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  1. Hello, This memory upgrade will work for Atari 800XL series without soldering? Thanks
  2. H.E.R.O International Karate Pole Position Great American Cross Country Star Raiders
  3. Happy 30th Amiga Anniversary! Back in time, I know many ex-Atari 8bit "upgrade" to 16Bit taking an Amiga. When you start an Amiga, you can't hear "SIO Beeps", but you will hear the floppy "Click Sound" (Tac...tac....tac..). By the way, in the same way on the Atari 8Bit, the Amiga you only need turn on and will boot from a disk without typing or clicking sometime. I am not saying it has something to do, but certainly are similarities. Happy 30th Amiga Anniversary!
  4. How i saw recently on any forum post: " Amiga the spiritual Atari 8 bit successor ". Happy 30th anniversary
  5. Everything is wrong. Bad Load command, the C=1541 is off, the modem over the disk drive is not for C64. I this episode throw a Commodore 64 and 1702 monitor. Anyway I am enjoying the show.
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