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  1. Shipping notice received!
  2. Indeed they are UK based as are the blokes who are releasing Xenocrisis which I did back on Kickstarter. In case you haven't seen it here is an interview with man responsible for Tanglewood.
  3. According to the Sega-16 Forum all of the pre-orders have shipped and the game is now available at the Tanglewood website with a 7 day wait for dispatch. I ordered my copy a day or so after yours and I have not received a shipping notice although my payment was processed. Just wondering if you received a shipping notice.
  4. Order placed, fingers crossed.
  5. Ten plus minutes of 80s musical bliss.

    1. doctorclu


      Sounds like it.

    2. save2600


      Good stuff!

  6. I backed this. I do hope they include the option to use two controllers.
  7. Good to hear your comments on the B&O. At least I know I am not missing anything.
  8. Empty those wallets boys and girls it's The Game Chasers Motion Picture on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2121405390/the-game-chasers-motion-picture?ref=project_link

  9. This dude tweaked his FV310 and the results are very impressive.
  10. Another reason I am interested in the JVC D-Series. They are substantially lighter than the Sony.
  11. If I lived in Europe I wouldn't even consider a trinitron. Instead I would be on the lookout for a Bang and Olufsen or, maybe, a Loewe.
  12. The FS100 has component input and it is a lower end set AFAIK. FYI the FV310 is the most desired set. It is virtually identical to the 300 except that it has a voltage regulator that is supposed to contribute to picture quality in some way or another that I cannot remember. I have never seen a 310 unfortunately.
  13. This past weekend I was comparing my Sony FS100, a very common "budget" set against a Sony FV300, a set designed to appeal to the home theater crowd. The specs that Sony published for these sets were virtually identical but FV300 was clearly the superior set. Excellent colour, contrast, and inky blacks. However I agree that geometry issues drive me nuts so I am currently looking to purchase a PVM. I will say that in my experience crts with convex screens seem that have better geometry than flat screens. I am currently searching for a JVC D Series set. On the surface they appear to be a legitimate alternative to a trinitron. http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/STARINMANUALS/JVC/Archive/2000%20Catalog%20-%20D%20Series.pdf
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