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  1. That code is easily usable in any 6502 program/game but it will always require a single RAM variable. The RAM variable is part of the "feedback". A linear-feedback shift register works by using the LAST random number to generate the next one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear-feedback_shift_register If you don't want the "extra" ram variable, you'll have to find another way to generate a random number. --- Also, here's a 6502 instruction/opcode reference guide: http://www.6502.org/tutorials/6502opcodes.html
  2. Thanks! I'll be revisiting the player control issues after I finish working on adding difficulty ramp up.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'll provide you with what I'm working off of for the Main Theme and the Player Death tune for you to playaround with. Currently the music is being played at a constant volume of 6 for both channels with no volume envelope changes... If need be, I can add in the code to allow that. burgertime.ttt burgertime_death7.ttt
  4. Thanks Al! First post edited to include new version.
  5. Thanks. Difficulty ramping is next on the Todo list... The burger logic rework freed up the variable space/vblank time necessary for being able to add that
  6. A long over due update... see first post for download. Uh oh, looks like I'm unable to add download to first post, so I've attached below Developement details (and downloads) here: chaoticGrill-2019-07-05--PAL60.bin chaoticGrill-2019-07-05--NTSC.bin
  7. Time for an update. Long overdue... I've done major work inside the burger logic code which mainly involved merging two "active" burger lists into one. When I originally added the bounce effect to the burgers, I used a separate list to be able to spread the logic across two frames: one frame dealt with the falling burgers and the next one dealt with the bouncing burgers. This turned out to be a bad idea since this caused a few rare, odd ball bugs: burgers getting replicated (had to patch around that) and burgers getting stuck mid-flight (very rare, yet annoying BUT it was something the burger count logic could 'magically' deal with). It appears these have been eliminated with the list merger... So I'm hoping the burger logic is good to go now... Fingers crossed Utilizing the TIA Tracker files provided by @Kurt_Woloch I've been able to get the musical cues very close to the arcade... and the sound effects have been improved a bit too. Minor patches have been made to realign the pepper spray and to hide the "wrong sprite displayed" error that occasionally happens.... I'll have to revisit the sprite flicker management. Related to that, I started looking at a way to do the LumaBoost suggested by @Thomas Jentzsch but I'll probably wait a bit on that since I want to work on improving the player/enemy code first. Also... I've added in the ability to more easily build a PAL60 version for those who want it. It's not complete (AA logo and title screen still have the wrong colors), but it's a start. Enjoy. chaoticGrill-2019-07-05--PAL60.bin chaoticGrill-2019-07-05--NTSC.bin
  8. It's currently in the process of being developed by Nathan Tolbert... also part of the reason why Wizard of War has been delayed a bit. If you dig around the forums a bit, you'll find mention of it somewhere.
  9. Very nice! The graphics look great so far. Looking forward to seeing this develop.
  10. Don't worry about... totally no rush I, for one, have seen hints of all the behind scenes work you have done for this community and am very grateful to you for sharing your expertise in all that you do. Thank you!
  11. Interestingly enough, I was just recently thinking about asking CPUWIZ about getting an MCP dev kit.... So I guess I'll just put my interest on the table and wait patiently
  12. Nice work! I'll have to tweak my music engine a bit to play the start/end tunes properly.... but it'll be well worth it.
  13. I really haven't given much thought to manipulating the AI system to achieve flicker reduction. This would be something that would need to be done carefully... the highest scoring move in the game is to get all the enemies onto a burger piece and send them for a ride. A couple of ideas I have thought about doing: - detect when two enemies are on the same ladder and draw them overlapping - detect when one enemy is mostly/completely overlapping another and only show the top one (or showing the bottom less often than the top one) The tricky part of any of those would be dealing with the interaction/influence of the current flicker management. And I still need to try and rework my current system to take less time to switch sprites. Currently, switching a single sprite takes 5 scanlines (size of a drawing kernel) because I still have to make sure the burgers are drawn too (they take 40 cycles to draw). That's been the biggest pain with this whole flicker management system. And why I wish the DPC+ driver was better equipped to handle switching out sprites during draw.
  14. I recently purchased a SaveKey for this very reason.
  15. Nice! I was just about to respond to you about using TIA Tracker when I saw that you went ahead and made something. Sounds good... thanks!
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