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  1. I like how the TV is sitting on the couch. I'm going to go move mine right now and see if that works better.
  2. I'm guessing about 27 dollars, plus four fifty shipping, but that's just a guess.
  3. I think I would like to see Time Pilot on the 5200. Also Rampage could have been 3 player awesome.
  4. Thank you for the info. I've got some thinking to do now.
  5. It is starting to sound like a lot of trial and error with minimal return if I decide to mess with those Sega sticks. Though that's what I was hoping to find out about before I started down that road. I had been hanging on to them thinking maybe they could be used for a Mame project or something, but maybe should part ways with them to finance building myself a sweet digital stick. Also, those are nice looking sticks you built. I don't know but I am guessing that you are using the little three connector micro switches and running the center pot off of their NC, tab and using the other two pots for min/max values in line with the NO tab?
  6. Oddly enough, I have some of those laying about, the Sega sticks. I think they came out of an old Sega Naomi Universal cabinet. I didn't realize they are worth that much. Maybe I would just be better off selling those rather than trying to work them into a stick and just go the other route. However, I kind of think the pots in the sticks are not too unusual in size and shape so I may be able to find one in the right range that fits. Aside from that the way they are made I think that it could be possible to mount the pots differently and use replacements can't be found to fit. There used to be an old arcade game.. some kind of football I think that used big analog sticks as well. I can't remember the name.
  7. Well, here I am. More to the point, I've been messing around with the 5200 again after having put it away for quite some time and decided to try out some different controllers. Several years ago I picked up a modded system and over time games and controllers. A few months back I got it out of storage and started messing with it. I recently traded it off because I got a deal on a modded 4 port system. So here is where I stand. Out of the original controllers, I have 1 that is fully working. The others have various issues but I believe can all be fixed. With plans to get some of them working I recently picked up the test cartridge to try and figure out what ones seemed to be adjusted the best. Oddly they all seemed pretty much the same as none of them could I get the cursor to the right or bottom of the screen all the way and it counted the center point up and to the left. I can only assume that the system needs a tweaking. I have a few of the trackball controllers, but only one is fully working. The others sound like rubbing bricks together when the ball moves. I would hope that they need new rollers and bearings is all that is wrong with them. I don't know as I've not opened one though I'm guessing it is the same parts as in the Atari arcade trackballs like used in Centipede. I've rebuilt a few of those over the years as I used to run an arcade and also refurbish machines. If the ball is the same size I think I will replace that too. More recently picked up one of the Atari Jaguar controller conversions from Cyberphreak.com and also one of digital to analog controllers being sold at Maker Matrix. The Jaguar controller is pretty nice. Though, some games it just won't work on very well. Other than that, the cord fell out of the end of it and I had to open it up to put it back. The plastic ties holding it in place had slipped off. Not a big deal. Overall it's pretty nice but, not quite what I want, so I think I'm going to part ways with that. The controller with the 3D printed shell and buttons is interesting. I don't enjoy holding it at all and it isn't comfortable for my big meaty claws to use. Also, it seems to have trouble with a few games. It very much needs a cord with the little screw in ends on it as the one I got with it gets loose while you play. I'm tempted to believe maybe the extension cord I bought with the controller is the issue with the games that don't play right more so than the controller, but without a different cable I've no way to test that and I don't like using it enough to buy a different cable. That leaves me thinking about just building myself a joystick controller. I've a lot of arcade parts still and think I could bust something pretty nice out eventually. When I go looking for builds all of the ones I find are using digital controls and pots or some version on a masterplay type device, rather than just an an analog arcade joystick. I'm curious if there is something missing and a reason why one wouldn't be used for building a joystick. I can only assume there is something I don't know about how it all works as to why that is. If anyone can throw some light on that before I go slapping something together, I would be thankful.
  8. I recently got my 5200 out of storage and started looking into what all was out there for it. I must say a lot has changed since the last time I paid it any real attention. As a result there have been a lot of games released that I would like to get. Out of the original releases I don't have all that many, but as far as something I would really like to get and play, would be Meteorites, as Asteroids was one of my favorite games on the 2600. Maybe I should have just left it in storage.
  9. I don't much care for the sticks but those keypads are pretty cool.
  10. I ate at Taco John's today. May not seem like much but, we don't have one here in the town I live in.
  11. Just on an aside. Every Indiegogo I've backed, I've got burned on in one form or another. The fact that they are using that platform to fund raise is enough for me to refuse having anything to do with it. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that line of thinking.
  12. Outside of this forum, I'm like most people, in the sense that I live in a world where Coleco doesn't exist. I don't see or hear about it the TV, or while going through the local stores, or on the radio. I'm not connected to it through social media, and my friends, associates, and family, aren't talking about it, or seeing it either for that matter. While I have an old Coleco system and some games in a box in the closet, it's not something that is in my daily life. Even if there is a product that has the Coleco name slapped on it in the local drug store, Wal Mart or, on Amazon, I've not noticed it. Coleco is dead to 99.99% of the human race and there is nothing that the new ownership of the name can do to make it relevant ever again. It wasn't a big deal to start with, outside of Cabbage Patch dolls and I'm willing to bet most people who had one of those don't even remember the Coleco name. This new machine is going to flop, even if we all bought a hundred of them each. Us boycotting it won't make any difference, as there isn't enough value in the Coleco name to rely on that helping it sell profitable numbers, and there is enough low end crap game playing devices out on the market at every range of price points that are over saturating the market, so it isn't even a viable idea to release this thing no matter what can only get from Coleco games you put on it. And seriously, Rainbow Brite... if that name was going to move merchandise an in any quantity, those ass hats wouldn't have never been let an license for it. A real company would be constantly churning out shit if there was a profit to be made on it. I would say maybe out of the .01 percent of people in the wild that care about know of or remember the Coleco brand, that less than .01% of them will give a shit about Rainbow Brite. That makes for a pretty whopping market in the real world. Ten or fifteen years ago, bringing back the mini arcades would have been a thing, but with all the case and screen with a pi stuffed in it emulator systems a person can get, and the fact that so many people are carrying around a phone with veritable arcade worth of games at their finger tips if they so wish, makes this seem overly pointless. Even if I wanted one, it's nothing I can't live without and I would rather be without it than offer my support to a bunch of crooks. In short, Coleco is DEAD, Rainbow Brite is just as Dead, and outside of a few video game forums no one gives a rats ass. Chris should go back to pushing counterfeit toys and dedicate his focus to only ruining one hobby for people, as there is probably more money to be made there than here.
  13. I hope whatever it is, that it will look good on a shelf.
  14. You left out distribute counterfeit bootleg G.I. Joe figures by calling them custom figures with no effort.
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