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  1. BWAHAAHA - this is golden! Thank you @Spriggy for the investigations!
  2. OK folks - Shopgoodwill showed this shipped a week ago and USPS said they don't have it. UGH! Well, I get home late last night and there's this box waiting on me...... It appears to be Missile Command, I don't know if it's a different revision or final production run or ?????? Albert or CPUWIZ any additional thoughts? Just a production sample? Any guesses how many production samples would there be?
  3. Kenjunior

    Atari Cart

    Atari Cart
  4. I sent CPUWIZ a message several days ago asking about that cart due to the seemingly dead ending from the 4 year ago thread. Yes I'm the one who ended winning the auction.
  5. You couldn't give me double the money for this and require me to purchase it from this seller! Complete fraud and when I called him out via eBay with full documentation and proof, eBay gave *me* a "strike" against my account for harassment! Minimal eBay searching will link this scammer with several other accounts on eBay selling the same Atari items. They recycle the same photos and will include carts in lots and list separately, different states, different sellers but exact same markings on the carts, etc. BUYER BEWARE!
  6. This seller is a scam artist. He's the Happiest seller because people are buying his crap.
  7. PLEASE make a numbered edition #69 (outside of the obvious, that's not why I want that number). I'll take whatever is available. Kenjunior
  8. My wife still doesn't get that Colecovision, Tele-Games, Atari are not the same. We go thru a thrift store, antique shop, retro game store, etc she's always pointing out.... 'here's a game....' God I love her, not many wives put up with a terrible habit of collecting Atari stuff let alone be an enabler to the addiction.
  9. River, why didn't you open/play it when you bought it? (I'm going on the assumption you bought it when it was released and you as a child vs a few years ago)
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