled, and that can be an issue with the Jag forum here as there are definitely cliques, but in this case you have people who otherwise cannot agree on a single thing telling you that you are out of control. Why are you getting so weirdly aggressive about this?
  14. Yes, someone called him a "biased a-hole" Not interested in going back and forth on this. Have a good day.
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