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  1. I remember having this! There must be another box of TI99 bits in my parents loft somewhere as this wasn't with the bits I did find....
  2. Many thanks! I presume these are from US releases as I still have some carts & boxes/instructions (UK versions) & the instructions manuals that I've checked (A-Mazing / The Attack) are different. (Much less info on the UK ones and a different front image).
  3. He's done a great job of the scans & getting the games to work! (Never thought I'd be playing Santa & The Goblins again!). He had some of mine (most in the pic above) so Mania is there as well - hopefully won't be too long before the full scanned copy goes up
  4. So Mania is Adventuremania II then? (Pic near top right) I remember getting my copy from a bootsale back in the day.
  5. This thread? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/158724-raising-atlantis/?hl=%20raising%20%20atlantis Looking at the images on there, it is the same game. It's basically a sort of port from the speccy game - Scuba Dive.
  6. * Update * The command on Santa - SEA - this searches the current location. This will let you find other objects which don't show up on the screen. eg - Found a lamp on the starting screen. - So TAKMAG - Takes the magic lamp
  7. Works with Classic99 and the CALLFILES(0) statement first. Brings back memories Made a partial map so far - managed to get upstairs, but got stuck in the dragons lair! (Every way you go it 'Blasts flames at you'). I remember their being other objects to find, but so far there's only been pies... Has anyone found anything else yet?
  8. Ok, still not had much luck so far. What I've done though is upload the files I've ripped so far, incase anyone else has any luck. The following games: Wargame (good to test as we know this works). Santa & The Goblins Lionel & The Ladders (UK) Roady Toad Taxi Each wav has several versions : Original rip (just as it is). Cleaned up. Amp'd Up (Using the cleaned up wav, some compression & eq). Amp'd Up2 (Using the amp'd up wav & pushing it way into the 'red). Link (This will last for 2 weeks) : http://we.tl/szqErMRmP5 If anyone has any luck & can convert them to .dsk files, please upload them for everyone to enjoy Cheers.
  9. Just tried - the mono version I did didn't, but the stereo one did (it played it back slower than usual). Will do some more tests with some stereo files instead Cheers.
  10. Hi, Had a quick go just now - got as far as starting the tape playing so you can hear the sound & getting the OLD CS1 to listen, but after about 20 secs it just says "No Data Found" - as though it can't hear the data coming in. (Adding the wav file to the Tape 1 bit in the file menu, rewinding the tape etc & playing after hitting Enter after Old cs1). I've tried amping it right up, normal volume, but so far nothing is getting it to read. Did I miss something?? I've not tinkered with a Dsk controller yet - just wanted to see if it would load up. I've also added around 6 seconds of space at the start as before, it was starting to play a good few seconds into it.
  11. It's mainly items on the pic I posted. There are a couple of other tapes - and some carts. I'm sure there is another box of bits as haven't found the tape deck / joystick, so might be a few other tapes - I know I had both mania & adventure mania, but only found one so far. There won't be a lot more though, aside from things typed in from home computing weekly & recorded to tape. I mainly tinkered myself making stuff - nothing too fancy - mainly using extended basic making 'collision detection' style games. One was based on Starfleet (old puppet style 80s tv show) - you had to fly the ship across the screen avoiding everything else. Made a few like that. If these conversions work on the proper games, will see if I can dig those tapes out.
  12. That's basically what I've done - recorded a few wav files, removed the background noise, eq'd them a bit & uploaded them. PM'd a couple of people the links. Got the Wargame one back - see above. When I get a chance, will get the other games uploaded that aren't in the gamesbase - I've noticed some are (Crazy Caver / Hunchback / Cars & Carcasses II), so won't bother recording those ones. I do have the TI still, but didn't find the tape deck - just the machine, some carts, speech synth & a large PSU
  13. Ahhh, so a virtual disc - ok - when I next get a day off, I'll give all that a try Cheers.
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