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  1. I ate at Taco John's today. May not seem like much but, we don't have one here in the town I live in.
  2. Just on an aside. Every Indiegogo I've backed, I've got burned on in one form or another. The fact that they are using that platform to fund raise is enough for me to refuse having anything to do with it. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that line of thinking.
  3. Outside of this forum, I'm like most people, in the sense that I live in a world where Coleco doesn't exist. I don't see or hear about it the TV, or while going through the local stores, or on the radio. I'm not connected to it through social media, and my friends, associates, and family, aren't talking about it, or seeing it either for that matter. While I have an old Coleco system and some games in a box in the closet, it's not something that is in my daily life. Even if there is a product that has the Coleco name slapped on it in the local drug store, Wal Mart or, on Amazon, I've not noticed it. Coleco is dead to 99.99% of the human race and there is nothing that the new ownership of the name can do to make it relevant ever again. It wasn't a big deal to start with, outside of Cabbage Patch dolls and I'm willing to bet most people who had one of those don't even remember the Coleco name. This new machine is going to flop, even if we all bought a hundred of them each. Us boycotting it won't make any difference, as there isn't enough value in the Coleco name to rely on that helping it sell profitable numbers, and there is enough low end crap game playing devices out on the market at every range of price points that are over saturating the market, so it isn't even a viable idea to release this thing no matter what can only get from Coleco games you put on it. And seriously, Rainbow Brite... if that name was going to move merchandise an in any quantity, those ass hats wouldn't have never been let an license for it. A real company would be constantly churning out shit if there was a profit to be made on it. I would say maybe out of the .01 percent of people in the wild that care about know of or remember the Coleco brand, that less than .01% of them will give a shit about Rainbow Brite. That makes for a pretty whopping market in the real world. Ten or fifteen years ago, bringing back the mini arcades would have been a thing, but with all the case and screen with a pi stuffed in it emulator systems a person can get, and the fact that so many people are carrying around a phone with veritable arcade worth of games at their finger tips if they so wish, makes this seem overly pointless. Even if I wanted one, it's nothing I can't live without and I would rather be without it than offer my support to a bunch of crooks. In short, Coleco is DEAD, Rainbow Brite is just as Dead, and outside of a few video game forums no one gives a rats ass. Chris should go back to pushing counterfeit toys and dedicate his focus to only ruining one hobby for people, as there is probably more money to be made there than here.
  4. I hope whatever it is, that it will look good on a shelf.
  5. You left out distribute counterfeit bootleg G.I. Joe figures by calling them custom figures with no effort.
  6. Well, if nothing else, maybe this mess has made it a bit more difficult for him to move his counterfeit G.I. Joe figures. Though I should imagine he will have a booth set up at his convention selling them as custom figures. Someone should get a booth there and set up that Coleco Chameleon replica.
  7. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the EXCLUSIVE 2017 COLECO EXPO EDITION release is and the regular release https://www.colecoexpo.com/store/p3/PRE-_ORDER_Sydney_Hunter_Game_Cartridge_-_EXPO_GATE_PICKUP.html Were the kits really done up with that little stripe of text on the top. Or is that just shit they added in photoshop for the web page?
  8. I notice ol'boy hasn't been on in a while. Think maybe he was "advised" to stop posting here?
  9. I'm glad they mentioned the bootleg action figures. That was highly amusing.
  10. That makes sense. I was just over thinking it I guess.
  11. That seems odd to me. I wonder what kind of license deal they got for that, because Hallmark still owns all the rights to Rainbow Brite. They still sell the merchandise. Rainbow Brite as a character is copyright protected, so ... I don't know what is going on with them putting out a game. Seems Hallmark would have to be involved someway, so I am very curious about the license for the game. I would like to imagine such a thing would be profitable, but I don't think the IP is really that big, otherwise Hallmark would be already cashing in on it as much as they could.
  12. So, just for fun I thought that If I were MK, now would be a great time to make a comeback. Because he could retool his story and try to focus all the blame on Coleco now. Now mind you this is all just fantasy but I should imagine Something along the lines of They approached us after the RVGS. We weren't planning on being at the toy fare but, they demanded it. We knew we weren't ready but they were like, just stick a SNES in one of your console shells, just for the show so we'll have something with games on it. No one there is going to know any different. We just need something for show. I didn't want to but, didn't want to risk the deal. I should have listened to my gut. They wanted some shells to do their own promotional photos with, so I gave them some. MR Lee was the guy they picked out to help me with the hardware, and he made the prototype SNEZUAR, and I knew it was shit but my hands were tied because I wasn't allowed to talk about it. They wouldn't let me do the Kickstarter because they were afraid that if it failed it would make them look bad. Though I didn't know at the time they decided if there wasn't a market for it they were planning on painting me as the bad guy so they could look better when the shut down the project. They wanted to control the situation and demanded I turn over moderation of our Facebook to one of their guys. That's how the photos of the 2nd prototype came about, from that and the shells I gave them. I never owned a video capture card. I mean, you can see by how Coleco is acting, that clearly I was being used and abused.
  13. Just because he gives an explanation on the bootleg figures, doesn't in any make it the truth. I will issue an apology if it turns out these are made legit with the blessing of Hasbro, but as it stands I don't see any evidence that they are, just the word of someone who has already proven to have poor moral character and be dishonest. At this point why should we believe his explanation on that? What little dealings I've had with Hasbro makes me think that the statement he gave is mostly true with a good old fashioned lie in it. Because, I do know that Hasbro, does approve of and does believe that it is good for the community for consumers to create their own original figures and customize their figures, but recasting of existing figures and selling them does not make them custom figures, even if you are using different parts from different figures. Using original product molds to make new castings of figures you don't have the rights to is bootlegging, even if you customize them. The difference here is Hasbro is supporting you buying their figures and using those as a base for your customization, or sculpting your own original parts, or doing your own home recasting of PARTS to make your own personal figure, for your own personal use and not for resale. It's like this, I'll put it in video game terms. If I found some Amiibo that were owned by Nintendo, and decided to cast up my own figures, they would be bootleg. They would be bootleg even if I changed the colors. They would be bootleg even if I cut them up and glued them together with different arms and heads. As a person who has been dealing with Chinese factories for years and had my own products made over there I can provide this little tidbit of info. If it is made in China it is going to be bootlegged. The molds you own, you only think you own. When they make your run of stuff, they make a shit load extra and sell it as well. If you are a small time guy, your molds will get LOST, and yet you will see your product still getting made. If you are a big time guy who has the power to come get your shit and do something legally if they get lost, then your stuff is being recast for copies, so that they can be made when you take back your molds. What I would think happened here, is when Hasbro told whatever company was doing their casting to destroy the molds, they just kept them and or sold them a few times to different people wanting to crank out bootleg figures. It's a great scam, you track down where something was made and sometimes they still have the molds. They won't make the product unless you buy the molds, but they still own them, either it goes that way or you have to drop a lot of cash for a big production run up front. So, then someone wants to make the same shit, well they sell them the same molds too, and repeat. There are a lot of tiny game companies, and a few larger ones that learned the hard way that if you're not a big business you loose when you do business in China. I've seen several small companies have shut down or end up getting bought out by the company doing their casting. (Because they held back on the product being made until the company was in trouble, and kindly stepped up with some cash to help them out, while they worked out getting their product made), I've had and seen people get their orders pushed back in the que because a bigger company wanted something done and that was worth more money, even though you've already paid and have customers waiting. The list goes on and on. The bottom line, having looked up those figures on line and chatted with Hasbro, I see no proof that they are being allowed to be made. Firstly, the ones that were lazily cranked out with still having all the company branding on them are unquestionable bootlegs. Secondly, anything made in a mold that was previously owned by Hasbro is unquestionable a bootleg, Thirdly, anything that is identical to any part of any figure the previously released is bootleg, this includes having created your own molds based off using one of their figures for a master. When something from Hasbro, proven to be from Hasbro, is shown that addresses these specific castings as being acceptable fair fan usage, then I'll happily apologize.
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