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  1. Hi, I have decided to sell off some of my arcades to fund a few pinballs I want to buy. Most of these are very nice examples that I put together not to sell but to enjoy so I put extra care into each of em.. I MAY,, (note: this is not a commitment!) I may be able to deliver if you live between tampa and atlanta (I might be going out that way for a machine). Here is some of what I have.. all of these are fully working and have been shopped and serviced. Asteroids Deluxe,, VERY nice shape, fully cleaned and serviced, A '9' on a ten scale $350 Black Widow, in gravitor cab, this is how some of em left the factory but I believe this is a conversion, however the gravitor and black widow share the same exact cab design, fresh monitor, $500 Punchout,, probably the nicest all original you will ever see, recent cab kit, only needs new side art stickers, original cpo is real nice! as is the cab, paint, marque $400 Jungle Hunt, works 100%, original cpo that is very nice!, decent presentable bezel, could use nicer marque. decent cab. $375 Star Wars,, yes,, star wars:) Im second owner, new monitor,, PERFECT sideart, cpo, yock artwork,, only 20k plays.. clean inside and out,, rarley will you see one so nice, even the inside is 'crisp' looking. fresh monitor. you wont find a nicer. $800 Crazy Climber Cocktail,, new cap kit, good shape, not new but presentable, $325 Moon Cresta ,, same as Eagle, very much like galaga and very fun to play,, cocktail, unshopped but works great $225 If interested please pm,, tnks
  2. Are you saying you have a Frogger board that runs on a Pacman wired cab? I had heard of a Pacman board hack that runs frogger but never confirmed it exsited.. or do you have a adapter for it? (in other words, is the frogger running on pacman hardware??)
  3. Hello,, been along time since I posted online here,, for those that know me, let me just quickly say things are MUCH better in my life atm and I have resettled in Florida after a cross country move from Indiana. I had sold many of my games off in anticipation of the move so I wouldn't have to move everything.. well, no sooner did I have about half my machines sold when I had a opportunity to buy several machines from a local arcade operator. This person had been in business in the 80's and had plenty of 'non working' machines that I purchased in bulk for a very fair price that I could not pass up. All of these machines are in storage for atm I have no room to set them up.. boy do I miss them:) Tapper - good shape, needs some easy cosmetic work Star Wars - Only 2k plays on it, I got it from original owner, needed monitor. Looks near new inside and out! Frenzy - Original orange cabinet, dedicated machine, in near new condition minus control panel Berzerk - Fair shape, great game:) not the prettiest in my collection but works great Galaxian - Ugly game, about average of what you see this old game in,, one of my favorites.. first color game ever released Crazy Climber Cocktail - my first game, works great 3 Pac-mans - all disassembled, all with working boards! Punchout - Near new, needs side art, both monitors look great Tailgunner 2 - very very rare game, I have all the pieces including several sets of boards and monitor chassis so its just a mater of time, this is a very hard machine to work on, came out in '77, hardly any documentation on this machine.. very early (if not first) sit-down vector game. Asteroids Deluxe - Very Very clean, works great 4 Asteroids - One working and awsome shape, other three in pieces, I have three non working boards but have 3 good monitors.. Jungle King - Works 100% with no bugs in game play at all, near perfect original Cpo, very nice bezel. Also have Jungle Hunt board set for this as well. Tempest - My personal fav, I only have about 125 bucks into this one;) I had to rebuild the monitor (as with all my other color vector monitors) Nice original sideart, lousy cpo. Black Widow - In very early dedicated Gravitor cab,, low serial #. Fair condition, plays great:) Donkey Kong/jr - I have about 4 dk's that need restored but also have about 10 sets of boards! Non assembled atm for I sold my working one right before I moved. Terra Cresta Cocktail - Great shape Omega Race Cocktail - cosmetically a '9', awsome glass bezel with near perfect silkscreen,, this is a hard glass to find. Bought off original owner, it has 11k plays on it. It has a very bad board set, acid damage,, Im depating wether to mod this to a mrs pac for they use the same cab,, but what a wast of a rare game that would be;) I most likely will fix it than convert it Qbert - A near perfect machine both in cosmetics and performance:) Space Shuttle Pinballs, 2 of em, all complete, one could use a better playfield, other is near new once cleaned up. Genie Pinball - First widebodied gotlieb, works 100%, rare for this machine:) looks awsome inside and out. Seawitch Pinball - Looks rough outside, decent playfield and plastic, by far one of my fav's to play, simply but fasst game play, I would recommned to anyone. Battlezone - Cosmetically a near '10' minus the big scratch on the side were some dumbass slid it out of a pickup truck bed;( Works but has slight graphix glitch with the intensity circuit, like new original cpo. Capersville Pinball - The first pinball to use 'multi ball' game play, also first to use mushroom bumbers. 40 years old and works killer with a near new playfield, decent glass, and rough outer cab paint. Mario Bros - Wide body, excellent shape Well, thats all I can remeber atm, I have almost all of em in storage since the first of this year,, I miss em;( I still not sure what I am going to do with them, either they will sit in storage until I add on to the house I am living in (plans already being made) or I still may set up a 80's arcade,, or maybe rent the machines for parties.. who knows.. I hate the thought of ever selling them, I already regret selling many of the machines I did sell before I left.. including my tron and defender.. however, I made two trips between Indidan and Florida in a 24' truck that was packed to the absolute brim both times (on the second trip I was 800lbs overweight), I honestly had no room left for a single anything let alone a big arcade.. I even left about 8 empty cabs behind before I left.. I hated to do it but there simply was no room. Most of what I left behind was very rough, non popular games.. I did leave a real nice complete 'looping' behind that had a bad monitor but perfect art and cab.. oh well.. I couldnt afford a third trip, gas in the truck was about 500 one way.. and the whole first truckload was 100 percent games;) Im not sure if it was wise of me to keep all these and now pay the storage fee.. but these games are a blast and I hate to see em go:) Im sure any of you that own a few know what I mean;)
  4. look at the post closer,, look at the post were ther is a pic of the two marquees, its posted: Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 10:33 pm Post subject: than right after that is my post, posted: Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 10:35 pm Post subject Thats 2 minutes.. ALSO PLEASE REMMEBER, I WAS TOLD THAT I WOULD HAVE A SHIPPING QUOTE THURSDAY!! I did not just offer trade, I said I would 'take them' and then offered 'would you like to just trade for the telegames box' wich ataripitbull had asked me for several times in the past and told me he deffinetly wanted it and I had been holding it for him (I was going to make it a complete unit, not just a box). So, I had what I thought was a done deal.. than it was sold to Marco.. and I should not be tiffed?? Sorry, but I still believe it was rude for Marco to enquire about these after another long time memeber (me) has placed dibs.. if you folks want to protect and condone that type of behavior, fine.. I would not do that to someone.. remember, this was suppose to be a done deal, I was waiting on a shipping quote,, thats the only reason these were not paid for! So, if Im wrong for thinking its rude to hound someone for somthing when someone else in here has exsperessed intereset, than ya.. it must be me And Sku-u.. I was willing to let this post drop until you dropped your two cents.. than talked all shit.. First you bitched about "you should of posted a pm too, posting in forum wasn't good enough' even tho I had already exsplained in the forum that this was suppose to be a done deal and I had sent a pm! Than sku, you say I bitch on here all the time.. the last time in long time was minor league guy bitchin about his order.. even tho he could call me ,, he had to drag me in mud over 2 weeks late delivery,, he'll say three, but his money order (I tried more than once to get him to pay via paypal) had to clear so it was only like 2 weeks late. I didn't bitch about that for I was late,, so fine.. I can eat that one.. Ravonsgf was bitching in the same post.. I exsplained that well enought in the thread.. also she had asked me to purchase a Pole Position 2 pcb two days before jumping on the band wagon and bashing me in the forum! feel free to deal withher yourself and see how nice she is. Than sku, you want to bring up a deal with me and you from long time ago? (silver controller) The difference between that deal and this one between me and 'pitbull.. you did not have any agreement like "I'll send you a shipping quote' like I had.. also, I was selling things that I did not want to sell and was selling them only because I had to pay some freaking medical bills.. so sorry you did not get your controller.. now you have the oportuninty to bash me for it for ever! or maybe not.. Well,, this rambling is for a reason,, I've decided to leave the boards.. Some find me as a trouble maker I guess,, I just call things the way I see em.. My friends know I'm loyal as hell and wouldn't steal a dime to save my live for I'm moral as hell too.. even if I am verbally harsh.. Im real surpiresed at the amount of negativity on here,, you folks honestly think I don't have a right to think marco was rude in his actions? I would not of done it to other memeber on here, I guess thats what is bugging me so much.. So friends,, I must say goodbuy, I am going to return to ebay and sell off my collection ther. I honestly did like the idea of selling in here. Most my items did sell for my asking price wich meant alot of real colletors were happy wich made me happy,, but latly, its just not worth the hazzel. Ebay (god I thought I would never say this) is actually less hazzel than I've had here lately. For my friends and regulars, feel free to email me if interested in anything, or just call me,, my phone # has always been publicly available. 219-324-3855 [email protected] Once again, goodbye all,, to my friends I apologize, but this has just been too much hazzel anymore.. and too depressing for me..
  5. And also Gambler, you wrote: "So Marco,you should not care about this other guy" see, thats the whole problem.. No one has honor or gives a shit about 'the other guy'.. thats one fine attituide you got ther Gambler.. that was the whole point of me bitching about this.. not so much about not getting the marques (wich by the way were for my actual arcade machines, I have both machines, I was not buying these to resell) but the point that it was just rude.. than you come on here and make rude statemnts like "So Marco,you should not care about this other guy' yup.. nice attituide..
  6. Yup like I said.. a post like "ill take the two kongs' is an open invitation for everyone to try and buy the shit before the sellers has a time to respond.. its backstabbing, plain and simple, and it is rude to follow up on somthing like that when another long time member of atariage has basically placed 'dibs' on it.. but hey,, im wrong her right? maybe it was polite of him to follow up on those items after I exspressed interest.. and Gambler,, you voiced your opinon on the matter just because you have dealt with marco?? good basis,, god I love the attitude in here.. lets all commend backstabbing!
  7. Also, Marco.. you pointed out" Marco wrote: "You are pointing out the obvious? You obviously did not read my reply. I did not see your claim until this morning. I saw the sale list, the pics of the two bezels and I hit the "email" button. ' Tell me,, how the hell did you miss my posting when I posted it just 2 minutes after his pic was posted (look at the time stamps). If you didn't see that post.. you'r either blind or lying! And yes.. it is rude to follow up on it.. no matter how you try to 'lighten it up' by just saying 'I was just enquiring'.. Bottom line.. I had heard back from the seller with 'I'll give you shippng cost THURSDAY or you can come by and pick them up".. than they were sold because you emailed asking about them.. so am I at fault here????
  8. And also sku.. you post a link to a different forum that I don't even use!! like that makes a difference and like Im suppose to know every post on the internet! geez.. unfuckinreal
  9. Someone else expressed an interest in them before you even saw APB's post: http://www.gamerzuniverse.net/forums/index...t=ST&f=26&t=820 If you're really interested in something, take 2 seconds to send off a PM. Otherwise posting publicly in a thread doesn't qualify. Be happy you got them. If it were me, I wouldn't have given them up, especially after being publicly badmouthed before getting the whole story. look at the time post, I posted about two minutes after he posted the pic,, than I DID SEND A PM ALSO RIGHT AFTER POSTING! My pm said: "Ill take the two 'kong headers.. wanna just trade for the telegames box?" He replied with: "No thanks, I have stopped all Atari buying for a while, but let me know if you still want to buy them, I can get the shipping cost by this thursday or you could come and pick them up" That was on Tue Mar 22, 2005 10:46 pm I replied with: "ill take em, just let me know how much;)" Than they were sold to Marco So sku.. now that you put your two cents in.. what should I have done differently????????????????????????????????????????? You say the post in the forum wasn't enough.. well I did PM.. what with 'ill take em' twice as well as the post in the thread.. what else would you have suggested I do???? than you bash me ??? Man I've really had alot of shit in this place.. I don't want the headers.. Im sick of this shit.. I'm seriously thinking of never stopping in here again.. Marco, enjoy the marques,.. Sku.. enjoy throwing your two cents in when you don't know what your commenting on.. ..
  10. just pointing out the obviouse.. I had flat out listed in the forum I would take them.. I was told a shipping quote would be sent my way thursday.. Not to make a big deal of this,, but I find it just rude to be asking about if they were available when I clearly listed in the forum I'd take em, if it was me, I'd of not of been rude like that and would accepted someone else was interested.. oh well,, maybe its me..
  11. Gee MARCO, thanks for jumping on those Donkey Kong Marques after I clearly listed in this post I wanted em and emailed 'pitbull' right away.. I guess listing that "I'll take those' in a post is a open invatations for others to try to buy the shit before you have a chance to hear back from the seller.. thanks again marco..
  12. all across america right now, people are blowing up ther microwaves;)
  13. ya, my bad on the ebomb carts.. I had totally forgotton you were interested in em when someone else made an offer I couldn't refuse;) as for protos.. the only thing I have is a final version rom (actual pre production rom and not a eprom) of Disney's Donald Ducks Speedboat.. just the rom..
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