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  1. As the title says, its just excitingly fun pick up and play especially around my mates with beer, it was a very popular title in Australia, in the arcades and on the super nes/mega drive. Of course tournament edition is icing on the cake. Hangtime oh yes! however I don't believe hangtime translated well on to the super nes and megadrive that well though. I personally own NBA jam T.E on arcade format and on snes and sega Saturn as I would call the Saturn version a perfect arcade conversion, , even a fan of the 2009 reboot which I picked up on wii and ps3 which I believe is an update that retained the core gameplay mechanics, not a sports fan... but this game is just so radical which is also how I feel about NFL blitz, would love to hear from fellow Atari agers about these sports games that I guess... I would boldly state sports games per se, that aren't really sports games but really just arcade games if you get my drift, like they were in such a different genre basket to what electronic arts were pumping out at the time that were marketed as "simulation" any how... this aussie would love to hear from fellow NBA jammers to discuss the good, the bad (nba jam extreme), the odd but ok (nba jam 2004 ps2), (nba jam 99 gbc)
  2. as the title says want to buy a colecovision super game module, inbox me or contact me via email [email protected]
  3. im a bit late to the christmas party, but thankyou pixel boy, now i can play mecha-8 on my atarimax cart and my raspi emulation station, instead of having to dig out the coleco flashback, i finally got retropie emulating coolcv using the colecoflashback controllers via visiondaptor, im keen to acquire a supergame module so i can play zaxxon supergame and the donkey kong arcade coming out, imagine that, colecovision having a donkeykong thats better than the nes version, anyways will opcode games be doing a 2018 sgm run?
  4. as the title says, recent noob in the c64 scene, want some advice so I don't miss out on anything good
  5. as the title says, i have pre-ordered my C-64 mini in australia, being 1989 born i grew up playing atari 2600, coleco vision, gameboy and super nintendo, dos and windows games, i Missed out on the commodore 64... yes i am a bit of a generation behind age wise, but reading the australian publication Hyper magazine back in the day, the system was always an honourable mention, so lets cut to the chase, 60+ games built in, only some peak my intellectual curiosity, but has the ability to play "public domain/homebrew roms" via usb, its a replica of the real mccoy, the joystick is a usb replica of the real McCoy, it seems like a good option for those who want engage in the commodore 64 experience, at a reasonable price of $150 Australian, i mean it would be nice to own an original OG C-64 that is mint and has one of those SD loaders is saw at the Brisbane C-64 night, but its new replica hardware, and I'm sure it will do the c64 name good to keep the C-64 scene running on more than a full tank and to draw newcomers onto the iconic hobbyist machine
  6. please inbox with offers if you have a super game module with games for sale, being located in australia i dont have a problem with payin for overseas shipping at my expense
  7. Very valid point AtariBoy, I was frustrated as hell during the time of the first Wii, and the Nintendo DS, I sacrificed owning a DS
  8. because I'm a bit short on disk space may I know whats in these bundles? are there like catalogs, coleco documentation worth having?
  9. As the title says, I'm glad to see Nintendo back in commercial success, even though the wii u wasn't a commercial success I'm personally a fan of the wii u, I wouldn't call it a flop, but the switch is a moderately beastly console, more 3rd party support than ever (doom), stellar 1st party Nintendo games, and more of them to come over the years, i gotta buy a switch this boxing day with Mario odyssey, watched it on youtube and liked what I saw. In honesty before the switch was released I was skeptical and wondered if it would make or break Nintendo
  10. that is a valid point sir, but the best console version of doom ive played pre-ps1 is the jaguar version, the slightly enhanced version of wolf3d, nba jam was nice... and they were on there way to release MK3, but cancelled, this system could have pumped out something close to a ps1 launch title "3d wise" meaning under some sort of quality control, as in a passible 3d title
  11. come on lads lets keep this jaguar relevant, and no flame wars. it kicks me in the balls that the piece of crap checkred flag was so abomonationally aweful, it was a virtua racing clone but played aweful, the jaguar could have atleast been its own nich'e market, even if its library of games were small, it should have gone for broke on the whole quality over quantity
  12. ​no intention to spread myth, I'm heavily assuming in 1994 it was, and I know homebrews do require a lot of time and work, but come on, this should be ataris box of ressurection
  13. OP, is back, and jiminy jellickers, ive definately heard some answers that have givin me leverage, the machine was allegedly difficult to program on but had to be a lot easier than the saturn (which i adore), anyways i reckon mortal kombat 3 could have given them some leverage. i guess the reason i created this discussion is because i was reading up on Jeff Minter, and how the ceos behind the jaguar dispised his idea to release tempest on the system, and wow, it was like in the top 3 of electronic gaming monthlys gameslist at the time
  14. Being from australia, the jaguar was unheard of... and i mean after its heyday im surprised unsold units werent sold off to be sold in our dollar and cent thrift stores, but anyways, it had the gems, like tempest 2000, fine ports of doom and wolfenstein, worms, rayman, power drive rally... but also aware of the flops like aircars, fight for your life, white men cant jump and cyber morph. so any ways in a hypothetical scenario do you jaguar enthusiast believe the jaguar had the ability to make it in the console race?
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