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  1. Pcb's arrived. The dac25-16 fits now. I am waiting for voltage regulators from the far east now to complete a test board. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  2. Just as an FYI... I was able to work on this a bit more over the holidays. I got rid of the 2 switching regulators and swapped those out for linear ones. With the traco's I just didn't like the switching noise I had. It was all over the place. The DAC25-16 has some on it's own, but those tracopowers generate extra noise both at different frequencies it seems. So I thought to get rid of them and use 2 SMD regulators. I tweaked some other things (especially the wrong footprint of the DAC25-16) and am awaiting boards now for a prototype. Will keep you all posted 🙂
  3. Exactely this. I've been remodeling a room on and off for the past half which is a huge timesink. (Doing all the furniture myself which takes loads of time). Every time I want to get back to electronics something else comes up. On the horizon are a new kitchen and an expansion of my tool shed... That's why I decided to dedicate at least one out of two holiday weeks on electronics again. Gotta get it done Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  4. Not really, but no worries... Christmas holidays are coming and I will be back at it again then. I have not forgotten it and to be honost I really need to close down this project. It will require a new batch of pcb's since the datasheet of the ac/dc converter did not match up with real world dimensions and the holes I created are off because of that. I hate it when that happens. What good is a data sheet if dimensions are off by 2mm... Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  5. My rgb mod was only a prototype. It works on my setup but instead of completing it I went on and changed the design from two pld's to an fpga. Formfactor remains thesame. I am in the process of writing code but things got interrupted by some house remoddeling. Feels like something to complete around the holidays. I have some more free time then. I also still have the replacement power supply for the intv 1 to complete... so many projects... Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  6. Well... It is the beginning of August and still no dice on the power converter. It is in stock now, but there are some other components in my order that will be in stock next week so assume Mouser is holding off their shipment until all backordered items are in. Hopefully I'll receive the DAC25-16 this month and I can start testing and improving. I re-arranged some components and added a screw terminal for the AC input. Still in doubt whether to go with the pain of switching noise from those 5V and 12V regulators (I don't like it and I'd like to filter this out as much as I can. Needs circuitry added to this pcb though), or with the added heat from some LDO regulators. Anyways... I'm still on this. Haven't forgotten about it 🙂
  7. Prototype soldered in and up an running with no problems on my Framemeister. It's on to testing this now on several different tv's and scalers/line doublers. In the end I'll open source the gerber and jedec files on a website I'm building, so all will be made public. Just want to run it through its paces before I open up the project :-) Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  8. To be fair the lm1886 does not output an rgb signal. It takes in 3-bit rgb from the color proms though, which is what I reconstructed in smaller form for this mod to fit the way I wanted it to. Output colors are an exact match to the original pal ones. Unfortunately I have no access to an ntsc console. Might purchase one to tinker a bit with.[emoji854] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  9. Hey guys! Over these past few weeks I have made myself an rgb mod for my pal Intellivision. My Intv has two color proms in it so I was able to (with help of a diagnostic cart and my scope) determine the input and output bit coding. I made a memory map and wrote the logic in wincupl to two atf16v8cz pld's. I used an adv7125 as video dac. All this to make a pcb that will interface directly on the bottom of the STIC. The prototype gives me excellent image and colors on my framemeister. Pcbs are incoming somewhere next weekend, so hopefully I'll have a working test model soon. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  10. Latest update from Mouser... the ac/dc converter will be in stock July 26. I guess beginning of August I could start testing/tweaking :-) Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  11. Also scoped out the -2.1V which gives me switching noise of about 20 mVpp. I don't know how tolerant the Intellivision is but I will implement some additional noise filtering for the AC/DC power module (since that feeds the whole thing) and the switching regulators to get things as smooth as possible. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  12. Today I soldered up the circuitry for the -2.1V line. Not the best job in the world but I was just curious if I got it right. Connected it to a usb breadboard power supply and it delivers a nice -2.15V. I still want to scope it out though. No news on the ac/dc converter. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  13. Boards came in today. At least thats something. As you can see this intellivision has a bit more coming to it besides a new psu Things to do for the psu are: - Add a component list with values on the pcb. - Add a screw terminal voor AC in. It seemed like a good idea to repurpose the stock connector. Also... see how I messed up the number of connections on the AC-in in this board. It's supposed to be 5 pins lol. No idea why I thought it would be worth keeping because it is not, but for testing this is going to be fine. That is... if ever the dac25-16 will be manufactured. No date yet according to mouser. Oh well... at least the dimensions are correct 😛 Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  14. The psu will have a jst connector in place of the ribbon cable. That thing comes apart just by looking at. I did thesame thing as you did... rip it out and solder jst connectors in. One could however desolder the original ribbon cable connector and use that on the replacement psu if desired. I repurposed the original header connectors, but in the final design I might use some block terminals. This psu works indeed without the transformer, so it should be possible to get rid of that. I am working on a pal unit, and (at least mine) came stock with a figure 8 ac connector. I did not realise the ac cords on ntsc machine were hardwired? Anyways... I'll have to wait for that ac/dc converter to arrive. Until then I can't really work on this unfortunately. As soon as I have updates I'll post them here :-) Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
  15. I know, but thanks for pointing it out. This is an older version of the psu that I put together in a hurry. Be assured that on the final version everything is where it is supposed to be Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N960F met Tapatalk
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