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  1. Shipping notice received!
  2. Indeed they are UK based as are the blokes who are releasing Xenocrisis which I did back on Kickstarter. In case you haven't seen it here is an interview with man responsible for Tanglewood.
  3. According to the Sega-16 Forum all of the pre-orders have shipped and the game is now available at the Tanglewood website with a 7 day wait for dispatch. I ordered my copy a day or so after yours and I have not received a shipping notice although my payment was processed. Just wondering if you received a shipping notice.
  4. Order placed, fingers crossed.
  5. Ten plus minutes of 80s musical bliss.

    1. doctorclu


      Sounds like it.

    2. save2600


      Good stuff!

  6. I backed this. I do hope they include the option to use two controllers.
  7. Good to hear your comments on the B&O. At least I know I am not missing anything.
  8. Empty those wallets boys and girls it's The Game Chasers Motion Picture on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2121405390/the-game-chasers-motion-picture?ref=project_link

  9. This dude tweaked his FV310 and the results are very impressive.
  10. Another reason I am interested in the JVC D-Series. They are substantially lighter than the Sony.
  11. If I lived in Europe I wouldn't even consider a trinitron. Instead I would be on the lookout for a Bang and Olufsen or, maybe, a Loewe.
  12. The FS100 has component input and it is a lower end set AFAIK. FYI the FV310 is the most desired set. It is virtually identical to the 300 except that it has a voltage regulator that is supposed to contribute to picture quality in some way or another that I cannot remember. I have never seen a 310 unfortunately.
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