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  1. Aware of the "typo" but not my artwork on Garfield, if you look VERY VERY Very closely you can see that REPRODUCTION is what Albert puts on certain special orders.
  2. I am pleased to say that Albert now has the .BIN file and can make this game if you add the Melody board option. I made up my own label design and it turned out Peeurrrfect. This goes great with Garfield which my friend Steve Woita programed.
  3. Hey folks I was wondering if there would be enough interest for me to make a very limited set of stickers for the whole 125 games. There are a bunch of the titles that could have two screen shot covers on both sides. Still debating on if it will fit and work on the Activision and iMagic carts. I am also considering remaking sets of replacement end caps. Mostly the white labels and rarer games that fall and fade off. Perhaps I might do the background color more like the boxes to make them unique. LMK what you think.
  4. Thanks guys I wasn't questioning the seller. Game does indeed look like the real deal. I just wasn't aware that AA actually reproduced that game for a short time. As for making boxes, I have indeed looked into reproducing them. Most of the common games boxes for the Intellivision are already online in HD. My printers can reproduce them for less then $3 each. With the Atari 2600 it much harder as you need close up pictures or an original to work with. But there are some great people like Marc O whom makes high quality items. And then there lots of other folks on eBay that just wheel and deal trying to make the most money. It hurts the real Atari enthusiasts like myself seeing obvious fakes, copies, & reproductions being sold as "Real" "Authentic" or "100% original"
  5. Well this is strange. I found a current listing of this game on eBay. This is one of those crazy impossible games to get. Like getting a finished copy of Garfield or Good luck Charlie Brown, it will likely never happen. And that Angie person selling a copy of the just Box and Rules for crazy prices. Albert and I have discussed scum bag sellers whom take a legitimate home brew then they make a Box and/or Rules. IMO that's the real crime of marking something up 5-10x what you paid for it. They spend very little time & money to make an empty box with instructions. The Amateur collectors will pay over $100 not knowing this is basic piracy. Good example here, is a copy of the game that just popped up on eBay. Item #(113274101252) To my knowledge there isn't a ROM dump nor has the Pink Panther ever been available as a legitimate downloadable ROM. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Pursuit-of-the-Pink-Panther-Prototype-Game-by-Probe-2000-Reproduction/113274101252?hash=item1a5fa99e04:g:RHYAAOSw5WVblG1g:sc:USPSFirstClass!75243!US!-1
  6. I am also looking for the 410 Belts. LMK when these are available again. Thanks!
  7. I have a few sets of these 84 labels left for sale. I am reducing the price to just $20 with free S&H so I can move onto other projects. I should have some posters designs ready to print in a few months. Thinking it would be cool to take screenshots from the entire 125 perhaps made into a photo mosaic. I am also working on making reproduction boxes for INTV & Atari rare games. But it's a huge undertaking and there is not much profit. Most of the people I know prefer the real items as most fakes are cheaply made and obvious. Feel free to message me if you want the last sticker sets. Thanks.
  8. Sounds a bit like my experience buying from the infamous warehouse in Venezuela. I also went a little nuts because customs held my package for over a month. I was pretty freaked out by the news where people had the games cut open slashed boxes as inspectors were looking for drugs. Eventually I did get all the Taiwan Coopers I ordered came in good shape. Yes there is a little normal damage on the cartridge labels and inside just from the 35+ years accumulation age. I later ordered all of the end released Red Labels which were shrink wrap sealed. Opening those up its normal that games some had water marks on the rules and rust on staples. Frankly Mexico is about the only place where you can readily find the some NTSC games which might not have seen distribution at all here in the USA. Just be glad that you can acquired them and not worry about perfection. Perhaps try different consoles for inserting & playing them if the shell is bad or warped. Try the 2600 Jr model which seems to have the easiest game slot, I think that the 7800 is the pickiest for playing 3rd party games.
  9. Dang it Marc! Some fantastic stuff your selling off here. If only I wasn't so broke ATM. I have been drooling over a bunch of these titles for years. IMO very rare limited releases of newer games are better then Air Raid or other super impossible to find originals.
  10. I have a ton of games mostly old school classic Atari INTV & CV Carts. My favorite way to display your collection is CD DVD Media tower and book cases with adjustable shelves. I am continually buying and reselling extras so the probably have 2000-3000 games. Here is some of the racks. They can get rearranged a bunch depending on which system I might be enjoying the most.
  11. I have remade the labels sets once again call it version 3.0 These again are improved. Redid the boarders touched up and remade several images. Improved the titles and color enhancements. Used the last of my special order peal and stick papers and have 9 sets ready to go. Same prices as before but only 80 labels for $30 to ship anywhere in the USA. If your a member of the 125 club I have a few of the 4 super rares that I can add in. Body Slam, Learning Fun I & II & Stadium Mud Buggies. Probably have a single Spiker or two hiding around. I wont be making these label covers again until I can get a newer PC and high end printer likely next year.
  12. I am in for several of the U suck ones. Seeing how many of my Atari friends want them too. Maybe 5-10. Are they cheaper by the dozen?
  13. Almost finished early reproduction boxes for the Intellivision.

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  14. No I hadn't done the Coleco boxes yet. And I am not doing a Gatefold at this time. The printers can't reproduce those with the current materials. Imagic will be the last on my list as that special silver paint will be costly. I started with the 1st set of red Action but not commons or Rares. Second set will be Purple of slightly hard to find games. Should I redo the common blue sports then we can talk a new gate fold design. It's the assembly and size of box which is an issue to remake.
  15. Glad these are doing well. I am working with a printer to make reproduction boxes for most intellivision games. Was thinking of doing some limited overlays maybe make my own orphans. I know what it takes in the time frame so have kept this quite. It's been about 6 months working so far but I should have the 1st set of 10 boxes ready for beta testing in a month. Hoping to keep these fairly cheap and simple. Will likely sell the early batch at $50 per set. So long as I can produce in large volumes I will my costs way down. I am down for a set of these when I have recouped my start up costs on this new project.
  16. Why no love for 2016 retropalooza?

  17. Just the 85 Mattel games that didn't have top labels are what I have done. There is no need to make or dress up games by Parker Brothers, Coleco or others which have great photos covers anyway. Thankfully the Activision game labels were made much better then the Atari counterparts and those have stood the test of time. Imagic also makes great games for the system and their colorful foil style can't be beat or recreated. One reason I choose to make these new art covers labels with simulated screen shots is to help remember what the game play was like especially if you don't have the boxes. I would be crazy to do the whole 125 since I am not a member of the big boys club. There is no need to remake the cover label on an older title since the originals still look great.
  18. Glad you guys got and liked them. Still working on making these a little better on my next production run. I hope to market them at the next retro gaming show I attend. Hopefully I can sell the label sets to vendors and intelligent people whom attend. I am going to be including a simple checklist on the next batch so you can easily know which games are on each sheet and what year they were released. There are 16 die cuts labels on the high quality photo paper which I broke into the following types: 1 Blue Sports, 2 Thinking Games, 3 Action Adventure, 4 Hard to Find, & 5 Rare Games. The last 4 are of the rarer titles are by themselves and of course Spiker which stands alone as King. Pricing for these is $30 for one set of 85 new game labels and $55 for two complete sets delivered in the USA. PayPal tracking is included with your orders. Just pop me an PM if you want these colorful labels. I currently have six sets left in stock printed up and ready to go. Thanks David.
  19. Sorry Steve #3. Your PayPal address was non verified and there was no eMail contact either. Sent you a PM so I can to get your mailing address. I will have those sent out as soon as I get your information.
  20. Hey folks, Sorry I hadn't been online here for a while as I had other priorities. I will be going back through my PMs to see whom already put in requests for these labels. It takes a little while to print these out to my high standards so please be patient. Give me a couple of weeks to fill out the dozen or so orders that I already have. Once I have caught up and have enough extras printed out I will update the thread for the rest of you who want them. Thanks!
  21. Yeah unfortunately this forum is not very user friendly. I can't seem to upload my list from word or excel as it gets scrambled like below. Maybe someone can tell me how to upload my checklist so it comes out correctly formatted. It looks fine when I tried to post but then single spaces everything strangely. It moves everything out and down instead of using the columns as designed. Activision Apollo 20th Century Fox M Network Barnstorming Final Approach Alien Adventures of Tron Beamrider Guardian (R8) Bank Heist Air Raiders Boxing Infiltrate Beany Bopper Armor Ambush Bridge Lochjaw (R9) Crash Dive Astroblast Checkers Lost Luggage Crypts of Chaos Bump 'n' Jump Chopper Command Racquetball Deadly Duck Burgertime Commando Shark Attack Fantastic Voyage Dark Cavern Cosmic Commuter Skeet Shoot Fast Eddie Frogs and Flies Crackpots Space Cavern Flash Gordon International Soccer Decathlon Spacechase M*A*S*H Kool-Aid Man Dolphin Wabbit Mega Force Lock 'N' Chase Double Dragon Porky's Masters of the Universe: He Man Dragster CBS Electronics Revenge Beefsteak Tomatoes Space Attack Enduro Blueprint Spacemaster X-7 Star Strike Fighter Pilot (PAL) Gorf The Earth Dies Screaming Super Challenge Baseball Fishing Derby Mountain King Turmoil Super Challenge Football Freeway Omega Race Worm War I Tron Deadly Discs Frostbite Solar Fox Ghostbusters Tunnel Runner Imagic Parker Brothers Grand Prix Wizard of Wor Atlantis Action Force (PAL) H.E.R.O. Cosmic Ark Amidar Ice Hockey Coleco Demon Attack Frogger Kaboom! Berenstain Bears (R9) Dragonfire Frogger II: Threedeep! Keystone Kapers Carnival Fathom GI Joe: Cobra Strike Kung Fu Master Donkey Kong Fire Fighter Gyruss Laser Blast Donkey Kong Jr. Laser Gates James Bond 007 Megamania Front Line Moonsweeper Montezuma's Revenge Oink Mouse Trap No Escape! Mr. Do!'s Castle (R8) Pitfall Mr. Do! Quick Step Popeye Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Roc 'n Rope Riddle of the Sphinx Q*Bert Plaque Attack Smurfs Rescue in G. C. Shootin' Gallery Q*Bert's Qubes (R9) Pressure Cooker Smurfs Save the Day Solar Storm Reactor Private Eye Time Pilot Star Voyager Sky Skipper Rampage Venture Subterranea Spider-Man River Raid Zaxxon Trick Shot Star Wars: Jedi Arena River Raid II Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Robot Tank Data Age Star Wars: The Arcade Game Seaquest Airlock Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Skiing Bermuda Triangle Strawberry Shortcake Sky Jinks Bugs Super Cobra Space Shuttle Encounter at L-5 Tutankham Spider Fighter Frankenstein's Monster Stampede Journey Escape Starmaster Sssnake Tennis Warplock
  22. I couldn’t find a good checklist of third party games for the Atari 2600 anywhere online so I made one up. This list contains the common manufactures titles without label variations or prototypes. You can copy this list onto a single page of Word or Excel so it will be simple to keep a handy reference of your collection. file:///C:/Users/Admin/Documents/Atari%202600%20Checklist.htm
  23. I just checked tracking and my blank batch of die cut photo labels was delivered and at the office on Friday. Once again USPS has a perfect record of not leaving a notice of delivery. That's 5 packages in a row now. Pretty sad that they are too lazy to put a slip of paper in your mail box. I could have already made up enough for everyone this weekend. Our office isn't open on the weekends. <pouts>
  24. LOL Nope not at all, I decided to cut the photo papers down to size instead of folding them. Some of the labels ends started to poke come out when I stated folding them. Don't worry, I used the scissors in between the actual labels so they should still peel and fit perfectly. FYI, I have sold out of the rare game labels for moment. It's going to be a few days before I get more of the special sized die cut photo paper in the mail. Hopefully I can print enough to keep up with the demand. For everyone that already paid I have a big bunch of them going out in Monday mornings mail run.
  25. The total number of game labels that I have made is 85. That's 5 pages of 16 plus 5 more. The 3rd party manufactures like Activision, Parker Brothers, and iMagic already have great colorful covers on all their cartridges, so there is no need for me to make labels for those games. Sadly I am not a member of the 125 club as I am too cheap to pay for the really rare titles. I would rather put my money towards some of the great home brews.
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