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  1. After visiting relatives and having to fix their antenna cables I looked at the masthead amplifier for their antenna. It amplifies the signal coming from the antenna (duh). Because of where it is located the power and the signal travel through the same cable much like the studio ii. The voltage and current are a little different but it essentially does the same thing
  2. Searching for a reason

  3. Confused and clueless i begin my search for wood

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      thats what she said


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      In the morning? How about waiting until the afternoon, pal? Nobody wants morning wood.

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      I think a lot of women like it in the morning, actually.

  4. After looking around for quite some time i found that shelves did not exist for a console setup that I wanted. The wall is shaped like so: C ***************************************** B ** A ** ** ********************** For the past week I have designed shelves that will work and fit to individual consoles Section A will hold 12 of the smaller consoles. B will contain the switch boxes for the consoles C will have room for 24 larger consoles. This is the list of consoles and av best outputs without modding.(correct me if i'm wrong) On the far right side are the consoles i currently own and do not Gray=not compatible Green=best output yellow=other outputs red=no av output I believe the largest is the Atari 5200(again,correct me if i'm wrong)
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    Consoles currently in My collection
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  7. "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't"-Bill Nye

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      @travis Nah, your cousin already posted a picture on Facebook.

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      Rick Dangerous

      Damn him!!! We swore to secrecy!

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      Bet he didn't say that to Ken Ham though ...

  8. Awhile ago I purchased an Odyssey 2 to add to my collection. I knew it didn't work when I tested it ,but it powered up to some lines and jumbled up letters. I immediately thought "Why not?" Being a "Genius" with other cartridge games i immediately bought it figuring that it needed cleaning. After a thorough cleaning of the carts and games I plugged the system back, shoved in a cartridge, and hit the on button. Waiting for my moment of triumph I was puzzled why my work didn't pay off. After an hour of going over the system and re-seating any chips, I found the problem. Checking the Capacitors was one of the last things to cross my mind, yet it should have been a priority. 2 of the 4 electrolytic caps were bad. 4 new Caps later another system had been saved from the trash.
  9. Another console has been added to my small growing collection. In box it is missing a power supply and essential power and signal switch box. An Atari 2600 PS should be suitable and schematics are available for the unique switch box.
  10. In your opinion what is the Holy Grail of consoles? Games? Accessories?
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