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  1. Please put me down for one Lynx II card. Thanks.
  2. Pretty amazed myself that this stuff still all worked. I didn't remember my Supra HD being like a jet engine when I turned it on. But it did and ran like a champ. At this point, if you can find a BBS software that will work on multiple lines or one you can modify to access DC Port (should not be too difficult) you should be good to go.
  3. You could to this, use a Atari ST emulator on Windows and code with DevPac. Take the .PRG that DevPac creates and strip the header (about 20 bytes) to create the .BIN Now you can run the .BIN on a Genesis emulator. I did this a long time ago but there are a few more other options now for WIndows Download SGDK which will install GCC c/c++ compiler and some useful Genesis libraries Mega Everdrive cartridge will allow you to send .BIN files via USB UMDK will also allow you send files via USB but you can debug with GDB or just run you .BIN on a emulator
  4. Tempest is one of my favorites (actually own one) and pretty good at....people use to hate playing doubles with me As mentioned earlier you can fly diagonally to beat Star Castle, way back then I played for about 8 hours to see if the score would roll... Asteroid Deluxe was definitely difficult compared to the original Some that I haven't seen listed or missed: Fenzy and even Berzerk was difficult after a few levels Star Wars (another favorite) was also pretty difficult till you learned all the patterns of the towers and trenches... Tron was somewhat difficult, again once you learn the tank spots and the light cycle patterns it was pretty easy
  5. Spent a lot of time also at the Gold Mine! When I got older spent more time at Games People Play and Quiptars (sp?) at Memorial City Mall.
  6. If somebody is willing to fix the problems on the original 5200 hardware (I still have no time to fix them) PM me.... - Paul
  7. Really the score doesn't mean much to me, I think how far you get (level) is the most important. Also for Tempest the high score rolls at 999,999 so you really can't save anything more than that.
  8. Here is what I used to assemble the code, you might be able to use something else: http://www.cs.utah.edu/~schmelze/atari/atasm/
  9. Thanks for the kind words. At least you got me to do some fun coding for a few minutes than looking/working with crappy code at work. - Paul
  10. MC_060906.zip Hey Guys! I really been out of touch for awhile Since, I really don't have time to fix/finish what I started, any volunteers? Or release the source code? - Paul 1022642[/snapback] I just recently ran across your enhanced Missile Command. It's a great effort. I'm just now really starting to get into 6502 Assembly programming on the Atari and I was wondering what tool(s) you used to reverse engineer the original? Also, releasing even a portion of the source code for your enhanced version would be great. It would be a great learning tool for people such as myself. Heck, I might even be able to contribute. -tjb I used dis6502 since it seemed to do a decent job. Next, I used atasm to compile the disassembled code. And after making all the necessary changes got it to compile exactly like the 8bit dump. Then, started making all the hacks! Since I really don't have alot of time to make further changes (fix the 5200 version!), I'm gonna attach the current source code. My hope is that group/individual will continue this hack! (Just give me alittle credit ) Enjoy! - Paul
  11. Hey Guys! I really been out of touch for awhile Since, I really don't have time to fix/finish what I started, any volunteers? Or release the source code? - Paul
  12. Great suggestions! I will put them on the "list to do". - Paul
  13. Here's some ideas I played with: Having the controller sideways and having the stick on the right/left (selectable) and the top row be the bases/turrets (might be touch on those keypads ) Using each one of the triggers for the bases/turrets (kinda ackward...)
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