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  1. I would just like to add that punishment needs to fair, and not simply because the parents were embarrassed that their kid did something that they think is wrong, which is often the case. What the Mom did in that video is only questionable if she didn't give her kid a chance to tell his side of the story - because people in authority sometimes have their own agenda or are mistaken and shouldn't be assumed to always be right. Case in point... I was leaving elementary school with a friend one day. There was a long line of bicycles next to us. My friend being an idiot decided to push one of them over, and the domino effect caused almost all of them to fall. A teacher saw what happened and grabbed both of us, dragged us back to the classroom, and called our parents saying that we were both involved with the incident and recommended that they punish us. Well when I got home that is exactly what happened. My dad took a belt to me without ever asking my side of the story. Was he right to do this? Am I better person for it? I say NO to both counts. My point is that nobody can be given absolute power to discipline their kids in a physically abusive manner without question. This is the same for a President or anyone else in a perceived position of authority - there are checks and balances in the power they can wield for a very good reason. There are courts of law for a very good reason. There are Social Workers for a very good reason. I could go on, but I think you get where I'm going with this. So what life lesson did I walk away with? I learned to distrust adults, and a rift developed between my Dad and myself that lasted until his death (there were other actions that cemented this for me). Am I a better person for it? I don't think so. Am I a better parent because of it? Maybe, because I always gave my kids the time to explain their side of the story. And when it was reasonable, I was quick to take their side. In fact I resisted simply believing what their teacher had said as truth until I had listened to them first. Don't get me wrong, sometimes the teacher was absolutely right, and if so that is the side I would take. Another thing I learned was to never lay a hand on my kids, because it really wasn't necessary in order to punish them (taking away the phone, or grounding them worked very well). Both of them are now in their 30's, and they have both turned out to be great people, and very good parents themselves.
  2. I did a full review on this cable a while back, and discovered it has no shielding what-so-ever, which is particularly bad for S-video usage. Although this cable is better, it only has a common shield for S-video. You would be far better off purchasing the Hercules cable mentioned earlier which has each and every signal wire individually shielded.
  3. Here's a great little Windows program that will check and correct the OS Rom checksum for you, created by @HiassofT. Hias PatchROM-1.33.zip It'll also patch your OS Rom with High Speed SIO routines if desired. I included a pdf that gives a brief description of how to use it. Visit HiassofT's Atari 8bit world for even more information.
  4. My feelings exactly 👍 , Its not like someone is going to come after you, and even if they do, its not going to be a big corporation - only an individual. Worst case scenario is that you may be asked to not use it by the person that took the picture, although I really can't see that happening. I think what would actually be more likely is that the photographer will wish to be acknowledged, which can be done in various ways. This certainly isn't going to be a deal breaker. Since we don't know who took all of the pictures, you should be able to make some kind of statement to that effect and/or ask for them to come forward so that you can acknowledge them.
  5. This may change - anything is possible. I'll post more about this in my blog when the time comes.
  6. The 65XE, 130XE, and 600XL were taken by @Brentarian per my request, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind you using them. And Kheller2 has given his permission for two of them as well. As for the other images I don't recall where I got them from, other then the internet. However I don't see any copyright mark or claim superimposed on the images, so I don't really see an issue. But I can tell by what you just posted that you are super worried about making sure, so good luck on finding officially licensed images for your project.
  7. Here you go - pretty much every system and of a high quality: Atari Motherboard Images.zip Some of these were done by a friend of mine, and the others were collected from various places, and I don't believe there were any restrictions on there usage.
  8. Although your question is worth asking and also nice to know more about the security aspects, but I've got to wonder what would be exploited on RPI1B+ that is worth worrying about? Surely this isn't your main desktop computer . Just wondering.
  9. 👍👍👍👍👍 This would have beat the pants off of Nintendo back in the day!
  10. I have a suggestion to a moderator. Delete all but Jurgen's first post and then lock this topic, if that is ok with Jurgen. This way his message will remain which I believe was the whole point.
  11. Perfect, thank you for making that very clear to me 👍 . Thank you, Michael
  12. Hardware Version V1.3 question. Is the reset connection that goes to EN still needed, and if so, what for?
  13. I decided to start a BLOG on my website to cover this project as well as anything else I decide to do Atari-wise in the future. The AtariBits Blog These forum topics tend to get real messy, real fast, and quite frankly I'm tired of all the off topic posting that occurs. So blogging brings control back to me. It's been nice while it lasted, and I met some great people because of it, but I'll be doing a lot less posting in AtariAge from this point forward. Take care everyone . - Michael
  14. Yes it would be redundant to have the OS switching and extended RAM of the Sys-check, but what I was really referring to was the diagnostic capabilities it has. As of this day the main uses for the PBI seem to be: Mass storage interface (IDE, CF, SD), extended RAM, Sys-check, Freezer, Ethernet (wireless or otherwise, aka Fujinet). I know its asking a lot, but combining all of this into one board would be the ultimate (pun intended) PBI device. A modern Black Box so to speak (no need for the serial or parallel ports if Ethernet is included).
  15. You're absolutely right that I was out of line and obviously should have not said anything no matter how I felt because for one, I had no stake in what was being discussed. But to be clear it was never intended as a criticism of Candle's work. Was I acting superior? Perhaps it can be interpretated as such, and I'll own that because it sure came across that way. Now to leave on hopefully a more productive note... since this is a new PBI device being contemplated, has any consideration been made to combine the Freezer and SysCheck functions as part of it?
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