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    Asterix repro?

    They're welding gloves. Why would anyone want to cause themselves certain hand pain by using a CX-40 while wearing welding gloves, unless it's some kind of "iron fingertip" karate exercise?
  2. Bubble Bobble, easily. Hopefully 2600 Zoo Keeper will eventually be found in its entirety, the sound code that has been found is pretty sweet. And Basketbrawl on the 7800/Lynx basically is Arch Rivals with even better fighting. And you know that 2600 Electric Yo-Yo already exists, right? A faster version that wasn't so easy would be cool, though.
  3. I can't stand most NES music. I liked it when I first heard it, but the tinkly bass-free sound doesn't hold up well in comparison to C64, 2600, or even CV music. The worst, though, has to be the horrible rendition of "Can't Stop Believin'" on the 2600 version of Journey Escape. How has no one brought it up yet?
  4. It's a fun little 2-player game, although I always preferred handhelds for my video baseball action...until Baseball Stars came out for the NES, anyway. Way better than the original Football.
  5. That may be the case with my NES as it is from Pharoah Video in Arab, Alabama, I'll bet my machine MORE than payed for itself 1008632[/snapback] One of mine (the one I cannibalized to get the one I got NIB in '88 working again) is from Scott's Video Rentals in Ragland, which was an awesome store when they still carried old cult B-movies on VHS and NES/Game Boy games, but now is like every other store around here: Nothing but recent DVDs, PS2/XBox/GC games, and a tanning bed (Bet Pharoah has one of those too now).
  6. Depends on the store. I know a few mom-and-pops around here in Alabama that rented NES games into this decade (one actually rented out Game Boy/Game Boy Color games as well, I bought a lot of their unlicensed/rare stuff for those). The big chains pretty much dumped the older systems as soon as the new generation was firmly entrenched. I doubt you could get NES stuff at Blockbuster or Hollywood after 1995 when all the carts got shoved off the shelf and replaced with Playstation and Saturn CDs. A few stores actually rented 2600 games out as well during its heyday. I never saw that myself, but someone here (Rick Weis???) has a few carts that came in VHS-sized rental boxes from a store somewhere in NY.
  7. I'm surprised he doesn't post here. Are any of those other screenshots from actual games? I know they're not 2600 or CV titles, but they could be from the like Vic-20 or something . . .
  8. They're quite good about shipping and such, but yeah, the games are copies. Not sure about the bare PCBs covered in tape as to whether they're copies or cannibalized from broken carts. Not a big deal if you're wanting them for pure play purposes instead of collecting, though, and they're the best source for CV/ADAM stuff out there. Better than eBay, where half the Coleco carts will always be mislabeled as Atari 2600 carts and often shoved in lots with same.
  9. The Acer logo was designed as part of a plan to merge with Commodore and form a new company called Giant Dong Technologies. Sadly, this never happened.
  10. All those carts looked perfectly shiny and new. I'm guessing they got a label scan from somewhere (here??) and made all of them, or at least most of them. As common as ET is, it's not as common as label-less Combat. As for the ending, I thought they were trying to beat the game on all of them. The idea that there's this substantially more awesome version (Yeah, I like it) of ET that got buried isn't part of the legend.
  11. OK, I understand what you mean now, and yeah, why wasn't such a device made for the N64? Will the Revolution have the ability to play downloaded games for the portable systems as well as the NES/SNES/N64? I'm pretty sold on it already, but that would make it a definite must-buy.
  12. Adventure is controversial? I've never known it to have many vocal detractors. Most people like it and the rest don't bother to shake up the (mostly undeserved) Haterade about it like they do about Pac-Man, ET, DK, etc.
  13. Buy some homebrews, you won't regret it. Then snag a large lot of common popular games on FeePay, since there are always plenty of those floating around. But make sure they're the format that matches your system.
  14. Are you trying to plug the force feedback thing that's supposed to go in your controller into the console? Sounds like it.
  15. No to Joust, although it's great and better than any other home port ever. Breakout/Super Breakout and Battlezone would both definitely qualify in my book, and of course Combat since there was no plane mode in Tank. Solar Fox is dead even with its arcade counterpart, but I wouldn't call it better.
  16. Isn't HES' My Golf the last Australian 2600 release? I believe it came out in 1994, and unlike all their other games, is an original title. Fairly sure Edtris already existed at that point, too.
  17. DK3, because that is one of my favorite games on MAME, but the NES version is way too easy even w/o an turbo controller (with turbo, anyone could play it forever) Metroid would also be really cool, though.
  18. Your ex sounds like a fine human being indeed, Charles. Of course, if you lived in one of the redder states of the US, that pic may have been a useful strategic tool for her. Luckily, you're in Canada, where they wouldn't care at all. Congrats on winning the case, bud.
  19. Thanks! Well - it looks like Cattrax is using the ball and two missiles, and alternating between the left and right side for 30hz flicker, plus they're staggered on alternating lines. All possible in my kernel, I'm just not sure it would look any better. The colors would be pretty ugly since they would have to share colors with P0, P1 and PF, and the color of P0 and P1 are always changing from row to row since I'm using intelligent flicker for both (Cat Trax looks like it only uses i.f. for the <b>mice</b>, which are all basically the same color, and P0 always displays the cat). If implemented, it would probably look like a 60's rainbow.. Plus, I plan on using the ball to draw the skulls (probably just blocks) to reduce flicker. Thanks for the suggestions! 1003605[/snapback] They're dogs. Just saying... And the method you're currently using looks much, much better anyway.
  20. Out of this bunch, I must vote for Amidar, because it's the only truly bad 2600 game on the list. Pac-Man: looks bad, but plays OK. DK: At least it's a little better than Amidar and the controls are smooth. Battlezone: Better than the arcade, why is it even on this list? Congo Bongo: Decent once you figure out their attempts at perspective. Zaxxon: Ditto. Centipede: Doesn't belong on the list either. Defender: Way too easy, but otherwise not an abomination. Missile Command: Best possible conversion, good game, doesn't belong on the list. Gyruss: Not that good either, but it is fun. However, if it were on the list, I would vote for Up & Down. Great little arcade game, would seem highly doable on the 2600, but the port we got was horrible. At least Zaxxon and Congo Bongo are essentially playable and you can tell what games they're supposed to be kind of.
  21. Cat Trax does dots the same way Alien does, right? It's cool, but I don't know if it would look right for Lady Bug. And this is one awesome WIP already. I've been wanting a 2600 Lady Bug for years since I saw it "Coming Soon" in a Coleco catalog back in the day. This one would definitely satisfy my desires if it's completed. Great work, johnnywc.
  22. Both versions have the second snake. Apparently, the reviewer wasn't good enough to get to that point in either.
  23. Reading "The Many Faces of Frogger" in the latest RTM got me to thinking: Why does the Supercharger version of Frogger exist? I mean, it's definitely awesome and the best console version of the game ever made, but the Parker Bros. cart version is also great even if it doesn't look quite as good. Why did they choose to duplicate a Sega title that had already been done right as opposed to one that got a not-so-excellent 2600 cart port? Up & Down, Congo Bongo, Zaxxon, heck, even Tapper and Tac-Scan, would have all benefited more from this treatment than Frogger did.
  24. Count me in as another person who actually likes 2600 Zaxxon. Mind you, I played it before I'd ever seen the arcade machine, so my reaction was "Whoa! Look how much cooler the arcade one is" rather than "This is supposed to be Zaxxon! It sucks!" Coleco's INTV games, with the exception of Venture, are just straight-up awful. I don't care if they were basically homebrews, why release games that are that bad, especially when you have pretty good versions on 2 other platforms?
  25. It stinks. It's amazing that the best platformer on the 2600 (Keystone Kapers) and one of the worst (DK) were programmed by the same guy. If he'd had more RAM and experience, would the 2600 port of DK have been the definitive home version? Yeah, it plays OK, but it's so unwatchably ugly that it barely matters.
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