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  1. No RGB output.... I can't image an HDMI to RGB converter, a good one, would be any worse off. Any recommendations? Something that can handle a 240p HDMI signal for sure.
  2. I tried the Raphnet adapter with the Famicom Network Controller and it works fine as an NES controller but the number buttons don't register in the Colecovision core. They buttons work just fine when plugged into the accessory port of course. Would be nice if compatibility with the number buttons were possible through the front port.
  3. I wonder how hard it would be, or if it's even possible to have a system save state for the NES core so you can come back and play any game exactly as you left it. Holly cow pies!
  4. Would that mean that you can only use one Network controller with the Colecovision core (which is supposed to work) or is there a splitter you can get or some way to daisy chain two controllers off the accessory port?
  5. So I bought a couple of these Famicom controller to NES adapters. http://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/fc_to_nes/index.php Does anyone know how they will function with the Analogue Nt Mini? My goal was to use the Famicom Computer Controller with the keypad to play Colecovision games. So will I plugging the controller into the back of the NT Mini's accessory port? Or will this also work properly plugged into the front with the adapters from Raphnet? -James
  6. I saw a video in which there was some clearance issue with the 3D Connector, so that why the extension cable. Looks like you can even get one on Amazon Prime, so no worries. I have some 3D glasses on the way and I'm excited to try them.
  7. I saw in a youtube video or another post somewhere about a sall DA-15 15 inch or so extension cable for the expansion port on the NT mini, to facilitate using the 3D glasses connector. Does anyone know where that is?
  8. Basically, MAME doesn't handle it. It uses triple buffering drawing 3 images ahead of time to smooth out the playback. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think this is the default mode. You can also tell it to just output frames as soon as possible and then you will see stutter and tearing. Many people won't notice this is going on but once someone points it out, it will drive you mad. Now there is a special version of mame, called Groovymame, that actually talks to your ATI video card in a special way and outputs any refresh rate you want to an analogue monitor. Depending on the CRT used, you can get almost all resolutions and refresh rates covered. It's still not zero lag, but on some newer arcade games that have frame buffers, it can get close to identical response. It's as close as you can get to the real thing until someone is insane enough to do a big mame like FPGA machine.
  9. Probably wouldn't be enough people doing this, but my BVM syncs to almost every resolution and refresh rate I've thrown at it with Groovymame, so I would be totally down with arcade cores of all refresh rates. Probably too much of a corner case though.
  10. I have a Famicom disk system cartridge. Are their any FDS roms that won't play correctly on the jailbroken firmware? I'm wondering if I keep the ram adapter based solely for compatibility reasons.
  11. I would pay for more core or updates. I wonder if it would be possible to double the size of game gear and game boy games on analogue output. I assume this means a frame buffer it would pretty much make this thing perfect. Oh, a Intellivision too
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