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  1. Now you can enclose your SIO2MIDI board in style, thanks to Mr Robot 👍 . Head on over to: https://ataribits.weebly.com/midi-3d-printed-cases.html to download the STL files and see how it all comes together.
  2. Of course I've got Mr Robot to thank for this fine looking Sdrive-Max .
  3. A perfect pair? Yes I think so 👍 .
  4. Yep tiny boards will yield a great price from them, but compared to using one of the Chinese counterparts, fabrication takes forever. However board size matters, so it's always wise to double check against other vendors when you appear to be getting up around half the size of something like an Atari cart board. Beyond that they quickly become non-competitive. Just for grins, I once priced a 1088XEL with them, and it came in around $450. Needless to say I never had them manufacture one of those.
  5. I received my parts from Jameco today, and noticed that the Bi-Color LED doesn't have a flat spot to indicate polarity. So I confirmed that the short lead of the LED should go to the square pad as shown below. This will give us RED for busy, and GREEN for go (or ready). Other then that, I am happy to report that the LED works very well, and has good brightness level even though the current limiting resistor is fairly high at 1K, thus limiting the LED current to approximately 1.5 ma on the 3.3V supply. Boards should be here next week. BTW, here is the Great Cow Basic formatted source code listing: GBSCTRL_GCB_Source_V1.pdf
  6. Is this something new, or was that always available? Wow I totally missed that. Next time I'll order with my eyes wide open .
  7. This is getting very interesting. Can't wait for the mystery of A4 to be revealed .
  8. That's interesting and different than my experience. I don't recall if there was a way to opt out of requiring a signature on Lotharek's site, but I'm certain I never opted in for it . Maybe its just handled differently by your Post Office?
  9. Every time I've ordered something from Lotharek its required a signature. This has usually resulted in a note on my door to stop by my closest Post Office to retrieve the package, since without fail I'm never home the day of the delivery. With this being a high dollar item, I would anticipate the same conditions to apply.
  10. This thread is quite the riot . And it reminds me of what is so very different about AtariAge compared to a few other forums I participate in. Only here can someone talk about and display something they are proud of, to only have someone else tell them that: A) they wouldn't ever use such a thing even if their life counted on it, or B) they're only a fanboy of the Atari, and all other computers suck, or C) they think what you did has somehow devalued the Atari in their eyes, and lastly D) you should be ashamed of what you did. I could name over a dozen regulars on this forum that do one or more of the above on a regular basis. Sad thing is they believe it . Of course we are only human and as such are probably guilty of at least one of these transgressions from time to time (including me), but most of us are either smart enough and/or kind enough not to say it out loud . So here we have a topic that started off very positive, talking about the long anticipated and very much wanted announcement that another run of the most rare and desired item the Incognito, was going to see another production run. Now that's a good, or should I say a GREAT thing isn't it ??? And then without fail it slowly gets dragged down into the muck through a combination of certain people flaunting their god-like abilities, enlightening everyone with their superior intellect (I'm joking of course), or spewing out cruel remarks in general. BTW, Christmas is coming. Have you been naughty or nice this year? And yes, someday I too would love to have an original 800 with an Incognito installed. Plus I love blinky lights, always have . Opps did I just say all of this out loud? 😬 squeak, squeak, squeak (sound of erasure on chalk board, yeah I know old school). Hmm... not working. Aww forget it, just try to prove I wrote any of this! Hmm... apparently my name is in the signature. Drats damn computers don't forget!!! Leaving town........... Edit: Shuffle, shuffle... looking for disk with SkyNet virus .
  11. Got the schematic changes carried over... Now it's time to get back to the PCB layout .
  12. Yes but I don't need the distraction... good thing its not available currently . If I'm to get the project of this topic done (RGB2VGA-XLD) I need to remain focused on the task at hand. Speaking of which, I need to carry the changes from the GBS-PGM over into the XLD version, and then begin work on the PCB to get it to match.
  13. Interesting, and it's nice that it can convert from 3 different source video standards, but the composite to VGA demo wasn't very pretty so kind of silly doing that when S-Video is relatively easy to achieve from an 8-bit and should produce superior results. Judging by the board pic it doesn't look to be that much smaller than the GBS, so no big advantage there. I wonder what the price will be? Of course once you add postage from Poland to here, I'm relatively sure there will be no cost advantage either . Still nice to see that other video solutions are forthcoming, and I'm sure that coming from Lotharek it'll work well 👍 .
  14. I ordered boards yesterday evening, as well as placed an order with Jameco this morning. Now it's just a waiting game. Let the best man win . As for total cost... I figure based on buying and building 3 boards, you're looking at pretty close to $7 each complete. Add a $17 GBS (which remarkably includes free shipping) and the complete bare board solution comes in just under $25. Not bad for a high quality RGB to VGA multi-mode solution.
  15. Do you have one of these? Jameco P/N: 19141 Use this to jumper P8 on the GBS-82x0 board (it's a 2-pin header close to the I2C connection).
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