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  1. If it works in the upcoming XLD tests, then my plan is to also make an XEL specific version that will actually have both the 65816 circuit and the IDE circuit all on one board. This way there won't be any issues as there is now with having full access to the CPU that is partially covered by the CF3 board. Also I'll be improving the buffering on the IDE circuit to match what's currently in use on the XLD. The chips from the CF3 will be reusable for this new board.
  2. Status: To date, no problems reported by BETA Testers. Final tweaks to board layout are nearly completed, still waiting on the decision on whether additional signals need to be broken out for possible cheap 65816 acceleration board, which will have its first prototype test in about 1-2 weeks (dependent upon PCB delivery).
  3. Just to set the record straight, it was Bruce Carso from B&C that dropped off the parts at my house, not Brad from BEST. In the conversation I had with Bruce that day, he mentioned having known Brad for years, but that they had a falling out several years ago, and that he wanted nothing to do with Brad. Bruce is a great guy, at least from my perspective, but as I mentioned with him being in his seventies he's more about enjoying his life than putting a lot of time into the Atari business anymore. However even with that said, he's been very responsive to any inquiries or orders I've given him over the last few years. As for my shopping list for BEST... I really don't mind doing the work of organizing it with all the columns and such, because in the end it helps me if I ever wish to refer back to what I've ordered in the past, or if I wish to reorder the same stuff again. But yes I can see for some how having to do that seems very unreasonable, and I don't disagree.
  4. Gunstar I feel your pain . FACT: At this point in time, both Bruce Carso (B&C) and Bradley Koda (BEST) are flying solo, unless something recently changed. Here's the format I use with Brad that seems to work each and every time for me, and I have yet to be told "no soup for you". ----------------------------- Hi Brad I hope this Christmas season is treating you well. Here's my shopping list... I looked up those last two items using an old pdf catalog I found online, so the pricing could have very well changed by now. Please update anything I got wrong and then send me the corrected total for a PayPal purchase. Thanks a bunch, Michael ----------------------------- I learned that I really have to verify everything in advance, check his recent addendum's and update where needed, all the while keeping the shopping list a reasonable length (reasonable for Brad that is). In the past Bruce has been very receptive to email parts orders, and has usually gotten back to me within a day or two. One time he even dropped the parts off at my house personally, and my house is a 45 minute round trip from his. He also stayed for a while and we chatted, and I soon got the sense that his business was starting to take a back seat to other things in his life. Keep in mind that these guys are in their seventies. Yes it's a pain, but where else are we going to get some of these items? Sounds like good news with the possible acquisition of B&C by Songbird. I hope that goes through.
  5. I remember finding that as well around a year ago, but just like you, I wasn't able to find anymore info or availability for it. Too bad, since it looked like a drop-in replacement for the S2.
  6. Although the connector and pin out are likely compatible, as well as the protocol, I don't believe the form factor is. It looks wider and might overhang too much and thus not fit in a conventional case. The MIDI XEL II was designed with the DreamBlaster S2 module in mind. S2 X2
  7. Be really nice if someone could either modify one of the better paint programs, or create a new one that supports the ST mouse. With the 1088XEL and the soon to be released 1088XLD there will be many more systems out there that will support mouse driven programs.
  8. I've shipped to England several times and only had the recipient hit by customs once. The secret I found out was to not use my company name anywhere, but instead make it personal with my own name on the address label and USPS customs form. I also wrote down a simply declaration, simple calling it vintage computer parts no matter what was inside. I think the minute UK customs sees something that indicates the shipment is from a company, they jump all over it.
  9. Can't speak for the Arduino, but it's pretty common practice on the Microchip PIC to use a resistor inline with an I/O line to limit a higher voltage from damaging the internal circuitry. Modern logic devices have clamping diodes on their inputs for protection, so the resistor simply limits the current to be below the rating when said diodes do their job.
  10. I used to buy quite often from AliExpress, but now for the kind of stuff I need I've been mainly buying from eBay since the shipping situation is better (many times with free shipping). They even beat Amazon Prime on many of the components, although I won't give up my Prime membership since I use their video streaming service. The only thing negative I remember when I ordered stuff from AliExpress was that the shipping sometimes took many weeks to the point of me forgetting I was even expecting something in the mail.
  11. When you are trying to conduct a real business, you have the freedom to charge whatever you want for your product or services. If that price is seen as too high by your typical customer, then they also have the right not to buy it. Not buying is the best feedback you can ever give that will probably actually make a difference in the price that's charged. If enough people did this, then the price would likely come down as a direct result. This philosophy very much applies to stuff sold on AA same as anywhere else. The whole idea that you should or are expected to discount to AA members or any other group is BS in my book. This gets back to how much is your time worth in the real world. Because from what I've heard, it seems like in some cases people aren't even making minimum wage for their time (assuming you can believe their estimates), and that this also seems to be the expectation if you are wishing to sell stuff in this arena. Total lunacy if you ask me. Now if you truly wish to do this out of the kindness of your heart, well I say good for you. But please do so because you want to, not because others are saying you should or have to. BTW, think back to the last time you had your oil changed which is soooo much more technical then building something electronic (Oil Stop, et all). I'm sure they didn't give away their services for pennies. Need I say more?
  12. It's always nice to get recognition for your hard work and creativity, especially when what you've created has been freely given to the community. This is the least someone should do that is selling it. Oh believe me, if I was in the Atari upgrade business, and trying to do this as my main job I wouldn't be doing it for a few $$$ over my cost. Business is not the same as doing a personal favor to a friend or family member. In fact sometimes that can get to be a bit too much when they always expect you to do it for free, under the guise of friendship or family. This also reminds me of someone a few years back that although an AA member, I didn't know jack shit about, having never previously talked to them, asking me to send them one of the boards I developed. No where in that request did I hear the magic words "please" or "how much $$$ should I send you". Of course I instantly resented the implication that since they were in the same club so to speak that i should feel obligated to do something for them.
  13. Unfortunately i think this is yet another topic that's starting to go sideways. The SDM's creators have done a great thing for the community, and as a fellow developer i applaud your efforts. And it's great to see others pick up the design and add their own finishing touches, such as what has been going into the cases. Which BTW are fantastic in themselves. But the whole issue of how much profit one is perceived and/or allowed to make, or that everyone needs to release their improvements also for free, is not up to any of us to dictate . If you don't like it, then don't buy it, simple as that. But I really don't see how complaining is going to end up with a productive result in this aspect. If anything speaking with or without your wallet will likely have the greatest effect.
  14. Most of my stuff I have released under Creative Commons, but in reality I could care less if someone gives me credit. What really tickles me in a good way, is when I stumble across something like this on a Polish forum... Half way around the world from me, someone ran off a bunch of boards based on my design. I don't know how to describe the feeling of joy it brings me when I see someone make this kind of commitment because they believe in what I've created having enough value. If they can make a profit off of doing so, more power to them.
  15. Back in the 90's when I was producing and selling the original TransKey, my experience was not so easy as you describe. Customer service for one really ate into my time, but that was probably more due to my poor documentation and/or some early design issues. Happy to hear your experience sounds much better 🙂.
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