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  1. When I purchased this set a few years back I paid $80.00 per box. It sold for far less. Not sure how much a "complete set" would go for though.
  2. Yeah, these were only the launch titles. As launch titles go, I *think* these were complete. If not, they were close. But thanks everyone! The boxes are now sold and I'm out of a jam! Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks! I'll double check. When I acquired these, the only titles I was aware of not being part of the collection were two Sesame Street titles from the children's series. It would have been an additional $160 for those two boxes so I opted not to purchase them at the time since I was going to have these all framed, and wanted to display all of the silver boxes without "Bigbird Yellow" becoming part of the scene : )
  4. Okay everyone, Justin is having a FIRE SALE! I never thought I'd let go of these but the time has come. I have a complete set of Atari 2800 retail boxes for all of the 2800's silver-box launch titles. (yes, Atari 2800, Japanese 2600 launch, I'm sure we are all well versed so I'll skip the history lesson here. ) The collection is extra special in the fact that these were attained directly from Atari's Art Department upon closing. The retail boxes are in absolutely pristine condition - never assembled, glued or folded together - these are flat boxes direct from the art department. Each of the boxes has been preserved inside a plastic protective sleeve with a cardboard backing to protect the boxes from bending. There are no dents, no tears, probably no finger prints. And of course the boxes have been preserved in a clean environment away from sunlight and humidity. (I would have included a few pictures but I'm having trouble with my camera right now. If I can get some pictures, I will of course load them. I must say though, they really are in absolute pristine condition.) The boxes featured in this collection were printed for the following titles: Asteroids Pac-Man Centipede Defender Joust Battlezone Star Raiders (large box) Missile Command Galaxian Berzerk Space Invaders E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Super Breakout SwordQuest: EarthWorld SwordQuest: FireWorld Raiders of the Lost Ark Again, these came straight out of Atari's art dept. and were never glued, folded or placed on a retail shelf. I must let go of these as part of a "fire sale", and would like to see them go to a good home that could truly appreciate the insane rarity of these items, so I thought I would see if there was any interest here on AtariAge before I have to resort to listing the collection on eBay. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can. All the best, Justin
  5. Ferris


    Hey guys. 7800.com is my website, I've had it since 2000. It will always be on line so long as I'm alive : ) I haven't had time to update the website in some time, I'm pretty comfortable with most of the information up there in addition to all that Mitch has on his site and all that's here on Atari Age. When I get around to it (sometime in the next year or so..) the site will be updated with a new look and will have a similar layout to my other website TurboGrafx-16.com The site will always be entirely dedicated towards the historical aspects of the 7800, with a smaller focus on the rest of Atari. I always welcome new ideas for updates : ) Hope everyone is well!
  6. I have 7800 Fatal Run CIB if anyone is still looking : )
  7. The PS One Combo and the Atari 5200 have both been sold. Thank you!!! The Atari 2600 still remains sealed inside its minty fresh box awaiting a nice home. Any takers?
  8. If anyone is interested, I have a Jaguar kisok (one controller) in extremely good condition. It has been assembled but has never been placed on display publicly. If anyone is still interested in a Jag kiosk, and willing to arrange for shipping, I would be more than happy to entertain any reasonable offer. I don't have pictures at the moment as I just happened to stumble across this posting, but the kiosk is identical to all of the other Jag kiosks and includes the Atari monitor, Jag system, and one controller in the kiosk stand in very nice condition. My email is [email protected] if you are interested. Also, my ebay id is syzygyio and I have a 100% feedback score : ) All the best, Justin
  9. LOL absolutely! I can prettymuch guarantee that! Just like buying one brand new off the shelf with Uncle Rico "back in '82"
  10. Thanks PBJ! I posted a response in that thread. Hopefully this 5200 can find a good home.
  11. Thanks PBJ! Yes, I indeed have what you are looking for. A minty fresh 5200 4-Port system brand new in the box. If you're interested I welcome any serious offers, my email is [email protected] I've had a bit of interest in this system today, but no takers just yet. I wanted to offer this up to everyone on Atari Age first because I knew this 5200 was special and deserved a good home : ) Best wishes! Justin
  12. Since we're on this subject I thought now would be a good time to post this. I used to order directly from Atari back in the early to mid 1990's (especially during that "Pre-Jaguar" period where the 7800 was essentially gone and the Lynx was trying to hang on the best it could at the back of the game aisle at Toys R Us") I'll have to scan more pricelists, but here is an official Atari 7800 price list from August, 1993. This is exactly what they would have sent you had you called and requested information on their games. They also used to have a cool Lynx brochure that was in full color, but that was about it.
  13. In addition to my NES games that I posted earlier, I'm selling three of my minty fresh game systems: an Atari 2600 (Black "Vader" System) Atari 5200 (large box) and PS One Combo Unit (with PS One Video Screen) all of which are still absolutely brand new in the box and never played. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. These systems come from my own private collection and have never once been opened. The PS One still has the factory seal intact as you can see in the photos provided. I purchased these items some time ago and have made sure that the systems have been safely stored in a climate controlled, non-smoking, humidity-free environment away from static or sunlight. In addition to the systems, I am including a new game with each minty fresh system. The Atari 2600 comes with a brand new & Autographed Ms. Pac-Man, the Atari 5200 comes with a brand new & complete copy of 5200 Pitfall!, and the PS One will come with a new copy of Xevious 3D+G I'm offering these up on AtariAge because I want these to go to someone who will truly appreciate them. I reallllllly need to sell these and will accept any reasonable offer if you wish to make one. My ebay member name is syzygyio and I have 100% positive feedback. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected], I am happy to accept PayPal or personal check. Again, any reasonable offer for these systems will be accepted, but unfortunately I cannot go for any trades right now as I really need to recover some of what I had paid for these systems if possible. I'd be happy to email any additional photos or documentation if you're interested. All of these systems are brand new and in absolutely pristine condition, their retail boxes show very little wear. I can ship via UPS Insured Ground Service with tracking if you live in the continental United States. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in making an offer. Thanks guys! Justin
  14. I'm selling three of my most prized NES collectibles: Pinball (1985 Release) Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario, all shrinkwrapped new in the box for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I'm offering these up on AtariAge because I want these to go to someone who will truly appreciate them. I reallllllly need to sell these and will accept any reasonable offer. My ebay member name is syzygyio and I have 100% positive feedback. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected], I am happy to accept PayPal or personal check. Again, any reasonable offer for these games will be accepted, but I cannot go for any trades right now as I really need to recover some of what I had paid for these games if possible. I'd be happy to email any additional photos or documentation if you're interested. All games are in absolutely pristine condition and remain in their factory shrink wrap without any wear, and have been stored in a climate controlled area away from sunlight, inside clear plastic shells. I can ship via UPS Insured Ground Service with tracking, free of charge if you live in the continental United States. The games can be sold individually or as a lot if you are interested. I just want to get these games sold :-) Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in making an offer. Thanks guys! Justin
  15. Ferris

    Curt Vendel

    That question is a TEMPEST in a teapot.
  16. Ya know these are the sorta things that mean alot to me. Not that I really care much about what others think of me or my pastime, but it is nice to see some recognition for the industry pioneers after twenty years of driveby articles on the 5200, 7800, Lynx and Jag.
  17. count me in for all of the above.
  18. I don't really get it myself... Don't get me wrong, I understand the market value of the game and the supposed reasons behind it... but I still dont get it. I've always been an extreemly kosher collector, collecting Atari brand products almost exclusively. (with the exception of Activision, and of course other "kosher" brands like Nintendo, Sega, etc.) My love was always for "Atari" as a marque first, and then "classic gaming" second. My interest was in Atari and their immensely pioneering spirit of creative video entertainment and innovative leisure. There was just something about the company itself, their wonderful products, and that moment in time, which can never be re-created. So thats where Air Raid comes in. Yes, I get that there aren't many around, but neither is Space Treat Deluxe. It's a quirky foreign pirate game with a really queer cartridge design, but not much story. I simply do not understand the appeal of the game at any level. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to plunking down huge amounts of money on an Atari collectable. God knows I've been searching for a translucent 7800 for going on ten years. If it was a JagVR, a Panther, an RC 2600, maybe a 5200 jr., heck even a really awesome prototype cartridge, I could totally justify the expense and write it off in my mind without a problem. Even Atari Video Cube or Chase the Chuckwagon I could do, AVC is "kosher" and has an interesting story through the Atari Video Club and Chuckwagon has one of the most interesting stories in gaming history. I could justify games like those to myself in my mind. But not something like Air Raid. It has no Atari sparkle. It's just some randomass cartridge. The bottom line for me, if I came across an Air Raid at a flea market the ONLY reason I would pick it up (at a flea market price) would be to bring it back here and make it available to one of you AtariAger's desperately seeking an Air Raid. If it wasn't for this website and its wonderful community, I'd honestly have to say I'd skip past it and by an extra Centipede or Pole Position or Mario Bros. Call me nuts, but Air Raid is lost on me.
  19. Bravo my friend. You just summed it up totally. That not only applies to the Jaguar but to the industry as a whole. It's all about percentages. That's why they created encryption. So the real question is, what system had the best ratio of quality games to flops? PS1 certainly doesnt shine in my book from that perspective, although it is one of my favorite systems. To me this is where the 7800 really shines. I'm sure you think I'm crazy, but its true. About 1 out of every 3 games in its tiny little library is a classic, be it Dig-Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, Food Fight or Midnight Mutants. The Jaguar has just been kicked around its entire life, mainly because Atari never demanded respect for their systems. They never had a good track record of standing by their systems and having good advertising to shoot down bullsh*t revies like what pussed out of EGM. They merely left the Jaguar declawed and defenseless. Same with Lynx and 7800. That's why I really resented the Tramiels for years.
  20. am i missing something here?
  21. I remember reading in one of my game magazines back in 1993 that Tiny Toons wouldnt be released because "the programming had been lost in the earthquake" in January 1993. I remember thinking at the time that this was crap, and I think that even moreso now. What's even more interesting is that this was to be a release title. It was pictured in all of the original advertising for the Jag. In essence, it's the Jaguar's Sky Fox.
  22. Ferris

    why atari

    that is so right on. innovate to bring the consumer a product they didnt know they wanted, not what they think they want. releasing a huge handheld that is hardly portable is not the way to go and is part of the reason gameboy took off as well as it did.
  23. Yeah I'm very excited about Curt's project as well. It was infact Curt's website that inspired me to build my own! I plan to work with Curt and the AHS in promoting and supporting the 7800 keyboard if/when the time comes. Until then I've tried to keep hush about it as not to jump the gun on in-the-works projects. Something I've learned from experience. I have a great number of historical items that generally relate to Atari & Chuck E Cheese. Not quite as much as Curt but I do have a VSX, prototype stuff, etc. however it was never of interest to me to built a museum to compete with Curt, but to accent it and focus on the 7800 along with Mitch's site. I think the 7800 is one of the most underrated and overlooked systems in history, alongside the TurboGrafx. Maybe I just like rooting for the underdog but I always had a real passion for the 7800 ever since it was announced. Ive done my best to support the 7800 and its community the best I possibly could over the past 15 years. I need to start doing a better job though : )
  24. Hey Nathan, Atari7800.com belongs to me. Unfortunately I have not been selling *anything* for over four years now. The site became entirely too time-consuming and I was not able to keep up with orders, dedicate enough time to properly maintain the website, or operate efficiently enough to keep costs as low as I would have like to. So several years ago I closed the store and transitioned the site to become 100% dedicated to history and support. LOL however I made the mistake of leaving the old site mirror up for way too long and forgot the old store catalogue was still sitting there untouched from 2001. I was always partial to our second-gen site design from five years ago and never wanted to deconstruct it, even though the new site has been up for quite some time. Although, recently I finally got around to deleting most of the old catalogue pages as I still receive a lot of interest that I am unable to meet. The current version of the site, both standard HTML and frames, does not have any access to the old store, and focuses entirely on history. I have been meaning to expand on the 7800 Museum but simply have not had the time. Much of the time I had originally budgeted to build out the rest of the website went instead to the creation of my other site, www.TurboGrafx-16.com which I am very proud of, although it left 7800.com a bit empty. I’m always open to input. Anyone dedicated to the 7800 who is interested in helping me build on the site and add some new content is always welcome and appreciated. I always feel pretty bad that I leave the site sitting for so long without any major updates in terms of content. There are some other things I have in the works for the website that will pop up over the next six months I'm sure. However I have no plans to open the store again. PS - There are some recent "Atari Joe" updates if you go to his page. Joe was in poor health for a while and has not had much access to a computer. Although he now has a myspace account too. Best Wishes, Justin
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