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  1. The version on Total Replay 4 supports Mockingboard. Please update the list to put this back in the main section.
  2. After switching from the 2xRCA jacks to the 3.5mm jack I am getting output from the Mockingboard clone in slot 4 from my ][ europlus. Yay! A step forward.
  3. I've been trying out the titles that are supplied with Total Replay in my Platinum //e system that has a Mockingboard clone in slot 5. So far, none of the titles I have tried have provided any Mockingboard sound. Even with the titles that ask for the installation slot. I'm not very happy. Perhaps my clone is not working properly. I've added a feature request for Total Replay to configure/detect and then convert games to the correct slot. https://github.com/a2-4am/4cade/issues/43
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