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  1. Hi all - I'm a little out of my depth here but here goes… I'm having my Japanese FZ-1 model repaired. The main transformer is blown - there's no connection on the primary windings (the 115V ones). Meaning it needs replacing. However, I've been informed that *maybe* UK-spec 240V transformer could be fitted in its place, *if* we can find one. So this is where I need your help: I'm not so hot on mains transformers, so would anyone have a suggestion for a replacement part? Cheers G
  2. Hey all, I just recently contacted onalok to for a repair of my Atari jaguar system. I live in Asia, whilst he is based in the states - the service was impeccable. Full regular updates, along with advise and top-level knowledge of the hardware. The price was reasonable and International priority tracking was also thrown in as part of the shipping. I would widely recommend this guys as a future resource, if and when you encounter any issues with your Jaguar/Jag CD system. G
  3. Checking it out now - thanks fella, I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the prompt response guys, Yes I tried all my carts and inspected the cart port which all seems fine. I have also contacted the aforementioned user (Golden.ax) - hope he's still around…haha. Strange thing I bought the system on eBay and the seller is adamant that is was working. Hmmm. I just need to reach out to someone who is more clued-up than myself, when it comes to specific trouble-shooting and repairs for these systems..
  5. Hi all, I recently purchased a Jaguar from the states (I'm British but live in Singapore), paid a small fortune, and guess what: the power does not come on(!). I've tried everything within my knowledge - which doesn't include disassembling it (I fear I may do more harm than good if I get into soldering and alcohol wipes etc). Des anyone out there do Jag repairs? I am actually in the US for 2 weeks as of tomorrow. I could arrange to get the system out to you if you'd be willing and/or available? It would be a god-send if anyone could help or point me in the right direction. G
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