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  1. kenfused


  2. If you don't need the cross-reference stuff, you could try kasm. It should be mostly AMAC compatible and supports command line args on some DOS's
  3. My old editor KEdit does 40 or 80 columns. Available here: http://kensclassics.org/ It attempts to work with any E: device but have no idea if it works with anything beyond the provided handlers and the OS handler. --Ken
  4. I may be wrong but I believe the white part of the eyes is a wide missile behind the eye area of the ghost, so you can't just poke a pixel sized hole through it.
  5. in b*nQ, Al*Bertha has the exact same effects as Coily. IIRC, in FHMC Q*bert, Q*Bertha can flip cube colors back and fix cubes that have been turned into rainbow cubes, but she is still fatal to touch as is Coily. --Ken
  6. I think I may have added saving the state of the logo to the savekey/atarivox but not 100% sure if I completed it.
  7. In b*nQ it doesn't really change the difficulty or gameplay though. I did consider adding fhmc mode but it would have delayed the game a bunch. And I didn't want to waste the graphic
  8. Pronounced as Bonk (at least that is how I do) (the * and big Q pay homage to Q*bert) Al*bertha is homage to Q*bertha from FHMC Q*bert. There should be another egg that changes the Title logo/name --Ken
  9. After clearing the 6 screens, you didn't get more screens in more mode? It is possible to combine modes: ie: mirror+more. I was thinking for god mode, you might have to activate another code before it to enable cheat mode. I'll have to look.
  10. Mirror mode should have all screens flipped. More mode adds more screens but you have to clear all the original screens to get to them.
  11. Iirc the codes are on one of the high score tables. I forget for which level. The letters corresponded to numbers on a telephone keypad. This may not be true for the demo version.
  12. Maybe relevant: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246939-altirra-270-released/page-15?hl=+quest%20+for%20+quintana%20+roo
  13. Ah found it, here was the post with a link to the experimental 2011 release.
  14. Note also somewhere here on the forums there is a newer test version that has dropped bad guys spawn from where they are dropped to like the arcade and 7800 version. It has some audio bugs I never fixed though. I also did done changes to the sprite multiplexer but wasn't really happy with the changes. Don't think I ever got any feedback on the release
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