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  1. Hello, here you can compare the PCM-1 and STM-1 mouse. The colour (good to see at the bottom and the cable) of PCM-1 is lighter than the grey of STM-1. Also is the colour in a different way aging because of UV-light. Greetings, stokowski
  2. Hello, there was a more light coloured mouse for the PC-Line of Atari. (PC-1 and PC-3 for sure). Greetings, stokowski
  3. Hi, I think, you need also the program "ArtWorx" für graphical output with Texel. It is a very good vector based graphic program and works with texel together. I used this combination under MagiC 20 years ago for my diploma work. Greetings, stokowski
  4. Hello guys, I´m still searching for these things. Unfortunately myatari.com seems to be out of businnes on their website (last entry 2018) and on Ebay there are these gems not listed. Because it is difficult in europe to get these in box with diskettes I would be pleased at least with downloads of the disks. Greetings, stokowski
  5. Hi, yes, these are the gems! Greetings, stokowski
  6. Hello atari fans, I´m a new member of this forum! I´m from Germany and interested in these - obviously only in the U.S. selled - software gems. There were four titles for biology, two for chemistry and others for mathematics and physics. I think, this software from the mid 80´ies is now abandonware. In Germany, there is no possibility to buy these titles (used) and the one seller on ebay is only shipping to north america. Last year I buyed a mathematics title (together with other stuff like spectreGCR) from a gently US-Citizen and I´m interested in aquiring the others. Does someone here know, where I could download these software-pieces, e.g. biology and chemistry? Thanks, stokowski
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