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  1. You're not wrong I suspect! 😂
  2. Did SG have the MM carts listed for sale? Crap, I guess I didn't catch that... [I just found it] What if SG "bought" it and was trying to flip it before it ever arrived. Used the photos sent to them (cropped) and listed it on eBay? I'm getting more confused with the connection of SG and sharpn51 now......
  3. The new eBay account sharpn51 who was selling the cart is no longer a valid seller on eBay.
  4. Ugh, where to begin..... Well, it started about mid-week. The blue plaid background MM photo appeared in a few Facebook groups by a FB user Vito Montana. The FB profile was sketchy af and several (most of us) called it a scammer. I decided to play the game and "purchased" it Thursday evening. I used PayPal Goods and Services and the seller within minutes was trying to get me to "confirm reception" so he could get the money "to buy packing materials". Within minutes of accepting my money another AA forum member and friend sent an interested message to Vito, low and behold, "yes, it's still available" was the reply. Have since learned there were at least a couple other people who 'bought' the MM cart via FB posts. Every transaction the seller WANTS CashApp, LOL. I continued to work the seller for more info, he sent me a tracking number (trying to circumvent PP G&S limitations) but the tracking number was created some 9 hours BEFORE my purchase. Seller then sent me some QR code that went nowhere. Friday morning I got a PP refund from Vito with the note attached "someone offered more money". Sometime Friday I believe it was it 'sold' thru Mercari and also listed on eBay. Timing is fuzzy but none-the-less the PHOTO has made it's rounds thru every sales avenue getting sold or pulled and relisted within hours. MM was relisted on Mercari [after it was listed as SOLD] and then pulled because seller required CashApp payment in the ad. It was quickly relisted without that verbiage. Vito Montana appears to have connections to a very sketchy eBay seller DRE407 whom I got into with many years ago for selling fake A2600 carts. I think my interactions with them are here on AA forums from those years gone by. Ironically some of the same fake carts are still listed today and DRE407 even calls some eBay user out [not me] in the description for harassment over the fake carts. I don't know if they run in the same ring or Vito just happens to cross paths by pure accident. I don't believe there is any true connections to school girl, I have a gut feeling school girl is a legit seller with insane prices and actually physically possess the items listed. I suspect Vito is simply a good ol fashioned scammer who found the photos and is using them in the listings across all platforms and doesn't own anything. About the negative feedback for the new seller with the MM, well if you look the negative feedback came from SCHOOL GIRL! Which kinda solidifies my suspicions Vito is just a good ol fashioned scammer and SG is a legit seller. I have too many screen shots of the whole mess to back up my 'story' for those of you who are in the pics or GTFO camp. ;)
  5. I'm interested in PI.... .not sure I'm FINANCIALLY interested but I am genuinely interested.
  6. Difficult to say as Atari_Bill stated, they are truly rare and I've seen a couple of them over the years. Always seem to be just like this, "found in a lot" kinda deal. I don't know that there is a a lot of published data on private sales and this is one of those carts that would likely be a private sale. I mean popping it on eBay is going to net you the most exposure or you could simply work with someone privately with what you feel comfortable accepting and what they are comfortable giving. I wouldn't be surprised if it brought crazy $2,000 and I wouldn't be surprised if you sold it for a few hundred bucks.
  7. BWAHAAHA - this is golden! Thank you @Spriggy for the investigations!
  8. OK folks - Shopgoodwill showed this shipped a week ago and USPS said they don't have it. UGH! Well, I get home late last night and there's this box waiting on me...... It appears to be Missile Command, I don't know if it's a different revision or final production run or ?????? Albert or CPUWIZ any additional thoughts? Just a production sample? Any guesses how many production samples would there be?
  9. Kenjunior

    Atari Cart

    Atari Cart
  10. I sent CPUWIZ a message several days ago asking about that cart due to the seemingly dead ending from the 4 year ago thread. Yes I'm the one who ended winning the auction.
  11. You couldn't give me double the money for this and require me to purchase it from this seller! Complete fraud and when I called him out via eBay with full documentation and proof, eBay gave *me* a "strike" against my account for harassment! Minimal eBay searching will link this scammer with several other accounts on eBay selling the same Atari items. They recycle the same photos and will include carts in lots and list separately, different states, different sellers but exact same markings on the carts, etc. BUYER BEWARE!
  12. This seller is a scam artist. He's the Happiest seller because people are buying his crap.
  13. PLEASE make a numbered edition #69 (outside of the obvious, that's not why I want that number). I'll take whatever is available. Kenjunior
  14. My wife still doesn't get that Colecovision, Tele-Games, Atari are not the same. We go thru a thrift store, antique shop, retro game store, etc she's always pointing out.... 'here's a game....' God I love her, not many wives put up with a terrible habit of collecting Atari stuff let alone be an enabler to the addiction.
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