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  1. I've been collection on and off for about ten years. Here's some pictures. The arcade was made with a raspberry pi 3, and all the portable systems have been modded to have a transparent blue shell, and new back lights or screens if available. The PDF is a complete list of every game I currently own. Videogames - Videogames.pdf
  2. I've never run into a problem that couldn't be fixed with a gaming console.I have a PS3 and a 3DS. The PS3 I've only had about 3 years, and I've had to reball it as well as replace the laser. It was a lot cheaper then getting a new one. The 3DS has worked well since I got it, but I've only had it for a month or so. My older consoles hold up a lot better!!
  3. I did some searching on ebay and here at atariage. I found a copy of frogger that was white with the number 100227288331, so that rules out frogger. I also found that the games Party Mix, and Rabbit Transit are white, as well as the mail order games Survival Island, and Sword of Saros. There's two prototypes that are listed for the supercharger as well, Labyrinth is white, but there wasn't a picture of the tape for Sweat. So it could be any of these: Party Mix, Rabbit Transit, Survival Island, Sword of Saros, Labyrinth, or Sweat
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