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  1. I tried R/W as well. The only thing that I can save and reload is saving the character after leaving a dunjon when the innkeeper asks if you want to save your character. Even saving the dunjon when the innkeeper asks (after leaving a dunjon) does not load. you get the "saved game file not found" message. I normally use save states, but thought i'd try to be it bit more authentic.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. Is the Shift+P a typo in the manual, or are the manual screenshots posted on atarimania from a different version of the game? UPDATE: unfortunately something is not working with saved games. as shown the dos2 formatted disk contains the in game save but when trying to restore the game the innkeeper program states no saved game found.
  3. In the Dunjonquest game Hellfire Warrior, the manual states you can click Shift+P to trigger a save game during play. Playing the game in Altirra, The Shift+P just triggers the Parry attack command (P). The Shift seems to be ignored. Is this a setting for Altirra?
  4. i got a little better at it, but run out of time or health before I can visit all the rooms. my health is down to 40 here and two or three more robber hits ends the quest.
  5. So, how do you stay alive in this game? I've played temple of apshai fine, but this game takes me out after 3-4 rooms.
  6. My CAS version levels seem to match the alternate atr. So if anyone is looking to play use the alternate atr version the SoulBuster posted. It would be nice to know what the levels on the other ATR are.
  7. The first atr has levels 0 to 4, so actually 5 levels. level0 loads but you see nothing, even though you hear sounds. level1 works but I don't think that it's the actual first level. The alternate atr has levels 1 to 4. level1 on this atr file is what I remember as being the first level. Any idea what the levels are on the first atr file? are they from an expansion pack?
  8. Looking for a complete original Dunjonquest - Temple of Apshai on an ATR file. I have one but it's missing level 4.
  9. Thanks. I'll check this out. The 850 express link from Blizzard doesn't work for me. Is this the same thing from atarimania? http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-850-express-tscope_33270.html
  10. In the 1030 modem options screen what is required to get online, or are there settings I need to configure elsewhere in Altirra to get online? Is it possible to use the Telelink 1.bin or Telelink 2.bin cartridge dumps to actually connect to services? It's all about doing something that I never got to do back in the 80s.
  11. Please include the specific test release when reporting versions, since we're up to 4.00-test36. The save states you have work for me, make sure you're on the latest test release since I fixed a couple of save state restore bugs in 4.00-test31. I updated to 4.00-test36 and was able to load the rof-l25crash.atstate2 save state file with no problems. Fantastic!
  12. I'm receiving periodic save state files that do not work. Whenever I do a save state, my mind is thrown back to my 410 cassette recorder days, nervously hoping that the CSAVE was successful so I don't have to retype in my program 😬. Attached are two save states that crash. Do they contain any info that might help solve the issue? These save states produce an altirra popup, unlike my jumpman report that loads the game but is frozen with a blue overlay to the screen.. I'm using x64 4.00-test on windows 10. The files are from rescue on fractulus and koronis rift atr files. rof-l25crash.atstate2 kr-r11-cr-filecrash.atstate2
  13. In your instructions you provided in a post long ago the example of the eb console command there is a $ in front of the address. is this not necessary here, or does B183 need to be $B183?
  14. The patches work great. Take that 1985 insane game play! 😛 (There are some unexpected results since you can now send the probe to those trap hulks on level 20 and you can now blowup the base with one laser blast, but that's to be expected when playing code changed games.)
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