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  1. I bought this cart from a seller and they seemed genuine but I wanted to make sure if it is real and this is the best place to check.
  2. I was at the bin goodwill a few weeks ago and was surprised to find a Donkey Kong Jr Coleco mini arcade just sitting there and even though i already own one i had to pick it up. Something looked a little off to me though while looking at it and when i got home i compared it to the one i already own and there is a bunch of French all over it and the bottom says Coleco of Canada. Has anyone ever seen Canadian variants of these things and would they be worth anymore to a collector?
  3. thanks, i might know a couple people who can do it but if they cant i will def ask one of you guys for some help
  4. thanks for the advice, i will have to test them a little further. i basically just put each one i have in a coleco to see what games they were and they all seemed to work fine. i need to find someone who can dump the roms for me next, these are all the games that came with the trade in
  5. so i work at a game store and someone traded in like 19 colecovision games that had no labels on them and upon further inspection i looked at the carts and they looked too clean to have had the labels removed, it looked like they were never on there to start. some of them had some end labels with hand written names of the games on them too. so i opened up one that i had a copy of in my store and the microchips definitley look different, so i opened a couple other and they all have that same look and stickers with the games name written on them. i dont know too much about prototypes or reproductions do i decided to come here and see if any of you guys know whats up with these. the picture posted is of gorf, the one of the left is the copy i pulled from my shelve and the one on the right is of the one that has no label
  6. oh yea i understand its not something an average person would want, just wanted to see some sources since i cant find any of them for sale on ebay. thanks for the input though
  7. yea thats mine, i posted here and didnt want to post the ebay link because i didnt know if that was cool or not, how did you get that 50-70 dollar value?
  8. i cant really find a real value on this game, its for sale $400 shipped, but i'am also open to other offers. its been tested and it is working, its a little dirty but can probably be cleaned up with a magic eraser i just dont want to do it myself. the board is a little loose inside the cart but it doesnt effect gameplay. message me if you need anymore pictures or with any offers
  9. im an idiot when it comes to stuff like that, ill see if i have any friends that knowsd wat you mean lol thanks for the advice though
  10. yes iam using a crt, i also tried my new lcd and its the same thing ive used the rf box and ive bypassed it by putting in a new coaxial cable and i still get the same black and white picture
  11. thanks, i hope someone can help with this problem, i would love to start buying games for the system
  12. i just got my first odyssey 2, but when i turn the thing on i only get a black and white picture. i opened it up and put in a new coaxial wire to bypass that stupid box and i still have the same problem. does anybody know whats going on?
  13. thanks a million, this worked!
  14. Lol I pressed every button on the controller, that's when I found out you can abort the game by pressing a button
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