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  1. Yar, my bad. Description snippet below. Includes some overlays, manuals for nintendo, atari 2600, 7800, 5200, intellivision. Some of the more rare ones I came across include: Spacechase, Laser gates (2), Frankenstein (2), Gremlins, Miner 2049'er, Mr. do, Rescue at Fractalus, Pengo, Moonsweeper, Atlantis Contest , 3 starpath/arcadia games, Oink, Congo Bongo, Montezuma's revenge (5200 and 2600) London Blitz, Fathom.
  2. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 370384501062 I also listed 5-6 lots of games, boxes, etc.. at the same .01 starting price, 7 day auction. Good luck! eBay Store: The-Electric-Quarter
  3. Got a couple things listed, no buy it now, no reserve, 7 day auctions, including an odyssey system in good condition, not complete. Lots of doubled NES games, some other boxed stuff. Link to 7 day auctions started monday 01/25/10 Happy gaming.
  4. Sorry, I tend to forget there are subcategories since it lets you post in the master one fyi, the shippin calculator got a bit fubar on the listing, check the note at the bottom I added on. GL.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/HUGE-Lot-of-593-Atari-...#ht_3260wt_2210 That's the ugly link. penny start on the 7 auction. I put a reserve, but will most likely sell to the high bidder even if it's not met depending on the final price. I'd be more than happy to work out something with shipping or a pickup.
  6. Nintendo 64 Controller USB Adapters are back in stock. SNES USB Adapters will be in stock later this month. We've got QUITE a few new items, mostly tools and RGB Cables, etc.. Expecting to put up a few hundred additional classic game cartridges later this week. Free shipping on most of our ebay items, actual shipping on the others. http://stores.shop.ebay.com/The-Electric-Q...r__W0QQ_armrsZ1 Bulk sales and additional options available ONLY through our website here: http://www.ElectricQuarter.com Game on!
  7. Get 8% off your order at http://www.ElectricQuarter.com using coupon code "Aage5". Unlimited usage. Thanks!
  8. Updated our main page and logo, and got quite a few new items in, 5% off for atariage users using coupon code. We carry Atari games as well as modern accessories and cables. Take a look!
  9. Added best offer option, I meant to have that enabled to begin with lol.
  10. ya they're up now. Had to switch computers, wouldn't work on one of them.
  11. Selling off 30+ of my rarest carts in the best condition. They're in my ebay store for now, and if they don't sell in 1-2 weeks, I'll move them to auction. Please don't bother commenting on the prices. These are from my personal collection over the past 10-15 years of collecting AND being in the business. You won't find better than these, period. Also coming soon, all of my duplicate (different label) carts, and duplicate systems (6 switch, columbia house, sears, etc..) Just time to make some room and clear out some never-played games for a collection I'm never going to finish So, here they are: 30+ of the rarest carts in my collection HERE! Blue label carts HERE Asking question in this thread will be answered more.... satisfactorily than e-mailing me through the auctions themselves. Thanks!
  12. We're clearing out space, I don't have the time to listed 100 pictures of individually boxed games and manuals, and I don't have the time to dig through them all and type for hours, so here they are, with HUGE pics in the auctions themselves. 7 days, no buy it now prices, media mail shipping available, $9.99 starting price. Ebay store category all 9 auctions are listed in. Click here. 1 lot of Coleco manuals and overlays (another NICE lot with rares) 1 lot of Odyssey 2 manuals (VERY nice condition, includes rares) 1 lot of genesis manuals 1 lot of intellivision manuals + overlays 1 lot of atari manuals + overlays (FIFTEEN POUNDS of manuals) 1 lot of genesis boxes + Manuals 1 lot of genesis boxes w/no manuals
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