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  1. The Classic Game Fest was awesome. Bought a couple posters and two new games: Need For Speed Underground and Gran Turismo 4

  2. Thanks dude, I ended up rubbing it with alcohol and it helped a little bit but didn't really do that much. I guess I'm just gonna leave it.
  3. I opened my ATARI 2600 4-Switch Woodgrain to clean it, and found this brown stuff on the ports that connect to the controllers and also on the difficulty level setting switches... (Photo included) Is this normal? If not, how do I get rid of this? Does it even matter? And also for clearance, the switches and controller ports do work fine so yeah.
  4. I've actually played 2 before and I own 3 but I'm focusing on 1 first. Thanks for the advice though, I'll be sure to use it. Mario 2 is pretty challenging though, Birdo is a dick in that game. xD
  5. Whoever did this deserves an award. Wow. That is impressive.
  6. Good advice, but I actually consider the Koopa Spam thing as cheating since you get so many unfair lives so I'm gonna skip that, but thanks anyway! This helps a lot, thank you so much! I always die in that stupid pit when I use the warp zones, it's almost impossible. Seriously? How hard are they?! My next game is probably going to be the third one. Does it have a save feature? Also yeah I'm using an old thick TV so I assume that wouldn't be considered modern, it doesn't have lag, but I'm gonna keep practicing. Thanks again ^ ^
  7. Crt? If you're talking about those really thick ones that go way back and the screen is a bit curved then yeah, I have that one. There's no lag but it's still really hard, I'd say I just suck at the game, I have to practice more.
  8. I actually made it to 5-2 without warp zones or even the koopa shell trick. So thank god. Also I despise those rotating fireballs too, especially the really long one guarding all the pits at the very beginning of the later bowser stages.
  9. I can't beat this game. I can't beat it and without warp zones I can barley make it to world 4. I hate that stupid fish jumping level where it's basically run through the stage crossing your fingers you survive, and tough luck if you die, it's basically luck. Also Mario can only get touched twice even at his biggest state before he dies and with all the obstacles flying everywhere it's almost impossible to dodge everything, let alone 32 levels of it. Any advice? Any at all? Am I doing something wrong because everyone thinks this game is easy as hell but it's way harder than pokemon and the newer Mario games?
  10. Get a sense of humor you old fart XD
  11. Thanks man! Means a lot, I was thinking the same thing. You don't even know how many old dudes got butthurt over my other post about IrateGamer/ AVGN. XDAnd lmao nice. I ended up naming mine Copper because it's pretty :3
  12. If you think THATS bad, you should meet my friends! One of them talks about raping POKEMON (including Mewtwo if you must know) along with Ash Ketchum and Pewdiepie. Also this guy I know named David named his penis instead of his consoles.
  13. Omfg; Best response ever XD I died
  14. Haha XD That's why I bought a skin for my 3DS, it used to be Pink too before I covered the dreaded color with Red Black and White.Also nice names! I love them all. So far here are mine: Atari In Question - Copper PS2 - Dusty GameCube -Xenox Still not sure about my WII or NES though
  15. First of all, Sharleen is very pretty ~ ! For your ATARI, I would suggest the name "Dusty" or "Dust Bunny" XD
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