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  1. is it possible to replace an mfm hard drive with a cf card? If yes, is there a tutorial?
  2. Hi im looking for a CF card installed and ready on Atari falcon Can you help me ? Regards
  3. Hi Im looking for an another case for my mega ste because case is broken Regards
  4. Hi Im looking for this psu for my Mega ste Can you help me ?
  5. Enfin pour moi, 1 voyant d'alimentation vert avec œillets with 3d support 1 hd led jaune avec oeillets Cordialement
  6. I thought I would simply remove the grommets with broken LED, clean it well and then stick your grommets with a yellow LED
  7. ok its possible in yellow led for mega ste HDD ?
  8. salut Im intéressé pour led jaune ou ambre pour hdd mega ste .... et puissance verte im living in France
  9. Hello my PSU for mega STE does not work anymore. I'm looking for someone who can fix it for me, either an original PSU or a similar one. Thank you for your help
  10. Hi I installed a CF card HD on my atari falcon. This hard drive is unreadable on my PC and I want to transfer games adapted from pc to atari. Can you tell me how? Regards
  11. Hi What is this card connected to a Lo Hi switch?
  12. thanks a lot How i can install games on atari as on amiga for example ?
  13. Hi im looking for a tutorial to prepare a CF card for Atari Falcon Im also ready to buy a CF card installed and ready on Atari falcon Regards
  14. salut je cherche un psu pour atari falcon 030 Cordialement
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