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  1. I also want a true HDMI 7800. I’ll have to wait.
  2. I loved Tandy computers and wonder what their Amiga CDTV like system would be. Would it be cartridge based or run CDs? Would it have a MT32 inside and play Sierra games off of bootable CDs? Would they build blitter chips and tile based graphics modes or at least have the type of scroll registers in the EGA chip to allow for platform games? Why didnt they become the juggernaut they could have?
  3. I’m actually impressed with my Sony 50 inch HDTV with HDR and it’s ability to clean up a composite signal. It played my old Genesis over composite very well co pared to my other LCD. It also makes my Laserdiscs look awesome. I have all the digital noise reduction turned to the max for Laserdisc and the performance hit was not noticeable to me. This TV is really smart and has Android and can emulate a PSOne easily.
  4. Cool. I posted this idea on the atariage Facebook page too.
  5. Here is another seller retromachunerepair with a 75 dollar mod service to add HDMI to a 7800 for 75 dollars. I asked him how it was implemented and for pics inside the case but he declined. I also asked for full screen pictures and if the video was stretched and didn’t get a good answer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-7800-or-2600-HDMI-OUT-MOD-ALL-PARTS-INCLUDED-FREE-RETURN-SHIPPING/132489171670?hash=item1ed8f852d6:g:QF0AAOSwcN1acaKO
  6. Hatta you are right. I have a HX and TL for the mid 80s to 88 games. I have a 1000 RSX and 2500 for the newer stuff and need to get a CD for it.
  7. I was tired and ready to go home but I decided to walk down one more aisle. One of the vendors had a "store" and also a table outside the store in the hallway with a bunch of random stuff. There it was a shiny silver speech synthesizer for the TI. I had a TI as a kid and it was our family's first computer. This is where I learned to program and it's my career today so I owe a lot to that system. So I had to have it. A few months ago I bought a cherry TI 99 4/A CIB and a SD rom cartridge but I never got the synthesizer. So I pick it up and marvel at my find. The seller walks out onto the floor and say, "five dollars and it's yours". He didn't realize it would cost him my story as well. So I told him what it was and what it meant to me and gladly paid my five dollars. I haven't tested it yet. More to come Saturday.
  8. Ping me if you have a Laser Active
  9. Genesis CD model one Amiga CDTV Let me know if you have a nice one. Thanks.
  10. The 8 bit guy has a recent review of the laser xt. I have a Tandy 100 HX with 640k and an XT IDE and it rocks. CM-11 is super high quality. Vintage gaming Sierra style.
  11. Yes but get something unique or something you owned back in the day. I bought a few Tandys after my brother bought me a 1000 HX which is what I really learned to program on. I will keep them forever.
  12. In 1990 I was deciding what to do with my Tandy 1000HX. I wanted more power and better graphics. I started reading Computer Shopper. I realized I needed VGA to be happy but looked hard at the Amiga 500 and 1000. I was always surprised that the 1000 was cheaper when it looked more professional. I ended up buying a VGA monitor and 8 bit card plus a 100 dollar expansion box for my HX to run the card. I bought this stuff with lawn mowing money and it wasn't cheap. 275 for the monitor, 100 for the card and 115 for the box I think. I plugged it in backwards and fried the HX motherboard. The HX was the family computer and not mine. As this was occurring my mom walked into my room crying about a death in the family. I didn't have the heart to tell her I just killed the computer. So then I took it to Radio Shack and they fixed it for maybe 175. I sent back the expansion box and the company was out of business, I filed a claim with the BBB and sent them a personal letter explaining that I was a freshman in high school and needed my refund. They sent me a check. I kept mowing lawns and bought a 286 16mhz motherboard, case, floppy, power supply, 2MB RAM and a 40MB hard drive. When the parts arrived I was dumbfounded. I had to figure out how to put it together. My friend was no help. I got it day we bombed Iraq in Desert Storm. My mom walked into my room crying as the computer was just booting up on the A drive. She lived through the Vietnam war so it was hard for her to see war footage again. In the end. I became a PC guy with that Tandy in 1987 and then was graduated to power user in 1990. Three years later I got a job at a computer store and built thousands of computers feom386SX to Pentium IIs. That's my story.
  13. There is a troubling trend happening where kids don't want to work but they want money to buy games, toys, clothes etc. Parents need to stop this before we have an entire generation that feels entitled to the good things in life without working for it.
  14. I want to buy one or maybe 2 f18a boards. Messaged you
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