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  1. I have an extra Y cable. Make me an offer if you wish to purchase it.
  2. Thanks to everyone. I ordered the UP version for $34.71 shipped.
  3. Do I want the DOWN plug-in or the UP plug-in?
  4. Thank you gentlemen. My current mod is malfunctioning so I was ready to take it into service at my LGS so this seemed like an ideal time to inquire about improving PQ. I actually know how to use a soldering iron but I am just not confident enough to attempt the mod myself.
  5. I checked some of my old messages and it appears Bryan sold me the "plug-in" version of his board. Is this s-video compatible?
  6. I recently lucked into a really nice Sony PVM14M2U for only a $100. I really love how my Genny looks via a HD Retrovision cable but all my other systems are composite and are lacking in comparison. Here are my questions: 1. I currently use the composite mod I purchased from AA member Bryan several years ago. Is it possible to extract s-video from the same hardware? 2. When it comes to pre crash systems is s-video "close enough" to rgb or is rgb still worth the trouble? 3. I am aware that there is a RGB mod called Sophia that can extract rgb from the 5200. Is this still available? If so, how can this be purchased? 4. Is there a schematic available that I can provide for "my guy" to help him install Sophia? 5. What cable do I need to connect to a PVM?
  7. I'm no expert but the listing resembles closely the image that is in the Atari Age 5200 archives. I would certainly request additional images before considering a purchase. I have seen repro carts on Ebay and none of them resembled the carts that claimed to be authentic.
  8. Contact Frank Jr. at Classic Game Junkie in Glenside Pa. I know that they are currently doing some sort of call ahead/curbside drop-off at this point. Frank has modded all of my systems and he offers a guarantee with his work. He's has a fantastic little store btw.
  9. Thanks I'll play it safe and snatch a 2600 Vader instead.
  10. I was considering purchasing one of these in lieu of an actual Atari console. Is there any downside to this device vs purchasing an actual 2600? Is it compatible with the Starpath Supercharger? Will my Colecovision's composite mod interfere with the operation of the Module? I haven't played any VCS games since the 80s and this seems like convenient way to test those waters again.
  11. The 3DO also played CD+Graphics discs. The only one I ever purchased was the disc that had both of Graham Parsons solo albums. When you played the cd through the 3DO it would play the lyrics and still frame images. I don't recall any animation.
  12. I am a little befuddled as to why the seller hasn't tested the games.
  13. Galaxian Arcade for the 5200 please. Then I will finally be able to sell my Colecovision!
  14. Philly area here. Received my copy about a week ago. Not sure when it was shipped as I seemed to have deleted my notification.
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